“No need to slap the horse, prepare to dispatch the sect powerhouse and occupy the Northern Wilderness land!”

“Just let the territory of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect expand a little!”

The Purple Mountain Sage said lightly.

Although it is impossible to swallow the entire Northern Wilderness land, even if it is only half, plus a Su family, it is a great benefit.

After all, territory often brings huge resources and population.

Half of the Northern Wilderness Land, plus the Su family, only needs thousands of years of development to expand the power of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect by one-third.


The Sect Master of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect’s eyes lit up, and his heart was excited.

“Saint, I haven’t killed it for a long time!” The Purple Mountain Sage did not pay any more attention to the Sect Master of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect, but rubbed the big bow, his eyes flashing with coldness.

That old and rough face faintly showed cruelty and bloodthirst.

He couldn’t wait to kill that Su Changsheng with the Holy Bow!

On the other side, the Su family, Tianyuan City.

“I have invited the bride and groom to appear!”

On the stage, Su Yun stood in it, acting as the host, and his thick voice resounded throughout the world.

As for the elders?

Naturally, there is none.

Gu Qingge’s family, as well as her vein, were all wiped out by the Gu family master.

And Su Changsheng, he is now six thousand years old, and the people of his generation, except for a few, have long had nothing left under the erosion of time.

As a result, many proper etiquette has been abolished.

Not long after, the petals of flowers flew in the sky, billions of gods shone brightly, fairy light was shining, and the phantoms of real dragons, fairy phoenixes, and even thousands of immortals and fairies appeared.

There are pure fairy mist, bright stars, golden lotuses blooming, heavenly goddesses scattering flowers, gods and demons chanting, and all kinds of incredible amazing visions.

Set off this wedding banquet place like a fairy domain.

“What an amazing vision!”

“It’s just as if it’s real, so that I and other half-saints can’t tell the truth from the fake!”

“No, these visions are true, that immortal light, that golden lotus and smallpox, it turns out to be the condensation of divine essence, which contains huge energy, and the general Ten Thousand Ancient Realm absorption has certain benefits!”

“For juniors, this is a great opportunity, and even baptizing the flesh, which has a lot of benefits for cultivation!”

On the high platform, the sect masters and powerhouses of all forces were all shocked.

Is this the handiwork of a saint?

“Good stuff!”

“Hey, this is a gift from an immortal saint!”

“Hurry up and absorb!”

One by one, the strong people of all forces were excited, and in addition to praise, they also ran the exercises and frantically absorbed them.

But soon, they found that these things could not be absorbed at all, they could only be passively absorbed, and no matter how they operated the exercises, they were useless.

Therefore, in addition to being disappointed, everyone gave up absorption and set their sights on the wedding banquet again.

At this moment, above the wedding banquet, Su Changsheng and Gu Qingge had already appeared and were preparing for the wedding ceremony.

However, when Su Changsheng had just taken the stage, a cold, mechanical loli voice suddenly sounded.

[Ding, detected wives and concubines who meet the standards, the imperial daughter of the Baiyun Dynasty, Baiyue Ge, the supreme qualification, the body contains a Taiyin Maharajah’s Yuanshen mark, [golden] fate, it is recommended to marry a wife and concubine! ] 】

It was still the familiar loli sound, full of icy taste.

White Moon Song?

A Yuanshen mark of the Taiyin Emperor?

Hearing the system’s prompt, Su Changsheng’s palm that was just about to hold Gu Qingge suddenly froze, and he was a little surprised in his heart.

It turned out to be another candidate for a wife and concubine, and he was also related to a great emperor?

Kind of interesting!

Su Changsheng secretly said in his heart, since there were candidates who met the standards, then he naturally did not intend to let it go.

Moreover, his divine thoughts are so terrifying, one thought can cover a hundred thousand miles of land, and naturally he also discovered the existence of Baiyun Old Ancestor, thinking of the relationship between the two.

After a little speculation, Su Changsheng understood Baiyun Old Ancestor’s intentions.

This should be to want to marry, planning to curve to save the country?!

Su Changsheng was a little playful, but he didn’t care much, and after glancing at it, he focused his attention on Gu Qingge in front of him.

After all, this one is his real wife.

Although it is not the only one, it is the first one at present, and it is natural to respect each other.

Even if the other party is unwilling, it doesn’t matter, Su Changsheng will slowly make Gu Qingge willing.


Thinking like this, Su Changsheng took her little hand, felt her suddenly stiff body, looked at Gu Qingge’s little face affectionately, and smiled at the corner of his mouth.

That affectionate gaze made Gu Qingge suddenly stiffen and get goosebumps.

My lady, it’s so beautiful!

Su Changsheng was amazed in his heart.

Although the red hood is made of top-level divine objects, it can isolate the saint-level divine mind detection and cover the bride’s appearance, but how can he hide it as the maker?

Naturally, he can see the other party’s appearance clearly.

I have to say that Gu Qingge, who wears red sleeve makeup, is really beautiful.

One cares about the city, and then the country.

“Today is our big day, smile more!” Looking at Gu Qingge, whose face was stiff and his entire delicate body froze, Su Chang said with a deep smile.

I have to say, looking at the dignified female emperor such a stiff, tearless posture.

It really pleases him.

There is an urge to play deeply.

Huh, get out!

Soon, Gu Qingge’s body relaxed, his face expressionless, but he smiled coldly in his heart.

Silently remembered this humiliation in his heart.

She swore that when her cultivation improved, she would definitely slap Su Changsheng to death!

No, that’s too cheap for him.

First beat him to death, then treat him as a slave, let him serve him all his life!

At this moment, Gu Qingge had infinite resentment in her heart.

“Let’s go, it’s time for the wedding!”

Su Changsheng took Gu Qingge’s slender little hand and began the wedding.

Because it involves Su Changsheng, a saint, many etiquette of the wedding has been abolished, and there are only few links such as husband and wife worship!

“Husband and wife!”

Su Yun roared, and with the blessing of his cultivation in the Ten Thousand Ancient Realm, this sound shook the entire Tianyuan City, and even spread to the land of tens of thousands of miles.

All the monks attending the banquet, including countless mortals, could hear it at this moment.

For a time, countless lights were cast.

Including a group of half-saint sect masters, major powerhouses, and Tianjiao goddesses.

The people of the Su family were even more excited and nervous.

This was their great immortal ancestor’s first big marriage!


Just when Su Changsheng had a smile in his eyes and wanted to worship Gu Qingge, who was full of shame, an old sneer suddenly sounded in the heavens and the earth.

“Husband and wife? It’s okay, soon make you a pair of dead mandarin ducks! ”

“Let’s worship on Huangquan Road!”

The voice just fell.


A terrifying boundless Saint Power swept over, overwhelming the entire Tianyuan City.

Countless cultivators and mortals, at this moment, all showed a look of horror.

The sect masters of the top forces high above, and many half-saints, got up one by one with shocked expressions, their eyes shocked.

A saint strikes?

Su Changsheng’s face gradually became cold, and his eyes burst with terrifying killing intent.


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