Gu Qingge responded softly, and then her whole person stepped forward, perhaps because of nervousness and excitement, her pretty face was always tense.

In a pair of beautiful eyes, there was a faint trembling.

She’s excited.

All disasters are indestructible.

This is her strongest reliance at the moment, and once activated, she can soar into the sky.

Even Su Changsheng couldn’t suppress her.


Gu Qingge stepped into it, and in the next second, thousands of runes of light rose up, and hundreds of millions of runes flickered, condensing into mysterious runes.

These talismans moved rapidly, forming a formation that enveloped Gu Qingge.

“Yue’er, you back off!”

Seeing this scene, Su Changsheng looked serious, it was about Gu Qingge, and he didn’t dare to be careless.

“I know, Brother Changsheng!”

Bai Yuege obediently stepped back a little, and at the same time a pair of beautiful eyes stared at the formation curiously, deep in the eyebrows, a moonlight imprint loomed, and a beautiful silhouette condensed out, majestic shore, looking at this scene from afar.

For all this, Su Changsheng did not know, he looked serious, pinched the law, and cast a secret method recorded in the Ten Thousand Tribulations Battle Method to activate the Ten Thousand Tribulations Immortal Body.


The formation is running, the essence is thin, thousands of talismans are running, all kinds of divine lights bloom, and the scene is amazing.

Soon, various resources were also invested by Su Changsheng, including the Heavenly Tribulation Fruit and the Du Tribulation Lotus.

The so-called ten thousand calamities are naturally related to calamities.

All the forces related to the calamity will be controlled and absorbed by the ten thousand calamities.

This is why it is necessary to cross the Tribulation Lotus, the Heavenly Tribulation Fruit, this material activates the Immortal Body.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

In this palace, countless rays of light bloomed, majestic spirit, devastating calamity qi, all kinds of forces flooded everything, in the center of the place, a figure shrouded in immortal light, is showing an amazing scene——

It’s like a flying fairy.

“Ten thousand calamities are inexorable…”

In Bai Yuege’s eyebrows, the faint moonlight silhouette seemed to be speaking, extremely ancient, permeating Bai Yuege’s mind, making her stunned.

“Who’s talking?”

Bai Yuege was a little confused, she only felt that this voice seemed very familiar.

Only soon, the shadow disappeared, and the voice fell silent.


Outside, above the Su family, there are also various amazing visions, gods and demons roaring, immortals falling, billions of calamities appearing, interpreting the terrifying scene of the silence of all souls.

Even though various formations were used to cover up, some visions were revealed, shaking the heavens and the earth, and affecting millions of miles.

However, this is still much better than the original situation that affected at least several continents, and even the entire God Domain.

At least, although many strong people were alarmed, seeing that it was the direction of the Su family, few people dared to probe it, even saints.

“It’s the direction of the Su family!”

“Such an amazing vision, could it be that Su Changsheng made something move?”

“There are big secrets in his body, but he can’t afford to provoke it, the Ten Thousand Beast Sect was destroyed by him, and the Ling Void Sword Sect doesn’t dare to provoke him, and the honza can’t afford to provoke him!”

Among the top forces nearby, a venerable saint ancestor opened his eyes, his pupils flashed with Dao runes, rumbling and shaking, staring at this amazing vision.

Without exception, they all showed a moving face.

As saints, their vision was so high, but they had never seen such an amazing and terrifying vision.

If it weren’t for the Su family’s area, they were all ready to probe strongly.

It’s just that when it comes to Su Changsheng, they are very jealous in their hearts.

Because Su Changsheng’s strength is too terrifying.

As strong as Ling Void Sword Sect, they were afraid, they didn’t dare to clash with it, they were beaten by it, and they didn’t dare to fart when they destroyed a sect master, so they could only let the other party ask for Du Robbery Lotus——

Although the sage ancestor of the Ling Void Sword Sect ordered to block the news, it was not a secret to the top forces, and they all knew about it through the dark sons they had planted.

Therefore, the major top forces were very jealous of Su Changsheng, guessing that the strength of the other party was likely to be comparable to the saint of the Eighth Heaven or even the Ninth Heaven.

“That’s it, this era is Su Changsheng’s, let him be arrogant for tens of thousands of years!”

A saint whispered, and then closed his eyes, and the terrifying mist enveloped his body, and the breath on his body rolled, swallowing the essence of heaven and earth.

“That’s the direction of Lao Zu!”

“This vision was made by the Immortal Ancestor, could it be that his old man has made a breakthrough again?”

“Don’t panic, this is a vision caused by the retreat of the Immortal Ancestor!”

The people of the Su family were also alarmed by this vision, but after sensing the true source of this vision, they all breathed a sigh of relief, and some elders immediately calmed the clansmen.

Soon, the gathered Su family members also dispersed.


And in the palace, time passes.

Gu Qingge’s state also reached a critical moment, her long hair flew, her eyes were cold, immeasurable immortal light bloomed, and the aura of thousands of calamities was surging, she was like an immortal.

The breath on his body is also rapidly increasing.

From the Qi Sea Realm, to the Qi Sea Peak, the True Yuan Realm, the True Yuan Peak, the Divine Power Realm…

In just a few moments, she has been promoted to the peak of divine power, and she can break through the realm of heaven and man at any time.

Even Su Changsheng believed that Gu Qingge was deliberately suppressing, otherwise he could completely breathe the Yuan Dan Realm.

But he also knew it was right.

Because the Divine Power Realm is a realm that builds a foundation, it is necessary to lay a solid foundation and have a deep foundation, so that when it attacks the Yuan Dan, it can create the strongest Yuan Dan.


For a long time, all visions disappeared, the resources, divine light, and magic arrays in the temple dispersed, Gu Qingge opened his eyes, and a terrifying cold glow bloomed.

She is tall, her long hair is like a waterfall, her body is surrounded by fairy light, and between her eyebrows, she exudes a wisp of majesty, like a female emperor in the dust.

Although it is only the peak of divine power, its aura is more terrifying than the ordinary Yuandan realm.

“Sister Gu has become so beautiful, so powerful!” Bai Yuege on the side couldn’t help but exclaim, her eyes shining, full of envy.

Especially the pair of mountains, it is simply a shocking change.

“Su Changsheng!”

Gu Qingge’s eyes looked at him, and he drank coldly, his tone was high, as if he was really like a female emperor scolding, looking down at Su Changsheng with contempt.

It seems that the activation of the Immortal Body has made Gu Qingge swell a little.

He dared to provoke him again.

Seeing this scene, Su Changsheng was not angry, but a sinister smile rose at the corner of his mouth.

He will only find the field in action.

“Sue… Yes…… Wait a minute…… Don’t be here… Ahhhhh

Gu Qingge took a step, she was about to continue to speak, but in the next second she was carried up by Su Changsheng, striding towards the wall on the side, with a panicked look.


On the side, Bai Yuege exclaimed, a pair of small hands subconsciously covered her eyes, her little face was flushed, and her liver was beating violently, and she almost didn’t faint.

What was that just now… What a shame….


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