Longevity Begins with Marrying a Wife

Chapter 438: Nangong Yao’s decision (Happy New Year’s Eve)

Chapter 438 Nangong Yao’s decision (Happy New Year’s Eve)

Before Lian Nishang met Shen Ping, she was very shy and ignorant about the relationship between men and women, and even had a hint of curiosity. But after getting to know each other, although she still couldn't let go, she was able to say some whispers.

 Especially the various movements, Shen Ping is giving step-by-step instructions.

 Sweat dripping from behind.

The girl lay on the bed and thought about it carefully. When she came to her senses, she said quietly: "Brother Shen, Nishang's strength is too low, and I can't help you. You don't bring a piece of Nishang with you every time. If you continue like this, Nishang will I’m afraid that sooner or later I will be left behind by Brother Shen.”

 She still has a sense of crisis.

After all, Shen Ping's cultivation strength has improved very quickly. Now that he has arrived in Jizhou City, Nangong Yao from the Nangong family is not inferior to her in everything, whether it is talent, qualifications or appearance, including in the Demon Suppression Division. Inside, in the past half year or so, she had heard many people say that Shen Zhenshou and Nangong Yao were a talented and beautiful couple.

 “Silly girl, what are you thinking about?”

Shen Ping pinched Lian Nishang's cheek and said seriously: "We grew up together, how could we leave you behind? I might have come back later this time, but I was afraid that you would be too worried, so I came back early. .”

Hearing what Shen Ping said, Lian Nishang smiled.

“Here, let me take a closer look at your practice during this period.”

 “Don’t touch the... necrosis.”

Shen Ping narrowed his eyes slightly.

Chen Bin hesitated and said: "There are a few, but they are only third-level bloodline people, and they are far from being called geniuses."

As for the total of twenty-three members of the royal family who have reached the Star Palace realm, this is only on the surface. I don’t know how much strength is hidden secretly. The other families are stronger than those in Jizhou City. Basically, there are one or two Star Palaces. Venerable Jing is in charge.


However, the geniuses of the last generation who generally reached 200 years old had very strong bloodline strength, and the worst ones were already at the first level of the Star Palace Realm.

The Great Xia Dynasty can dominate the entire continent and has been in power for nearly a thousand years. Its strength cannot be underestimated. The Taizu who founded the country alone is now at the second level of the Star Stage Realm, only one level away from the top of the true Emperor level.

 Yes, Shen Pingrong was promoted to the leader of the Lizard Cult.

 He glanced at it.

The reason why Nangong Yao is excellent is the influence of the true spirit. Needless to say, those reincarnated emperors will be even more outstanding. Even the immortals will reach the star realm one after another at the age of seventeen.

The two of them fought continuously for dozens of days. When they were exhausted from practicing Nishang, Shen Ping let the girl go. Then he asked Ling Yu'er to come over and clean up the weeds again.

 There are still two clan members left in the royal family who have just broken through to the Star Stage level.

 Chen Bin nodded first, and then handed Shen Ping a roster, which clearly recorded the prodigies and major families in the Imperial Court of Great Xia, as well as the strength information of the royal family.

 Before the sect reaches the Star Palace realm, it will be affected by the statue. Even if it is not pious in its heart, it will not rush to other forces. However, after the Star Palace realm, the statue's binding force is very weak.

“Chen Bin, the Jin family here in Jizhou City has been annexed by other aristocratic families. You immediately dispatched other members to re-establish the branch in Jizhou City. Also, have you collected all the information about the Great Xia Dynasty?”

 “This subordinate has met the leader.”

Animal spirit users like his master Lian Xuejin are relatively ordinary. Without his help, Lian Nishang, the reincarnation of Lian Xuejin, could reach the third level at most.

 Elder Yan of the Lizard Cult has sent over the list of all members of the sect's organizations, and has also dispatched capable officers to follow Shen Ping's instructions and contact people from various states.

This does not mean that the fourth and fifth levels of the Star Palace Realm can rival the Immortal King before his reincarnation. It can only be said that it is easier to comprehend the power of heaven and earth here, as long as you can understand it from the blood.

 Look at the list again.

“Fortunately, I activated the talent of Devouring Strange Beasts, otherwise I really wouldn’t be able to surpass these emperors.”

After more than half a year of boring practice, I finally got relief in all aspects of my body and mind.

Shen Ping asked calmly.

 Therefore, as long as the animal spirit person can reach the fourth or fifth level of the Star Palace, he can automatically understand the way of heaven and earth, which is much easier than before being reincarnated.

 The Lizard Cult is still much weaker in this aspect.

 Shen Ping waved his hand.

  One and a half months later.

“It would take an ordinary genius more than a thousand years to reach the fourth level of the Star Palace Realm. For someone like Nangong Yao, it would take three to four hundred years…”

 Collapse the list.

“These geniuses should be the emperor’s reincarnation.”

 He thought secretly in his heart.

“From this point of view, the third level of the Star Stage Realm can stand at the top of this world, and the higher level of the Divine Realm has the majestic means to suppress the era.”

As for the prodigies of the imperial capital, they are almost at the same level as Gong Yao from the south of Jizhou City. They are a little better than Dingtian. After all, it is very rare to break through the star realm at the age of fifteen or sixteen.

“Recently, we must pay special attention to those outstanding geniuses like Nangong Yao. If we can win over them, we must do so at all costs. Let’s say that our Lizard Cult can help them grow quickly.”

It has been seventeen years since Shen Ping was reincarnated. With the Devouring Talent, his bloodline cultivation has advanced by leaps and bounds, and he has only reached the sixth level of the Star Palace. Without this magical beast talent, even if he has past life memory experience, it will take a hundred years. Only then can we barely reach this level.

 At this time.

Of course.

Many outstanding talents have recently emerged among the Prodigies of the Imperial City, and several of them have broken through to the Star Realm at the age of thirteen or fourteen, and are now at the late stage of the Star Realm at the age of seventeen.

He looked at Chen Bin and continued: "Are there any geniuses in the sect who are worth cultivating?"

In fact, with his current level of cultivation, he probably understands what the main opportunity for reincarnation is, which is the understanding and mastery of heaven and earth, because the star palace realm has already been exposed to the power of heaven and earth, and the fourth and fifth levels of the star palace in the sea area are not exposed to the power of heaven and earth. Mastering the urge is no weaker than him.

 That’s why the side of the imperial capital can truly be called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

A pure blood bead floated in front of Chen Bin's eyes, "You try to refine and absorb it."


 Chen Bin swallowed it directly without any hesitation.


 His eyes showed the same expression as Elder Yan at that time, "Thank you, Master, for the gift."

  The energy in the blood beads was extremely pure, and there were no side effects after taking it. Moreover, he had a hunch that as long as he could fully absorb it, he would be able to break through to the middle stage of the star realm.


Shen Ping gave Chen Bin three star-level blood beads and seven fifth-level blood beads. "With these things, I believe you should be able to quickly win over those geniuses who are in urgent need of growth. Remember, this leader is the most important." Those who pay attention to women should not be older than twenty years old, preferably those with blood attributes such as metal, earth, and wind."

 Chen Bin understood, "I understand!"

It is indeed much more convenient to have a force organization to work for. He does not need to do many things personally, and it is much faster to search for information.

“By the way, we need to collect more star gold stone veins. If you encounter something that cannot be solved, you can inform me.”

 Finally, he reminded me.

Although it is faster to absorb and refine the blood beads of monsters than the astral stone, the blood beads are not easy to encounter those of the same level, but the astral stone veins are different. If there is a large astral stone mine, with Shen Ping's devouring talent, he can Improve yourself quickly.

 Not long after Chen Bin left.

 Nangong Yao is here.

Shen Ping suddenly disappeared for more than half a year, and she was still a little worried. This was not because of feelings, but because Shen Ping went to the Demon God Sect to cause trouble, and the cause of the matter was her Nangong family.

“The Demon God Cult is indeed hidden very deep. After killing the guards of the Jin family this time, I tracked it all the way overseas, but could not find the location of its main altar.”

"Brother Shen was able to kill the Jin family guard, which has helped our Nangong family a lot, and Yao'er has nothing to repay!" It took more than half a year.

Nangong Yao’s bloodline aura has improved a lot, and he is not far from the middle stage of the star realm.

Shen Ping looked at Nangong Yao, whose appearance and temperament were very similar to Yao Xianzun, "Sister Yao, there is no need to be so polite to me."


Nangong Yao hesitated to speak. Grandpa Zu had been urging her to invite Shen Ping, but what Shen Ping said last time made her feel entangled. If she invited, she must accept it from her heart, but if she invites her with Zu In the name of grandpa, the other party will not go.

“Sister Yao, if there is something difficult for you, it doesn’t matter. As long as I can do it, I will do my best.”

Shen Ping said with a smile.

Nangong Yao is not Yao Immortal Lord after all. No matter how firm her belief is, she is still a seventeen-year-old girl in his eyes and will still be influenced by the outside world.


Nangong Yao bit her red lips, "I want to invite Brother Shen to the house. This time the Jin family does not have a guard, and our Nangong family has also benefited a lot. We should thank Brother Shen both emotionally and rationally."

Shen Ping said with a half-smile, "Does Sister Yao want to invite me?"


 Nangong Yao lowered his head.

 “Okay, what time?”


 “Okay, I’ll be there on time.”

Looking at Nangong Yao's leaving figure, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, she was still a little girl after all.


  Nangong family.

 The backyard of the mansion.

Nangong Yao's mother sat next to her and said earnestly: "Yao'er, mother knows that you have always put cultivation first, but you also have to consider your own major matters. You are not young anymore, you will be eighteen after this year!" "

 “My mother was already pregnant when she was sixteen years old.”

"I think that Shen Zhenshou is pretty good. He is the same age as you and has a high level of cultivation. He will definitely surpass your grandfather in the future."

Nangong Yao couldn't help but said: "Mom, this is not my ambition, I just want to practice."

Her mother shook her head, "Getting married won't hinder your cultivation. Your eldest sister and second sister have been married for a long time. Now they have broken through to the fourth level. If you get married, you can still practice."

 “Yes, but this is different.”

“What’s the difference? Could it be that Shen Zhenshou can still delay you?”

 “When you become a woman, you have to put your family first, how can you not delay it!”

Nangong Yao argued.

Her mother smiled and said, "You and Shen Zhenshou are still young, so you can have children later. The worst we can do is make an agreement with him to wait until you reach the late stage of the Star Realm before you give birth to your offspring. This way, the chances of your offspring having excellent blood will be much greater."

  “There are many such examples among noble families.”

Nangong Yao was moved, but she still said, "But didn't mother say that after she gets married, she has to have **** with her, which will also delay her."

“Having **** is a natural thing. It will be enthusiastic and frequent at first, but it will get better later. Look at my mother, she may not be able to have **** with your father once every few years. Men are like this, they like new things..."

Nangong Yao no longer insisted, but finally said: "Mom, give me some time."


 It is near noon the next day.

 Shen Ping came to Nangong's house again.

 After more than half a year of recovery, the Nangong family has recovered from the last attack. Moreover, after annexing part of the Jin family's property, the Nangong family has become even more powerful.

 “My nephew Shen Xian can come to my Nangong house and make the whole house shine!”

 “Nangong Zhen is too polite.”

 After the pleasantries.

 While sitting in your living room drinking tea.

Ancestor Nangong told Shen Ping some recent events in the Xia Dynasty, mainly the intensification of chaos in the states. For example, the six southeastern states have been completely in chaos, and the guards sent by the dynasty have all disappeared.

“Nangong is guarding it. The imperial court is not weak. If we send one or two Xinggong venerables, we should be able to suppress it easily. Why don’t we ignore it?”

Shen Ping couldn't help but ask.

Patriarch Nangong sighed, "Nephew Shen Xian doesn't know something. There are many forces competing in the Imperial Court. It seems calm, but in fact there are undercurrents. The number of Xinggong Venerables in the Imperial Court is limited. If they are dispatched, the overall balance will be lost, and There’s a chance that I won’t be able to come back.”

“The biggest problem in each state is the birth of powerful monsters. For example, in Bashan near Jizhou, the monsters have been much calmer recently, but the monsters in other states are getting more and more rampant, and even the rare Xinggong Demon Lord has appeared.”

“So in this chaotic situation, we should protect ourselves. Nephew Shen Xian has star level strength at a young age and will definitely achieve extraordinary things in the future.”

"And my Yaoer has quite a lot of potential. You should get closer to him to prepare for the future."

After Patriarch Nangong finished speaking, he left space for Shen Ping and Nangong Yao.

 The other maids were also removed.

Shen Ping looked at the somewhat restrained Nangong Yao and couldn't help but smile in his heart. He knew that the other party was probably affected, otherwise he would never be like this with his thoughts.

“Sister Yao, don’t take your ancestor’s words to heart.”

 “No matter what decision you make, I will respect you.”

Nangong Yao was silent for a moment, then raised his cold eyes and said, "Brother Shen, can you give me three years!"

 “Oh? Why does it take three years?”

Shen Ping asked.

Nangong Yao replied, "Three years later, there will be a competition for the young generation of the imperial capital. Originally, grandpa wanted me to participate in the competition. It was only after the current situation was chaotic and the attack that grandpa changed. Pay attention, but I still want to participate, and I want to see the strength of my peers in the imperial capital... During this period, I want to concentrate on my practice."

"No matter what the outcome is, I will marry Brother Shen willingly."

Shen Ping suddenly realized.

This was indeed what Chen Bin reported last time, but he didn't pay attention to it. After all, the Tianjiao Competition had nothing to do with him, and he wasn't interested in that kind of thing.

“Okay, then I will wait for Sister Yao for three years.”

 He was not too anxious to begin with.

 If you really want to get a fire bloodline, you can get it by just looking for a female with fire bloodline.

It’s just that I still want to find a potential animal spirit user, so that I won’t have too much psychological burden when I leave here in the future.

 (End of this chapter)

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