“No way, although the Su family’s strength is strong, it is not enough to suppress all the top forces, so I can only choose to give benefits!”

“Alas, if Lao Zu is willing to make a move, how can those forces dare to be so arrogant!”

“Well, if even this kind of trivial matter has to be done by the ancestor, then what else do we have to do?”

“Yes, now it is to negotiate with those top forces, they must spit out some more resources, or compensation, otherwise the Su family will not give up!”

In the main hall of the clan, the elders and elders, including the patriarch Su Yun, had a divine light in their eyes, discussing their next moves.

Because of the rise of Su Changsheng, today’s Su family, with its skyrocketing power, has been comparable to the top forces, and has the confidence to face the major forces head-on and even suppress.

“Well, I agree!”

“Not bad, the next thing is to negotiate with them, especially the Ling Void Sword Sect, hmph, that Ling Jian, this time it has snatched a lot of resources, it is almost comparable to our Su family!”

A Taishang elder said dissatisfiedly.

“Ling Jian!”

Hearing this, not only many elders, but also Su Yun, Su Qing and the others also had eyes that were full of murderous intent.

But they still remember each other’s fall for the immortal ancestor at the wedding bane.

Coupled with this battle for the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect, Sheng Sheng took away nearly a third of the resources.

This is equivalent to robbing the Su family’s cake, which can be said to be a combination of new hatred and old hatred.

If it weren’t for the fear of the Ling Void Sword Sect, coupled with the unclear attitude of the old ancestor, they would have already made a difficulty.

“Hmph, this account is written down for him first!” Su Yun snorted coldly, but he was not careless, after all, the Ling Void Sword Sect was too strong, much stronger than the Ten Thousand Beast Sect.

Although the Immortal Old Ancestor could destroy the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect, he might not be able to shake the Ling Void Sword Sect.

Because, the Ling Void Sword Sect had three major sage ancestors.

It can be said that any one of them is stronger than the sage ancestor of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect!

The strongest ancestor is the Saint Six Heavens, who enters the saint with the Dao of the Sword, and the powerhouses of the same level dare not fight.

Even if Su Yun and the others had confidence in the Immortal Old Ancestor, they would not dare to provoke such a terrifying enemy for the Old Ancestor.

“Okay, write him down first!”

“Wait for the decision of the ancestor, as for the other forces, dare to eat too ugly, then you are welcome!”

“There are also some small forces, those first-class forces, especially several dynasties, are also quite greedy, taking the opportunity to occupy a lot of territory and scrape a lot!”

An elder added.

“Well, these are all noted, everyone, do you have any opinions on the next development of the Su family!” Su Yun bowed his head, his eyes swept over everyone, and asked.

Now in charge of the Su family’s three thousand phases, dozens of thousands of ancient realms, Su Yun’s majesty is also increasing day by day, and between the flow of light in his eyes, that kind of power can make all ancient realms awe-inspiring.

“My suggestion…”

In the following time, a group of elders decided the next development of the Su family.

It was decided not to expand the territory, but to stabilize, first unify the Northern Wilderness Land, then digest the resources of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect, and then expand to other forces.

At that time, the power of the Su family will skyrocket again, and it will be more confident.

“By the way, everyone, the Baiyun ancestor approached the patriarch a few days ago, saying that he wanted to marry the Su family, and the marriage object was the little princess of the Baiyun Dynasty!”

At this time, Su Yun’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly spoke.

Everyone was stunned.

Soon, an elder stroked his hand and smiled: “Baiyun Old Ancestor is ill and can’t be treated in a hurry, and he actually wants to solve the crisis of the Baiyun Dynasty through marriage!” ”

Everyone laughed, just a little princess, even if it is beautiful, is it more important than conquering the Northern Wilderness Land?

“No, that little princess is not simple, her qualifications are extremely high, she is a top level, and she can be comparable to a divine body!”

Su Yun shook his head and spoke solemnly.

Comparable to a divine body?

Everyone was moved, their eyes thinking, if it is comparable to a divine body, it is not simple.

The horror of that kind of qualification, claiming to be sanctified, can be called a peerless demon.

If such a demon marries the Su family, thousands of years later, the Su family may be able to add another saint.

In this way, it is not a small benefit.

For a while, everyone was a little moved.

“I don’t know which junior of the Su family is going to marry, Su Canghai’s kid has a good talent, he is already a heavenly and human realm at a young age, or how about choosing him?”

An elder suggested with a smile.

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Hearing this, Su Yun was startled and glared at the elder, making him stunned for a while.

I don’t understand why the head of the house glared at him.

Only soon, he understood the reason, and saw Su Yun whispering: “The object that Baiyun Old Ancestor wants to marry is the Immortal Old Ancestor!” ”

“He wants to marry Bai Yuege to Lao Zu!”


Hearing this, everyone’s eyes widened, shocked, especially the previous elder, who couldn’t help but gasp and directly snort.

It was so scary that he almost got into trouble.


Su Qing’s eyes on the side were suddenly cold, his white hair was like a waterfall, and on his exquisite and beautiful face, there was a faint cold breath.

“What did Lao Zu say?”

A Taishang elder couldn’t help but ask.

Although everyone did not speak, they all pricked up their ears, looked at Su Yun, and motioned for him to quickly explain clearly.

“Lao Zu hasn’t come out yet, how do I know, but since Lao Zu has married that Gu family woman, I think he shouldn’t refuse Bai Yuege!”

Su Yun smiled bitterly, and then said in a low voice.

“It’s just that Lao Zu hasn’t come out yet, I can only stabilize first and wait for Lao Zu’s decision!”

Everyone was amazed.

“The old man thinks it makes sense, let’s wait for the ancestor to decide, since that’s the case, the Baiyun Dynasty will not move for the time being, first stabilize the territory of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect!”

A Taishang elder bowed his head.

None of them knew what the Immortal Ancestor thought, so naturally they didn’t dare to make a decision on their own.


“Just do it!”

Everyone agreed.

“Old ancestor may have been lonely for too long, and he didn’t come out for more than three days!”

An elder couldn’t help but sigh.

“What kind of character is Lao Zu, how can he covet the beautiful and gentle township? It must have been delayed for some other reason! ”

Su Yun glared at him and said dissatisfiedly.

He is Su Changsheng’s faithful licking dog, so naturally he does not approve of this statement.

“Okay, let’s talk about resource allocation!” Su Yun waved his hand and changed the topic.

“Hmph! Honza goes first! ”

Su Qing snorted coldly, and then turned to leave, her reaction made several Taishang elders dumb, they all knew her inner thoughts.

But when it comes to the immortal ancestors, they can’t help.

“Alas, let her come out on her own!”

A Taishang elder shook his head, and soon, everyone’s attention was on the clan meeting.

Begin to allocate resources and study the next development of the Su family.

“Su Changsheng, you bastard… Whining…… I can’t…… me…”

On the other side, in the marriage room, Su Changsheng, who had been staying for three days and three nights, was finally kicked out by Gu Qingge, who was blushing and angry.

Disheveled clothes and messy hair.

“It’s the fourth day! No wonder the king did not come early! ”

Su Changsheng sighed lazily, and could only say that Gentle Township was a hero tomb.

This sentence was indeed true, he almost got lost in Gu Qingge.

No, or rather, he was already lost, if it weren’t for Gu Qingge really couldn’t stand it——

Ideas for the first day.

Su Changsheng, Su Changsheng, how can you be so degenerate, you should work hard to cultivate, develop your family, and continue to marry wives and concubines, the result is to listen to the music all day.

Ideas for the next day.

Su Changsheng, Su Changsheng, you should fight for some anger, you should not continue to fall… As a result, he still listened to the music all day, and Gu Qingge was about to cry.

The idea of the third day….

They all cried out, their eyes were red, they were crying, and as a result… More excited, or business as usual….

Day 4….

He had already been kicked out by Gu Qingge, who couldn’t stand it.


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