A stunned expression appeared on Su Changsheng’s face.

I grass, is this really the system?

Six thousand years!

It’s been six thousand years, do you know how he got these six thousand years?

You’re six thousand years late, you know?

Moreover, what does it mean to detect rotten thoughts to activate successfully? Does this mean lying flat is the right way? Cultivating hard is not worthy of activating the system?

“System, what do you do?”

Su Changsheng had thousands of resentments churning in his heart, as if he was about to burst out in the next second, but he still suppressed it, his face did not change, and his voice was gentle.

After all, this is a golden thigh, whether it can take off in the future, you have to rely on the system to take a belt, you can’t burst foul language, otherwise the system does not fly what to do?

After all, if it can really take off, who wants to put it on a rot?

[Ding, the system function is divided into two types, one is to marry a wife and take a concubine, only the host wants to give birth to an heir, you can get a reward, the better the qualification of the heir, the richer the reward! ] 】

[Note: The overall score of the mother body is at least 90 points, the lowest qualification standard is the divine body, or the absolute qualification, the stronger the physique or qualification, the better! ] 】

“What the am I, Divine Body? Top qualifications? ”

Hearing this, Su Changsheng couldn’t help but widen his eyes, as if a series of question marks were about to appear on his head.

System, are you kidding?

The mother body he knows what it means, and it refers to the woman.

But what is the concept of the Divine Body?

The physique of the fantasy world is divided into mortal body, spirit body, king body, divine body, holy body, and immortal body.

Qualifications are also divided into inferior, medium, upper, top, extreme, supreme, and so on.

The divine body is already a top-notch physique.

The land of a continent is hundreds of millions of miles wide, and there are hundreds of millions of living beings, but the number of divine bodies is also the number of hands.

At least, on the surface.

This kind of physique, known as the top physique, is a demon who will become a saint in the future!

Once the divine body is completed, it is the realm of saints, which can be called divine and god-king, and its combat power is amazing, invincible in the same realm, and can even suppress ordinary saints.

This is the treasure bump of the major forces and holy places, and this physique, as long as it is carefully cultivated for thousands of years, there is hope to become a saint.

One divine statue is enough to protect a top-level power and maintain its peak for a full 50,000 years!

At the beginning, the Great Sun Saint Son who looked down on him was only a supreme divine body, and he was already empty-eyed, and now, he actually wanted to let him marry a wife, at least a divine body?

This is embarrassing me fat tiger, right?

“System, which force would marry a divine body to a bad old man of six thousand years old?”

Su Changsheng said speechlessly.

Although his face is not aging, he is still young and handsome, with long snow-white hair, which adds the charm of the years to him, a proper peerless beautiful man.

But in the eyes of those top families.

A bad old man even wants to covet their family’s peerless cabbage?

If Su Changsheng dared to hire those families, he would definitely be slapped to death by the other party’s saint ancestor.

[This is the host’s problem, please find a way for the host, the system will not directly provide wives and concubines! ] 】

Su Changsheng: “…”

Could it be that you can only go to robbery?

Su Changsheng’s brows frowned slightly, and he secretly said in his heart.

He noted that the conditions given by the system did not include a restriction on whether the woman was willing or not.

That is to say, as long as the conditions are met, he can directly marry him?

If it really got to that point, he wouldn’t mind doing it.

After all, this is his hope for rise, and he doesn’t want to let it go, let alone end his life like this.

[The second function, develop the family, the stronger the family power, the more geniuses and strong people in the clan, and resources will also be rewarded, but it will be much less than having children! ] 】

“Developing a family? That’s not bad either! ”

Su Changsheng’s eyes lit up.

Although the rewards of this path are far less than marrying a wife and having children, it is barely a way out.

Of course, he must still focus on marrying a wife and having children.

“By the way, the system, do I have a newbie package?”

Su Changsheng then asked.


The system is silent.

“System, system, I have been alone in this strange world for six thousand years!”

“Exactly six thousand years, do you know how I got these six thousand years?”

“I think about you every day!”

Seeing that the system did not speak, Su Changsheng said with a sad face.

Let people smell sad and see tears.

Six thousand years of cultivation and repeated life and death experiences had already made Su Changsheng abandon the so-called discipline.

He knows it even better.

Only crying children have sugar to eat!


[Ding, it has been detected that the host has a newbie gift package that has not been claimed, do you want to receive it?] 】

It seemed that he couldn’t stand Su Changsheng’s shamelessness, and after being silent for a while, the system finally spoke.

It was just from the cold mechanical loli female voice that Su Changsheng faintly heard a trace of disgust and contempt.

“Harm, of course I received it!”

In this regard, Su Changsheng did not care, and said with a smile, as long as there is a newbie gift, what is the contempt?

If you can continue to give him rewards, don’t say that it is contempt, even if the system steps on his face with small feet, it is no problem.

[Ding, congratulations to the host for winning the following rewards——


One seven-grade creation pill, three thousand years of cultivation, one saint fruit, nine calamities secret code (above). 】

“Shhh! Creation Pill? Holy Fruit? Three thousand years of cultivation? ”

Hearing this, Su Changsheng immediately gasped and contributed to the warming of the mysterious world.

The system is produced, and it is indeed a boutique!

Seven-grade Creation Pill, as long as one can make a dying saint jump alive again.

With his injuries, one was enough to heal more than ten times.

And what is the concept of the Holy Fruit?

That’s comparable to the sum of the actions of a saint.

If it can be refined, it is equivalent to inheriting most of the power of a saint without any side effects.

Of course, if the Saint Fruit wants to appear, it is extremely difficult, and it is necessary to kill ten saints and refine the other party’s Dao and Dao to form the Dao Fruit.

This requires extremely strong strength, at least a great saint.

Therefore, the fruit of the saint is extremely rare, and once born, it will be robbed.

With the fruits of the saint, plus three thousand years of cultivation, he may be able to become holy.

No, it is absolutely successful!

“Cultivate, break through, I want to become holy!”

Su Changsheng’s eyes were bright, and his heart was excited.

Once he breaks through to sanctification, the standard wives and concubines of the divine body will no longer be out of reach.

A six-thousand-year-old statue is indeed annoying, it is an old man, but a six-thousand-year-old saint, that is not a concept.

Fifty thousand years of lifespan is only equivalent to youth.

As long as it works properly, it is not impossible to marry a divine body.

Even if it doesn’t work, it’s a big deal to secretly make a black hand and specifically find those forces that are not strong to sneak attack.

As Su Changsheng, who once ran amok and was known as the Starfall King, he wouldn’t mind if the means were dirty.


Soon, Su Changsheng entered the retreat again.

In the land of the clan, all kinds of blazing divine light emerged, flooding the entire space, the divine light was brilliant, thousands of rays of light, and the monstrous essence energy gushed out, as brilliant as the sun, accompanied by the rumble of the law of the avenue.

In the rumbling, Su Changsheng’s breath was constantly climbing at a terrifying speed.

It was as if a peerless being, constantly transforming and evolving, was about to break free and shock the world.

Just when Su Changsheng transformed.

Outside, in the Su family, the whole family is bleak at this moment.

An earth-shattering storm seemed to be coming.

Three months later, in the main hall of the clan association, the Su family patriarch, as well as a group of clan elders and elders, all appeared at this moment, their faces solemn.


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