Northern Wilderness Land, Gu Family, Arctic Celestial City.

As one of the three first-class forces in the Northern Wilderness, the Gu family’s strength was already very strong, and in recent years, it has expanded sharply, and has surpassed the Su family and the Baiyun Dynasty.

Therefore, there are many forces coming and going in the Arctic Celestial City, all of them come to curry favor with the Gu family, wanting to rely on the Gu family and avoid being liquidated by the Gu family in the future.

Now, the many forces in the Northern Wilderness Land have long understood that the rise of the Gu family cannot be changed, and it is very likely to annex the Su family and the Baiyun Dynasty.

Once these two forces are annexed, the Gu family is very likely to be promoted to the top power.

Then these small forces that live under the three first-class forces, if they do not stand in line in advance, they will only be liquidated, and in order to avoid this situation, they can only choose to curry favor with the Gu family.

For a time, the Arctic Celestial City was extremely lively, all kinds of chariots and Shenzhou continued to appear, the divine light flashed, and a big man or sect leader from all over came to the door.

The strong man of the Gu family also greeted him with a smile.

“Hey, another sect master level has come to the door, that one is the sect master of the Northern Sword Sect, he is a Venerable of the Ancient Realm, second only to the three first-class forces!”

“Even he found the Gu family, it seems that the Gu family is really going to dominate the Northern Wilderness!”

“Not only the Northern Sword Sect, but even the first-class forces in other regions have constantly had strong people come to congratulate them, and it is said that there is also an elder of a top power, and the face of the Gu family is too big!”

“This is also the strength shown by the Gu family is too terrifying, nearly twenty Ten Thousand Ancient Realms, how terrifying is that? It’s almost comparable to the top powers. ”

“If the Gu family can really dominate the Northern Wilderness Land and another saint appears, then it can really become a top power!”

In the Arctic Celestial City, in the Drunken Immortal Tower, some strong people drank Qionjing spirit wine, looking at the various sect masters coming and going, their eyes showed amazement.

In the past few years, the strength displayed by the Gu family has been too terrifying, and they have all been shocked.

Compared with the Gu family, the Su family and the Baiyun Dynasty are undoubtedly too inferior.

The Su family even suffered heavy losses in the battle with the Gu family, and two of the Ancient Realms fell.

The victory or defeat of this battle even saw the horror of the Gu family, completely suppressing the Su family, causing the Su family to retreat one after another.

If it weren’t for the Su family and an immortal ancestor, I was afraid that it would have been destroyed by the Gu family.

“The Su family should be finished, the Gu family has already sent troops to attack Zi Xuantian, this is to dig up the roots of the Su family.”

At this time, a middle-aged man wearing a Taoist robe smiled slightly and broke a big news.

“What?! Is it so ruthless, isn’t the Gu family afraid that the Su family fish will break the net? The Su family has an immortal ancestor, and that is a ruthless person who has killed three half-saints! ”

“If that Immortal Old Ancestor appears, I’m afraid that the Gu family won’t be enough to kill, right?”

In the restaurant, many people shook their heads in disbelief.

Although the Gu family was strong, stabilized the Su family, and even forced the Su family to retreat, they believed that as long as there was that immortal ancestor, the Gu family could not be too arrogant.

“Hehe, don’t you understand, the strength of the Gu family is not simple, the Su family has an immortal ancestor, but the Gu family does not? The ancestor of the Gu family, gee, but he has successfully broken through! ”

“And the immortal ancestor of the Su family has been in retreat for hundreds of years, wanting to break through the saint, but it has not appeared for hundreds of years, and the result, of course, is a failure…”

“Now that the ancestor of the Gu family has succeeded, the result is self-evident.”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man in the Taoist robe said with a playful smile.


“So, the Su family is really finished?”

“Old ancestor of the Gu family, do you say…”

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s faces suddenly became that they were all strong people, and there was no lack of law phase realm, and with a little speculation, they could understand the meaning and were shocked in their hearts.

For a while, the eyes of everyone looking at the middle-aged man in Daoist robes also changed.

“The Dao Elder has good skills, dare to ask the Dao Elder where is the inheritance?”

An old man from the Law Phase Realm asked even more politely at this time.

“A nameless Taoist, how to hang your teeth, as for Shi Cheng? I’m just a mediocre apprentice, not good at learning, where dare I report the family! ”

The middle-aged man in the Daoist robe waved his hand and didn’t care about the Dao.




“I… I’m alive? ”

In a remote room, a delicate girl, with a delicate and beautiful face, and an extremely pale face, slowly opened her eyes and looked at the roof a little blankly.

Immediately afterwards, her eyes suddenly flickered, as if countless thoughts flashed quickly, and an ancient and noble fluctuation pervaded, like a female emperor who was honored for eternity.

“I am Gu Qingge, the Ten Thousand Tribulations Female Emperor, the ruler of the Immortal Heaven Realm, in charge of the Red Lotus Immortal Fire, but haven’t I already fallen? Died in that battle. ”

The girl with a beautiful face murmured, her face constantly changing and extremely complicated.

“So it is…”

But soon, she calmed down, her eyes flashed, looked at this familiar and unfamiliar room, sighed softly, and her tone was a little indifferent.

“I did die, but I was reborn again, reborn back to the time when I was still in the Gu family!”

“Gu family, Gu Cangqiong !!!”

Gu Qingge said to himself, when talking about the Gu family and Gu Cangqiong, his tone was filled with monstrous hatred, killing intent, and so on.

Gu Cangqiong is the name of the ancestor of the Gu family.

Her name is Gu Qingge, she is a member of the Gu family, a clan member of the ninth branch, and a few years ago, she was found to have the Ten Thousand Tribulation Dao Bone, which is the qualification of the supreme divine body.

Originally, this was a great joy that shook the family.

The clan elders of the ninth branch were even more ecstatic, and they wanted to carefully cultivate Gu Qingge and become a saint or even a great saint in the future, leading the family to rise.

But unfortunately, the family master also has a peerless Tianjiao, named Gu Yi, who is also a divine body, but it is just an ordinary divine body, far less than Gu Qingge’s Ten Thousand Tribulations Dao Bone.

In order to prevent the ninth vein from threatening the main vein of the family, the wife of the head of the Gu family secretly planned to take a few servants and use an ancient secret method to dig out the girl’s Ten Thousand Tribulations Dao bone and transplant it into Gu Yi’s body.

Moreover, in the following years, she kept Gu Qingge as a meat pig, using her Ten Thousand Tribulations Dao blood to nourish Gu Yi, so as to fuse the Ten Thousand Tribulations Dao bones.

Of course, the clan elders of the ninth vein, including the girl’s parents, were naturally unwilling, but the head of the family ruthlessly dealt with them and punished them as traitors who colluded with foreign races.

All this naturally alarmed the Gu family’s ancestor Gu Cangqiong, but he thought that everything happened, and for the sake of the Gu family, he passed it like this.

and dealt with the wife of the head of the Gu family to calm the turmoil in the family.

“It’s ridiculous, what is for the good of the Gu family, what is cultivating Gu Yi, all this is not for yourself, old mongrel, I slaughtered you in the last life, in this life, I will kill you again!”

Gu Qingge’s face was cold, and she said to herself in her heart.

As a reborn, Gu Qingge knows everything in the future.

I know that all this is shit.

Although the family owner has great power, how can a family head wife dare to be so bold?

All this was secretly ordered by the ancestor of the Gu family, but he did not personally come forward.

And the goal of the ancestor of the Gu family is even clearer – that is, to seize Gu Yi’s body.

Therefore, he single-handedly planned this matter and transplanted the girl’s Ten Thousand Tribulations Dao bone to Gu Yi, just to make Gu Yi’s qualifications more against the sky.

In the end, he did succeed.

However, he was later slaughtered by Gu Qingge.

“Old fellow, you would never have imagined that my physique has never been a Ten Thousand Tribulation Dao Bone, but an Immortal Ten Thousand Tribulation Body.”

Gu Qingge said in his heart.

The so-called Ten Thousand Tribulations Dao Bone is just a by-product of the power overflowing from the Ten Thousand Tribulations Immortal Body.

In the last life, Gu Qingge was automatically activated after death, causing the girl to revive and show her incomparably heaven-defying qualifications.

In just a thousand years, she became the Quasi-Emperor Nine Heavens, and finally crushed the Gu family ancestor with one finger.

“It hurts!”

Gu Qingge touched his chest and smiled lightly, but his smile was a little cold.

She remembered the scene when she was poached by several servants and robbed of the bones of the Ten Thousand Tribulations.

That kind of heart-digging pain made her remember it vividly, and it is still vividly remembered.

“Now in this period, that old thing should be attacking the Su family, I have to get out as soon as possible!”

Gu Qingge’s heart was awe-inspiring.

Although she has been reborn, she has memories of her past life, and she is confident that she can rise again and surpass her past life.

But now she is unrestrained after all, plus her physique has not yet been activated, and she dare not be careless, for fear of making a mistake, which will be different from her previous life.

“As long as I leave the Gu family, with the memory of my previous life, and use the secret method to cultivate, in less than ten years, I will be able to have the strength of the Law Phase Realm, a hundred years of great saints, easily.”

“Pinch a Gu Cangqiong to death then, easily!”

Gu Qingge’s eyes were murderous.

Just as she was about to find a way to escape from the Gu family, a faint feeling of sadness welled up in her heart.

It’s just very plain and not profound, but this also makes her stunned, and an incredible feeling rises in her heart.


“Gu Cangqiong, that old guy is dead?”

Gu Qingge’s whole person was blinded.


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