“Old Ancestor, the Su family wants to be promoted to the top power, but it needs the permission of the Immortal Emperor Court, do you officially apply for evaluation?”

A month after the wedding, Su Yun came to the side and reported to Su Changsheng.

After this period of development, the Su family not only occupied part of the territory of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect, but also skyrocketed in power, subdued many forces, and a large number of strong people came to invest.

Today’s Su family, there are many strong people, there are nearly a hundred ancient realms, and the Law Phase Realm is as many as seven or eight thousand, topping many top forces.

It can be said that in addition to the saints, the Su family as a whole has completely surpassed many top forces in the True Saint Continent.

This standard completely meets the requirements of becoming a top power, but if you want to become a top power, there is still a level that cannot be bypassed, that is, the Immortal Emperor Court.

Immortal Imperial Court.

This is a terrorist force that rules thousands of god domains, one of the overlords of the Immortal Heaven Realm, extremely powerful, a real emperor-level force, and its founder is the Immortal Emperor.

And the countless forces of the thousands of god domains under his command all need to abide by the rules of the Immortal Emperor Court.

If you want to be promoted to a higher power, you must not only meet the corresponding conditions, but also pass the evaluation of the Immortal Emperor Court.

And the Su family, lacking only one evaluation, is the real top power.

“Imperial Court…”

Su Changsheng fell into a deep groan.

Back then, when he traversed the True Saint Continent, he had also dealt with the powerhouses of the Immortal Emperor Court.

This force is very terrifying, the Su family wants to become an emperor, and the Immortal Emperor Court is a hurdle that cannot be bypassed.

Of course, that’s something to consider later.

The current Immortal Emperor Court, for the Su family, is an unrivaled behemoth, and it can’t be provoked at all.

Since you can’t afford to mess with it, let’s take it for a while.

If you don’t have the strength to break the rules, you will temporarily integrate into the rules and act according to the rules.

“Then apply, presumably the imperial court will not embarrass a small Su family!” Su Changsheng nodded.

“Yes, Lao Zu!”

Su Yun’s expression showed a little joy, the Su family was about to be promoted to the top power, and he, the head of the family, was also honored and excited.

Soon, Su Yun bowed and left.

“It’s been a month, Yue’er is still not pregnant, and Qingge will take a long time to give birth to a child, it seems that she can only continue to work hard, or marry a new wife and concubine!”

Su Changsheng tapped his fingers lightly on the desktop, his eyes flickering.

With his current realm, coupled with the physique of his wife and concubine at least the level of the divine body, wanting a child is actually not a simple matter.

If you are unlucky, let alone just one or two months, you may not be able to conceive for many years.

If you want to have children quickly, you can only set your sights on new wives and concubines and cast a wide net, so that you can get more fish.

“It’s hard to find divine body qualifications!”

Su Changsheng sighed lightly.

Divine bodies are quite rare, a continent, countless creatures, but the number of divine bodies is only two-handed, and most of them are male, and very few are female.

It is extremely difficult to find one.

Even if it is not limited to physique, in terms of qualifications, there are not many top qualifications

Don’t think about it for a short time.

“By the way, the Su family also has a daughter of destiny, and I forgot about her during this period of time!”

Su Changsheng’s heart moved, and he remembered Su Ziyue, this one was even more amazing than Bai Yuege, and had a daughter of destiny comparable to Gu Qingge’s fate.

It’s just that she is surnamed Su and is the same bloodline, and Su Changsheng still has some subtlety in his heart.

“That’s it, let’s see you first!”

Su Changsheng sighed secretly, if it is really appropriate, even if it is surnamed Su?

The Mandate of Heaven female emperor, he directly took it, and this one surnamed Su is not bad.


Thinking like this, Su Changsheng bent his fingers, and in the next second, his figure disappeared in place.


Tianyuan City is thousands of miles wide, and its territory is extremely vast, which is comparable to a small dynasty.

And the Su family, as the ruler, nearly one-third is the Su family’s clan land.

In such a vast ethnic land, there is a surprising number of Su family members.

And on the periphery of the Su family land.

In a not too large palace, a beautiful girl with a beautiful appearance and a resolute face opened her eyes, and a bitter color appeared on her delicate little face.

“The mana has disappeared again, it’s been three years, and there is still no progress, it’s abominable!”

“If this continues, how can you let your parents and their tablets enter the ancestral shrine!”

The beautiful girl clenched her fists, and her delicate little face was full of unwillingness and bitterness.

Her name is Su Zi Kite.

It was a disciple of the ninth branch of the Su family, and he was already about to leave the side lineage.

His status is not high in the Su family.

Her parents are also just unvalued members of the Su family, with average cultivation, just divine powers, but they also have a little status, and there is no shortage of resources.

But three years ago, her parents died in an attack on the Gu family, and after the death of her parents, her status was greatly reduced, and her resources were withheld a lot.

If that’s all.

I don’t know if it was because of the death of her parents, which hit her too much.

In the following cultivation, not only did her cultivation not make the slightest progress, but she became weaker and weaker, and she regressed madly.

In just three years, he went all the way from the True Yuan Realm of a small genius to the sea of qi.

No matter how you cultivate, the mana bred in the sea of qi will disappear for no reason.

This made Su Ziyu extremely painful.

Because if she continues like this, she will kick out the main vein and become a side vein disciple.

The Su family does not raise waste, and if the cultivation is not enough, even if it is a disciple of the main vein, it will fall into a side vein.

The side disciples, on the other hand, will be expelled from Tianyuan City and go to some remote areas to guard the industry.

If you are unlucky, you will also go to some places of suffering.

Su Ziyu is not afraid of hardship, but once she falls into a side disciple, her parents’ tablet will not be able to enter the ancestral shrine.

It wasn’t something she wanted to see.

“There is still time, as long as the family competition can enter the top ten, or break through the Heaven and Human Realm, you can enter the ancestral temple!” Su Ziyi clenched her small fist and muttered in her mouth

The family has three years to go.

As long as she works hard, she still has a chance, even if it is very small, she must succeed.

“Time to go get the resources for the next week!”

Su Ziyu got up, rubbed her somewhat sore body, walked out of the palace, and headed for another place.

The Su family’s land is very large, in order to avoid the trouble of some low-level children receiving resources, the Su family’s resource hall is divided into many branches, and the branches are around many low-level children.

Near Su Ziyu, there is a resource hall.

“This… How come there are only ten spirit stones this time? Looking at the ten spirit stones received, Su Ziyu froze.

There are many kinds of cultivators’ resources, but the most common are two, one is the spirit stone and the other is the more precious source.

Both of these can provide cultivators with rapid absorption of spiritual energy, and the source is a thousand times more valuable than spirit stones.

And her previous resources, but there are a hundred spirit stones, and she can receive an additional small source in a month.

But this time, it was only ten spirit stones.

Ten spirit stones, this is not even enough for basic daily cultivation, if you want to make rapid progress, it is impossible.

And with only ten spirit stones, it is impossible for her to enter the top ten of the clan competition in three years, and it is difficult to break through the True Yuan Realm.

“Su Ziyuan, your rating is already very low, and it is already good to be able to give you resources.”

The person in charge of the Resource Hall frowned.

“Don’t forget, not only has your cultivation not improved, but you have also been regressing, and you are about to fall out of the Qi Sea Realm, you know, the Su family does not raise waste, this is the order of the Immortal Ancestor!”

“Not surprisingly, in a week, you will fall into a side disciple!”

He shook his head and said.

Hearing this, Su Ziyuan’s little face suddenly turned white, and it was a little difficult to breathe.


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