“Su Changsheng, you bastard!”

Gu Qingge broke free from the claws of the devil, retreated one after another, and wiped his face harder, with a look of disgust.

After a month of tossing by Su Changsheng, her vocabulary for swearing has finally upgraded.

From a simple big evildoer, he became a bastard.

It’s really gratifying.


Seeing this, Su Changsheng smiled slightly, this simple scolding is simply like a fresh breeze, no pain or itch.

Moreover, after a month of getting along, the relationship between him and Gu Qingge has also become closer.

At least it is no longer a complete stranger relationship, but has escalated to a state of disgust and hatred.

Although it is a negative state, it is also deepened.

“System, receive the package!”

Su Changsheng said in his heart, in front of Gu Qingge, he naturally did not want to call the system directly.

[Ding, the gift package is opening——].

[You have obtained a set of family palaces, saint-level level, once you enter the master, you can exert saint-level power! ] 】

[You have obtained the Beginner Guardian Array, Saint Level. 】

[You have obtained three thousand family deaths, realm: Law Phase Realm! ] 】

[You have obtained thirty family guardians, realm: Ten Thousand Ancient Realm. 】

[You have obtained a copy of the primary family elixir resources, including one to seven products, five bottles of each type, and ten pills per bottle! ] 】

[You have obtained a piece of the Town Clan Saint Soldier…].

Soon, a succession of system prompts sounded, containing various cultivation resources, which made Su Changsheng a little moved.

So much?

Three thousand Dharma Realm dead warriors, thirty ten thousand Ancient Realm Protectors, this force is simply not too luxurious.

It suddenly made up for the shortcomings of the lack of high-end strong people in the Su family.

Coupled with various cultivation resources, coupled with the resources of the Gu family, the Su family’s power can be said to have swelled several times.

It can be said that this is completely the standard of the top forces.

“This is … Ten Thousand Calamity Pill? ”

At this time, Su Changsheng’s gaze froze, and he took out a bottle of pills from the system space, and then opened the jade jing bottle, and a rich medicinal fragrance gushed out.

Loomingly, there are fragments of avenues flickering in it.

“Ten Thousand Tribulations Pill?!”

Gu Qingge on the side was also a little surprised.

This elixir was very precious, and she didn’t expect Su Changsheng to have a bottle.

Hmph, it’s nothing.

Gu Qingge snorted secretly, looking at Su Changsheng, whose eyes were staring at the elixir tightly, with disdain in his heart.

Sure enough, it was a saint in a small place, and a bottle of Ten Thousand Tribulations Pill was so solemn.

“Fifty, barely enough!”

Su Changsheng said to himself, then his eyes moved, and he saw another elixir, and his heart was moved.

Seven-pin pill, enlightenment pill!

Compared to the Ten Thousand Tribulations Pill, this thing is a truly rare treasure for him.

This elixir was a fetish that could really help him cultivate and had great effects.


When Su Changsheng opened the Dao Pill, the rich medicinal fragrance surged in, containing an amazing Dao rhyme, which suddenly made Gu Qingge’s eyes change directly.

He looked stunned.

Wudao Dan, although it is only a seven-pin pill, its value is comparable to the eight-pin top pill, in a sense, the general nine-pin is not necessarily comparable.

Because it allows the monk to enter the state of enlightenment in a short period of time, and the understanding is greatly improved.

Although it is a seventh grade, its effect has some effect on the quasi-emperor.

The value of this bottle of Enlightenment Dao Pill even exceeded that of a Great Sage-level weapon.

First the Ten Thousand Tribulations Pill, and then the Enlightenment Pill.

How could an ordinary saint of the Su family have such a heaven-defying elixir?

Could it be that he robbed a certain Nine-Pin Dan Saint?

No, this is impossible, a nine-pin Dan saint, at least a great saint-level powerhouse, can poke Su Changsheng to death with one finger.

Su Changsheng couldn’t grab it.

Gu Qingge’s face was complicated, she couldn’t see through Su Changsheng for the first time, originally in her eyes, Su Changsheng was just a despicable villain, but today, it gave her a mysterious and unfathomable feeling.


Su Changsheng, who was checking the resources, also sensed Gu Qingge’s mood change at this time, and while looking calm, he was also secretly proud in his heart.

The reason why he took out the Ten Thousand Tribulation Pill and the Enlightenment Pill in front of Gu Qingge was naturally to deter the other party and create a mysterious and unfathomable feeling.

Let her know that not only you are the female emperor reborn, but I Su Changsheng also have my own secrets.


Next, Su Changsheng showed the resources of the gift package one by one, in addition to pills, there were also cultivation resources, such as the types of elixirs, and there were some grades that were not high, but they were extinct, and even the quasi-emperor could not be found.

This shocked Gu Qingge’s heart.

She was sure that Su Changsheng must have a deep secret, and the future change was probably not because of her rebirth, but because of Su Changsheng as a person.

Not only that, but the other party seemed to know her well.

For the first time, Gu Qingge became a little curious about Su Changsheng’s identity and origin.


Tianyuan City, Su Family Hall.

Because it was only the initial ruling of the Gu family’s territory and had not yet been promoted to a top power, the Su family’s clan land was still Tianyuan City for the time being, and it had not been moved.

However, the new city has also been decided, which is the MixC City located on the edge of the Northern Wilderness.

It is close to the border of many top forces, and it is a very special city, mixed with fish and dragons, and there are many top powerhouses.

The Su family, in the future, wants to use MixC City as a springboard to spread territory towards the True Saint Continent.

“Everyone, the Su family’s war has initially subsided, and it’s time to discuss merit and reward!”

In the main hall, Su Changsheng gathered a group of Su patriarchs and announced with a flat expression.

At this moment, he was sitting on the first seat, while Gu Qingge was sitting on the side with a cold face.

And Patriarch Su Yun, including a group of Taishang elders, the elders, all looked strangely below, looking at Gu Qingge with some surprise, not understanding why she, a member of the Gu family, could be so close to the Immortal Ancestor.

However, this doubt lasted until Su Changsheng finished speaking, and then it was all transferred, and all the elders’ eyes lit up, and their hearts were excited.

Especially a group of elders, they still remembered Su Changsheng’s promise and secretly looked forward to it.

“This seat said before, those who kill the enemy will be rewarded tenfold, and now they will do what they say!”

Su Changsheng continued.

“Su Qing, you killed a total of three Ten Thousand Ancient Realms, and now you are given ten Ten Thousand Tribulation Pills…”

Soon, Su Changsheng snapped his fingers, and a jade bottle fell into Su Qing’s hands.

“Originally, it should be thirty, but ten thousand calamity pills this thing, ten is the limit, no more need to double the number to increase, this seat for you to exchange the same amount of resources, you can go to the Hall of Merit to get it.”

Looking at the excited Su Qing, Su Changsheng explained.

“Yes, Brother Changsheng!”

Su Qing responded with a happy face.

That was equivalent to thirty Ten Thousand Tribulation Pill resources, which was enough for her to easily ascend to the Half-Saint Realm, and even try to impact the Saint.

Of course, having resources is one thing, and whether you can succeed is also another.

“Shhh! What a Pill! ”

“It’s worthy of being an immortal ancestor, a thousand words!”

“I really envy Elder Su Qing!”

When a group of elders, including Su Yun, saw this scene, their eyes were red, and they were envious one by one.


Next, Su Changsheng distributed the rewards one by one, and all the elders were excited.

“Not only the elders, but also the clansmen who participate in the battle will be rewarded tenfold.”

“At the same time, I issued a new clan order, and the cultivation resources of all clansmen were increased tenfold, and I only had one request, that is, to fully improve their strength!”

“However, in order to avoid the clansmen being raised and destroyed, all clansmen must complete the corresponding family tasks at a certain time, either killing enemies or killing ferocious beasts, so as to temper themselves!”

“Including you elders, too!”

“In addition, encourage the family to have more children, there will be rewards for giving birth to children, and more children will be rewarded!”


Su Changsheng said continuously, making the major elders excited and excited.

Ten times the cultivation resource?

Why can’t the Su family rise?

As for the family mission, they didn’t care at all, it was supposed to be.

If you want to become stronger, you must give something and repay the family, otherwise, where is that kind of good thing?

“Old ancestor Yingming!”

Su Yun said loudly for the first time.

Although he, the patriarch, had no prestige in front of Su Changsheng, and the patriarch’s rights were even more pitiful, he still did not complain at all.

In his opinion, as long as the family can become stronger.

“Well, by the way, next Honza is going to announce one thing, Honza is going to marry a wife.”

“If the wife’s words, it is her!”

“Gu Qingge!”

At this time, Su Changsheng pulled over Gu Qingge, who had a cold face on the side and did not say a word the whole time, and announced.


In an instant, the entire hall exploded.


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