Gu Qingge was stunned.

What had she just heard?

“Madam, why do you look sluggish, is it too happy?”

Seeing Gu Qingge’s dull face, Su Changsheng said suspiciously.

At the same time, there was a little sigh.

Worthy of being the future female emperor.

Although it is slightly green now, it is still extremely stunning, even if it is dull and stiff, it still reveals a cute appearance.

“Su Changsheng! The joke you just made is not funny, Bendi can be regarded as not heard! ”

Soon, Gu Qingge came back to his senses, his eyes suddenly became cold, and his tone was cold.

How could she let a little saint be so humiliated?

If it weren’t for the fact that she had just been reborn, and now her situation was not right, she would have slapped Su Changsheng to death.

“Joke? No, this is not a joke, from now on, you will be my wife, and when this incident of the Su family is over, it will be the day of our big wedding. ”

Su Changsheng shook his head and said with a straight face.

“You… Don’t mistake yourself, do you know the consequences of offending a great emperor?! ”

At this moment, Gu Qingge finally understood that Su Changsheng’s real goal was her from the beginning, and the previous conversation was all teasing her, and suddenly shouted sharply.

“You can suppress me now, but ten years, a hundred years later, I will kill you easily!”

This is no joke.

Although her Yuanshen fragment could not be used in a short time, as long as she was given decades of time, Gu Qingge would be sure to break through to the Saint Realm, enough to use the Yuanshen fragment again and burst out the combat power of the Great Sage Realm.

At that time, if you want to kill an ordinary saint like Su Changsheng, it will be a breeze.

“I know, but that doesn’t prevent me from wanting you, and I marry you, what do I have to do with you!”

Su Changsheng said lightly.

Yes, with Gu Qingge’s identity, her emperor-level realm, recultivation of the first, coupled with the understanding of the future, it is simply not too easy to rise again.

Not to mention a hundred years, it is ten years to kill saints, Su Changsheng also believes that Gu Qingge can do it.

If it had been before, Su Changsheng would definitely choose to be Gu Qingge’s protector and help her reach the top.

But now, he has awakened the system and has a road to heaven that is destined to rise.

If that’s the case, then why not fight?

Since he can go from an ordinary genius to the Half-Saint Realm, he is naturally not the kind of person who looks ahead.

Even if he offended Gu Qingge because of this, he wouldn’t care.

Not to mention….

The identity of the female emperor also made him very moved.

That’s a female emperor.

Such a noble identity aroused the long-lost desire for conquest in Su Changsheng’s heart.

“You… You don’t get in the oil and salt… You…… You are shameless… You big evil…! ”

Gu Qingge gritted his teeth in anger, his chest rose and fell, his beautiful face was red and pink, and he looked at Su Changsheng viciously.

She could see the firmness in Su Changsheng’s eyes, it was a character like her, and once she decided, she would not waver.

It is also understood that the other party has insisted on acting and will not care about the consequences in the future.

This annoyed her.

“Well, I hope you won’t regret it!”

Gu Qingge said hatefully, then sat cross-legged on the ground, closed his eyes, and no longer paid attention to Su Changsheng.

That look, like a girl who is extremely gambling.


Seeing this, Su Changsheng smiled slightly, he knew that the reason why Gu Qingge would gaffe one after another, without the coldness and composure of the female emperor, was completely because the other party had just been reborn.

At this time, Gu Qingge was no longer the female emperor who was invincible, but just an ordinary girl.

Therefore, she will be affected by Su Changsheng’s words, and since then, she has been gaffing one after another, showing her girlish posture.

If it was the period of the female emperor, she was just indifferent, and Ren Su Changsheng said a thousand words, and she was not moved, she would only come over with a palm.

Instead of being as young as it is now, young and seductive.

But this kind of Gu Qingge is more cute.


Time passed, and soon three days passed.

In these three days, the Su family completely occupied the Arctic Celestial City, and with this as the center, swept the entire Gu family’s territory, uprooting all the forces of the Gu family.

And quickly occupy territories, resources, veins, etc.

And such astonishing news spread throughout the entire Northern Wilderness at once, and spread farther away, alarming unknown forces.

The major first-class forces, even the top forces, were shocked and cast their eyes.

Gaiyin, the immortal ancestor of the Su family, has become holy!

It was precisely because the ancestor of the Su family became holy that the Su family was able to wipe out the Gu family in one fell swoop, occupy a huge territory, and faintly have a tendency to encroach on the Northern Wilderness Land and become a top force.

In other words, as the world knows, it is only a matter of time before the Su family becomes a top power.

The difference is only in how much time the Su family will spend digesting the resources of the Gu family.

And once digested, the Su family, whose strength has skyrocketed, the next target is the Baiyun Dynasty.

At that time, the Su family, which unified the Northern Wilderness Land, would be one of the top forces in the True Saint Continent, second only to the overlord of the Tai Shi Sect.

It’s just that the same many forces are very dissatisfied with the Su family, and there is no lack of first-class forces, even including the top power of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect.

This is naturally because Su Changsheng fought in the Gu family, not only subduing a large number of powerful people, but also killing the elders of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect.

This naturally attracted the anger of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect.

For all this, many forces are clear, and they are all waiting to see the reaction of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect.

They wondered, what would the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect do to this newly rising Su family?

However, what surprised the major forces was that even after three days had passed, the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect still did not move at all, as if acquiescing to all this.

This made the major forces stunned, but also once again understood the deterrent power of the saint.

Once it comes to a saint, even if it is just a newly promoted saint, it is not a trivial matter, as strong as the Ten Thousand Beast Sect, and he did not choose to retaliate, but was very low-key.

This also made the power of the Su family more and more amazing, and many forces in the Northern Wilderness Land chose to surrender, including many direct forces of the Gu family.

Of course, there are some forces that choose to resist to the end.

For these forces, Su Changsheng had only one order, that is, to exterminate.

Therefore, for half a month, the Su family’s huge legion and clansmen have been fighting in the northern wilderness, and the flames of war have burned all over the earth.

A month later, the incident subsided, and the Su family completely took over the Gu family’s territory and dominated two-thirds of the territory of the Northern Wilderness.

[Ding, congratulations to the host for improving the strength, prestige, and territory of the family, according to the comprehensive score, now reward the family gift package, whether to receive it! ] 】

“Family gift package?”

In the Su family, Su Changsheng, who was idle and bored, teasing Gu Qingge, froze his fingers, and thought thoughtfully.

This is the reward for developing a family?

“Put… Let go of Bendi…”

At this time, a vague voice came, and Gu Qingge, who was pinched by Su Changsheng’s small face, was glaring at him angrily with fire-breathing eyes.

The heart is full of humiliation.

It’s been a month! For a whole month!

Do you know how she got over this month?

Su Changsheng, this guy is simply not human, he has been tossing her for a whole month!!

Simply born!


Seeing this, Su Changsheng rubbed one of her hair, and then snorted on Gu Qingge’s face, like treating a well-behaved child.

This almost didn’t make Gu Qingge dizzy.


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