True Saint Continent, Eastern Regions, Northern Wilderness Land, Su Family Land.


Su Changsheng opened his eyes, he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood, crystal brilliant, like a diamond, containing powerful divine power, any drop can kill the strong.

The whole body was covered with terrifying cracks, the divine light overflowed, and the blood flowed, as if it would explode in the next moment.

That was the backlash brought about by the failure of the breakthrough saint.

“Why fail!”

Su Changsheng didn’t care about his injuries.

He roared up to the sky, his long snow-white hair flew, his gods were bright, his eyes were blazing, he was as dazzling as two rounds of the sun, and his face was full of unwillingness.


The chaotic aura was like a volcanic eruption, wantonly impacting this space, causing the void to rumble, and all kinds of runes flickered and shook non-stop.

If it weren’t for the fact that this clan land had various top-level arrays that could protect the Half-Saint powerhouses, I was afraid that it would have already collapsed by the breath.

“A thousand years!”

“In order to become a saint, I don’t know how many times I broke into the secret realm, how many times I fought with the strong, just to compete for resources, but I still failed, why!”

“Could it be that people with average talent are destined to not be able to achieve this avenue and walk through this supreme immortal road?”

“I’m not willing!

Su Changsheng let out a low roar, full of unwillingness.


It seems that because the emotions are too excited, the powerful aura can’t stop the riot, shaking this space, and almost destroying this ethnic land.


At this time, on Su Changsheng’s body, all kinds of terrible injuries suddenly cracked, as if exquisite porcelain was about to break, blood flowed, like a blood person, and a severe pain struck.

“Huh? The injuries were too serious. ”

Su Changsheng suddenly woke up.

Only then did he notice the injury on his body, and he knew that this was a reaction to the failure of the impact saint, and if he did not carefully adjust and recover, this injury could make him nullified.


Su Changsheng was silent, calmed his emotions, and also converged his own breath, and then took a light breath, the spiritual energy between heaven and earth surged like a tide, madly submerged into the body, the divine light flowed, and began to adjust the injury.

For a long time, Su Changsheng opened his eyes, and at this time, the scars on his body had disappeared, and his breath tended to be stable.

Of course, this is not to say that his injury has recovered, it is only the surface, in fact, not even a tenth of it has recovered, it is only hidden in the body.

He sat silently, his gaze faint, as if he was looking somewhere far away.

“The preparation of a thousand years is still a failure after all!”

For a long time, Su Changsheng smiled miserably, his snow-white long hair was scattered, and his face was full of loneliness.

For this day, he had been preparing for thousands of years, and after an unknown number of fierce battles, he had gathered enough cultivation resources to impact the saint three times.

Just to fight for a breath!

I thought it was a matter of stability, but after a hundred years of retreat, he was greeted by three consecutive failures, and all the resources prepared were exhausted.

Now that I think about it, it should be his own limit.

“After six thousand years now, I don’t have a peerless physique, and my qualifications are not supreme, after thousands of hardships, I have risen from a small family disciple, and I originally wanted to reach the top of the avenue and live forever…”

“But now it seems that all this is just a luxury…”

Su Changsheng was frustrated, remembering the various experiences he had traveled through so far, and couldn’t help but laugh at himself.

Yes, Su Changsheng is a traverser, from the Celestial Empire of the Blue Star World in his previous life, and it has been six thousand years since he crossed into this fantasy world.

Six thousand years of hard work and struggle, from an ordinary cultivator to a half-saint, not only broke through the title of Starfall King, but also led the family and became a hegemon.

But in the end, he fell at the level of saint.

There are thousands of difficulties and dangers along the way to cultivation, fighting with heaven and people, and if you are not careful, you will die.

As an ordinary genius, no plug-ins, no anti-heaven background, he has done his best.

It’s just that even so, he still failed, and the gap with those real heaven-defying demons was too big.

“Perhaps, what he said is right, I was originally just a grass mustard, and the ants on the ground are also worthy of being with the true dragon in the nine heavens?”

Su Changsheng laughed at himself.

He remembered the events of that year, the tall figure, the downward gaze, full of indifference.

There is no contempt and disdain, only disregard.

“The Great Sun Saint Sect…”

Su Changsheng’s eyes were slightly cold, but soon, his eyes darkened.

The Holy Son of the Great Sun Saint Sect possesses a supreme divine body, high above, looking down on all living beings, which is indeed not comparable to him, not a rank at all.

“It’s okay, I’m just an ordinary genius, I shouldn’t have asked for so much, it’s not bad to be a half-saint ancestor, it’s okay if you don’t become a saint, you can live for more than three thousand years!”

“There’s nothing wrong with that!”

Su Changsheng said silently in his heart.

The cultivators of the Ten Thousand Ancient Realm claim to have a boundless lifespan, and theoretically can live for 10,000 years.

The sage monk is even more than 50,000 years.

Although he failed to attack the Saint Realm, he was a half-saint who stepped into the Saint Realm with one foot, and it would be easy to live for another three or four thousand years.

Coupled with his cultivation, as long as he doesn’t provoke the saint, it’s still no problem to dominate the side.

In that case, is it bad to lie flat?

Even if you can’t live for a long time, look down on the eternity and become a supreme powerhouse.

But being a half-saint ancestor is still very moist, at least it is tens of thousands of times better than in the previous life.

“Then put it on the table, marry a few saints, goddesses, fairies, emperors or something, and be a family ancestor, it is also a good life to be happy every day!”

The rotten heart arises, and suddenly the heaven and earth are loose.

At this moment, Su Changsheng only felt that the endless pressure that had accompanied him in the past had also dissipated at this moment.

That’s it.

Why did he work so hard?

Lying flat, rotten, when an ordinary half-saint ancestor is not fragrant?

Usually develop and develop the family, make the family more awesome, occasionally pretend to be a saint in front of people, and then marry more wives, isn’t it good to have a few awesome children?

What he can’t do, he can let his children do it!

In the past, in order to cultivate, he abandoned all worldly desires, and in order to maintain his peak state, he cut off all mundane worries and kept his mind in his youth.

But now it seems that none of this matters, and he is going to start rotten.

I’ve been practicing the Dao for so long, don’t you enjoy it too much?

[Ding, the host rotten thought was detected, and the family offspring system was successfully activated! ] 】

Just when Su Changsheng was about to put it on the table.

A cold, mechanical loli female voice sounded, which made Su Changsheng suddenly startled, and there was a wonderful sense of familiarity.

This is the voice of Banduck’s wife?!!

No, no, this is the fucking system??!


Realm system: Flesh Realm, Qi Sea Realm, True Yuan Realm, Divine Power Realm, Heavenly and Human Realm, Yuandan Realm, Law Phase Realm, Cave Void Realm, Wangu Realm.

Saint, Sage King, Great Sage, Quasi-Emperor, Great Emperor

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