Ling Jian’s expression was cold and hard, and he was high.

Now that he was in the Ling Void Sword Sect, he had regained his former vigor and was no longer afraid of Su Changsheng.

After all, no matter how strong Su Changsheng is, can he still kill the Ling Void Sword Sect?

“Sect Master Ling Jian, the Su family’s sincerity is very sufficient, and they can pay twice the price in exchange, or two eight-grade holy medicines, just to cross the lotus!”

The strong man of the Su family said in a deep voice.

That was a strong person at the peak of the Everlasting Realm, a protector given by the system.

This time, it was he who came to negotiate.

“Impossible, go back, Du Qian Lotus is the supreme treasure of the Ling Void Sword Sect, I will not accompany you!”

Ling Jian said in a cold tone.

“The Ling Void Sword Sect has already forcibly occupied one-third of the resources of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect this time, that was beaten down by the Immortal Ancestor, my Su family can not pursue it, plus three times the price, how about this?” The strong man of the Su family frowned, but continued to fight and said.

“Huh, forcible occupation? The territory of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect is not your Su family’s, could it be that my Ling Void Sword Sect can’t occupy it?” Why, is the Immortal Saint so domineering? ”

Ling Jian’s face was playful, a little yin and yang strange, and then, his attitude changed, his eyes were much brighter, showing the momentum of a hegemon, and said:

“Or do you Su family want to start a war with the Ling Void Sword Sect?!”

Ling Void Sword Sect, as the most powerful top force, he didn’t believe that Su Changsheng dared to start a war with Ling Void Sword Sect for the sake of a Crossing Lotus!

“Well, the Su family remembered!”

Hearing this, the Su family powerhouse took a deep look at Ling Jian, dropped this sentence in a cold tone, and then turned to leave.


Ling Jian sneered.

Remembered? Is this threatening him?

Is it true that the Ling Void Sword Sect is the kind of force like the Ten Thousand Beast Sect breaking out?

The Ling Void Sword Sect was close to the ancient clan at its peak, almost reaching that level.

Even though it has declined a lot now, there are still three great saints and ancestors, with deep roots, and one Su Changsheng is not enough for him to fear.

“Su Changsheng… Hum! ”

Ling Jian chanted in his mouth, remembering the scene when he was in Tianyuan City, and he was resentful in his heart, very angry.

He had no grudge with Su Changsheng.

If it was a strong saint of other forces, he would naturally not target like this, and provoke enemies for the Ling Void Sword Sect.

But Su Changsheng is different.

Su Changsheng was a cultivator of the same era as him, no, he was even a thousand years earlier.

Moreover, his qualifications are far stronger than Su Changsheng, he is a kendo divine body, it stands to reason that he will definitely be able to become a saint, but unfortunately, for more than seven thousand years, he is still stuck at the half-saint level, and he has been unable to take that step.

However, Su Changsheng succeeded, not only did he become a saint one step ahead of him, but his combat power was even against the sky, destroying the Ten Thousand Beast Sect.

This made Ling Jian’s heart full of jealousy.

The better Su Changsheng was, the more against the sky he performed, and the more jealous he was in his heart.

“Su Changsheng, although I can’t help you, this seat can still disgust you!”

Ling Jian sneered, and when he thought of Su Changsheng’s angry look, he was secretly proud in his heart.

No matter how strong it is?

In this world, you still have to look at the background, and you have to talk about people’s feelings.

“By the way, that little beauty of the Baiyun Dynasty hasn’t won it yet, there must be a big secret on her body!”

At this time, Ling Jian raised his eyebrows, and remembered that she met the beautiful girl like a moonlight elf at the wedding banquet, and a hint of greed flashed in her eyes.

Intuition told him.

That little queen daughter of the Baiyun Dynasty has a big secret on her body, and if he takes her, he may be able to help him become holy!

Even if not, with such stunning appearance, it was enough to make Ling Jian’s heart move.

“It’s time to take it, hmph, a small Baiyun Dynasty, also dare to rebel against this throne!”

Ling Jian said to himself, remembering the scene of being rejected by Baiyun Old Ancestor, his eyes were grim.

In the past few days, the reason why he did not destroy the Baiyun Dynasty in the first place was to rob the territory and resources of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect, and now that the matter is solved, it is to take Baiyue Ge.

“Without further ado, this seat will lead people to destroy the Baiyun Dynasty!” Saying that, Ling Jian got up, wanting to take the sect powerhouse to destroy the Baiyun Dynasty.


Just as soon as he got up, he hesitated, frowning and saying to himself: “The Baiyun Dynasty is too close to the Su family, if you accidentally bump into Su Changsheng, it will not be good!”

The territory of the Baiyun Dynasty is similar to that of the Su family, and the imperial capital is only two or three hundred thousand li away from Tianyuan City.

This journey, for the average strong person, may be an astronomical amount, extremely long, but for the saint strong, if you want to cross, it is only a few breaths of time.

In such a close area, he was likely to bump into Su Changsheng.

You know, at the Su family’s wedding banquet, he said a word, it is difficult to ensure that he is not remembered by the other party, plus he refused Su Changsheng’s quid pro quo.

This new hatred and old hatred add up.

If he bumped in, Su Changsheng would probably slap him to death.

At that time, even if the Ling Void Sword Sect was strong, it would not necessarily offend Su Changsheng for a dead person.

“No, I have to let my hands go down, it’s just a Baiyun ancestor, it should be no problem to call two more half-saints!”

Ling Jian muttered.

As the head of a sect, he had been in charge of the Ling Void Sword Sect for thousands of years, and naturally developed his own huge faction, with many loyal subordinates.

Half-saints, there are some.


Some time later, under Ling Jian’s instruction, the three half-saints dressed in disguise quietly left the Ling Void Sword Sect and went to the Baiyun Dynasty.


Su family!

“Oh, you mean that Old Ancestor Baiyun wants to marry the honza and marry Baiyuege to the honza?”

In a hall, Su Changsheng sat on the first seat, his face a little surprised.

Su Yun on the side was standing respectfully, very well-behaved, like a Daoist boy.

“Yes, Lao Zu!”

Su Yun looked respectful, and he continued: “It’s just because I don’t know what Lao Zu thinks, so I don’t dare to make a decision for Lao Zu, and I didn’t directly agree to it!”

“Something interesting!”

Su Changsheng rubbed his chin with a playful expression, he originally thought that Baiyun Laozu wanted to marry the Su family junior, so as to save the country and save the dynasty from destruction.

But he didn’t expect that the marriage object turned out to be him!

I have to say that Baiyun Old Ancestor is very thoughtful and bold, daring to make this kind of decision, and is willing to give a demon with supreme qualifications to himself.

He wanted to do it himself.

Unexpectedly, the other party himself sent it to the door.

As for the Baiyun Dynasty? Tens of thousands of miles of territory, he still does not put it in his eyes, encroaching on other fields.

After all, in the next step, the Su family will expand outward.

At that time, the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect will be used as a springboard to start a war like other top forces.

Did he really think that he sat idly by and watched the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect being scraped by a group of forces and indifferent?

These cakes are all poisonous.

The forces that shot during this time, when the time comes, he will liquidate one by one.

“In response to him, Honza agreed, and if the wedding is held, it will be three months later!”

Su Changsheng nodded.

“Yes, boy, this will be done!”

Su Yun’s heart was shocked, and the secret path was true, fortunately, he had left room and did not refuse forcefully.

At the same time, he secretly calculated in his heart, should he find more top goddesses, fairy figures, etc. for Lao Zu?

“You must be a divine body or supreme qualification to enter the eyes of this seat!”

As if seeing through Su Yun’s thoughts, Su Changsheng’s faint voice came.

Divine body?

Su Yun’s heart was shocked.

Is this the realm of the ancestor?

Sure enough, it is unfathomable, not that ordinary people like him can look back on!

“The kid understands!”

Su Yun stepped down with a respectful look and went to respond to the news of the Baiyun Dynasty.

“What is this kid thinking!”

Su Changsheng saw through the other party’s thoughts at a glance, and couldn’t help but cry and laugh.

The reason why he asked for a divine body was just the standard set by the system.

It’s just that since he decided to take this road to marry a wife and take a concubine, then he naturally disdained to cover up.

“Old Ancestor, the Ling Void Sword Sect rejected your conditions!”

At this time, a Su family powerhouse walked in and reported to Su Changsheng.

It was the peak of the Ten Thousand Ancient Realm that went to the Ling Void Sword Sect to negotiate.


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