Longevity Begins with Marrying a Wife

Chapter 316: Refining the void

Chapter 316 Refining the Void

 The main hall of Luoxia Peak.

The Black Tiger King, who was several feet tall, was filled with heavy aura and pressure. The Luo Xiafeng disciples in the hall could not maintain their breathing. They could only use their magic power to resist this pressure, while the Black Tiger King sat down in the hall indifferently. On the throne, copper bell-like eyes stared at Fairy Luo Xia, and said coldly: "Tell me, why are you inviting me here?"

Fairy Luo Xia said hurriedly: "It's about that person named Shen."


The Black Tiger King hummed heavily, the sound was like the sound of a drum, making the other Luo Xia disciples look pale and their bodies trembling.

 “It’s been so long, you’d better make some progress.”

Fairy Luo Xia resisted the huge oppressive aura and stepped forward. Two seventh-level spiritual treasures appeared in her palms. "I obtained these from the hands of the person named Shen."

The Black Tiger King glanced at Lingzhen and narrowed his eyes slightly, "That guy is quite generous. Although the seventh-level Lingzhen in Penglai Immortal City is not too precious, in our Sword Seal City, materials of this level are scarce. There are many, it seems that the other party has an extraordinary background."

 “Tell me, what news did you find out?”

 It has become slightly more breathtaking.

Fairy Luo Xia smiled and said: "There is indeed a master behind him. He comes from the Split Flame City in the east area across the sea of ​​​​stars. He is a Mahayana-level monk and is currently in seclusion."

 As soon as I heard this.

The Black Tiger King suddenly looked a little wary. He stared at Fairy Luo Xia: "Mahayana? Are you sure?"

Fairy Luo Xia hesitated for a moment, "There shouldn't be any lies. You should know that I, Luo Xia Feng, have been very close to Zhenbao Pavilion during this period, and I have learned a lot about the situation. Moreover, the one named Shen is quite a good woman. I used a little strategy and got out a lot of information. The magic weapon and the puppet on him were all given by the other party's master."

The Black Tiger King has no doubts about this. After all, even if a god-transforming monk gets some powerful opportunity to obtain a magic weapon, it is impossible to control it. The more powerful the magic weapon is, the more complete the manipulation techniques are. And inheritance, as well as that kind of puppet, are not something ordinary monks can control.

 So the other party must have an extraordinary apprenticeship.

"Mahayana... Such a strong person can indeed take out some spiritual treasures at will. So, the other party's master has been in Jianyin City or Gray Stone City for hundreds of years?"

 It looked at Fairy Luo Xia.

Fairy Luo Xia shook her head, "The one named Shen didn't disclose this. I think it was his master who gave him a stern warning."

The Black Tiger King frowned and said, "Continue to investigate and be sure to find out the specific information about his master. I will give you another ten years at most. If there is no progress, don't blame me for being rude."


It took a leap and stood in front of Fairy Luo Xia. It stretched out its hand to pinch Fairy Luo Xia's white chin. Its cold eyes swept across the curve of the pink and purple brocade corset on her chest and said lightly: "In the sword seal In the city, Fairy Luoxia is quite famous, and there are many big guys in our clan who are very interested in you. They torture other people like you, and they use many methods to make you unforgettable."

Fairy Luo Xia trembled and said hurriedly: "Don't worry, Lord Black Tiger King, I will definitely fulfill your request."


 The demonic aura in the palace dissipated.

Fairy Luo Xia immediately breathed a sigh of relief, looked in the direction of Zhenbao Pavilion and murmured: "Little guy, I risked my life to buy you time, I hope you won't let me down."


Feather tribe.

 A palace on a hanging peak floating on the vast sea.

Yin Ting saluted respectfully, "Master."

His master smiled and waved his hand, sat casually on a jade chair, poured a cup of spiritual tea and said, "Disciple, will you gain anything from going in and trading with the human beast spirit genius this time?"

Yin Ting knew what the master was talking about. She shook her head, "That man was wary. Even when he was doing that kind of thing, he didn't even answer."


His master did not show any disappointment, but comforted him: "It doesn't matter, the method of concealing the golden fruit with animal patterns is so important. It is naturally not easy to trick him out. As long as you continue to maintain this relationship with him, there will always be a chance."

“My master has given you the resources to apply for a first-class beast spirit genius. You must seize the opportunity.”

Yin Ting hurriedly said: "Thank you, Master."

Finally, she asked hesitantly: "Master, since that person has such an important means, all the tribes will probably intensify their search efforts. If the Demon Tribe, Spirit Tribe and other tribes are allowed to find him first, our Yu Tribe will be very passive." ”

His master said without paying attention: "It is not easy to find a human monk in the Abyss of Darkness. Even if each tribe has a magic weapon that specializes in detecting the special energy breath of the beast spirit genius, it still needs to be searched area by area, and until Now, the powerful men sent by the Demon Clan, the Spirit Clan and other tribes have not yet completely searched the four major areas, let alone some special places on the edge of the Black Mist Jedi. Therefore, compared to other tribes, our Yu Clan has you. Now, we have a great advantage.”

Speaking of this, she couldn't help but warn, "Although my Yu Clan has the advantage, disciple, you must seize the time and opportunity. I heard that the Spirit Clan and Monster Clan have recently sent some beasts with excellent looks and figures. The spiritual geniuses are going to the third floor of the underground palace, and their purpose is probably the same as my Yu clan!"

Yin Ting groaned, obviously not expecting this to happen, "Master, you, you mean the Spirit Clan and the Demon Clan are sent to the Genius level?"

His master laughed dumbly, "How could the Genius class be so noble, how could they do such a thing? The Demon Clan, the Spirit Clan, and our Yu Clan have secretly cultivated some beast spirit geniuses with special abilities."


As various tribes began to use special methods, the third floor of the underground palace gradually became lively. Unfortunately, Shen Ping's visits to the Gate of Strange Beasts gradually decreased. He spent most of his time in meditation and refining rune beast diagrams and puppets. .

 And time passes little by little in such a fulfilling life.

 Seven years have passed in the blink of an eye.

 In the backyard of the Fu room.

Looking at the trembling energy fluctuations of the strange beasts.

Shen Ping slowly put away his talisman pen. Nowadays, he has become more and more confident in making complete animal-shaped talismans. The success rate is also very high. Almost every two materials can be successful. After so many years of hard work, He has produced two hundred complete drawings of rune beasts.

  If you use the magic power of Talisman.

It can definitely kill the monks in the late stage of refining the void.

 But if he wanted to get rid of the Black Tiger King, there was still some shortcomings. After all, he knew very well that if he fought with the Black Tiger King, the most important thing was to trap the opponent.

 “Three years left…”

Shen Ping sensed the power of the strange beast in his Dantian and couldn't help but sigh slightly. In the past seven years, the spiritual consciousness between his Niwan Palace and Yuanying villain has become more and more mellow, and has almost reached a full state, but the distance Breaking through the void refining is still not enough.

 For a moment.

He came to the quiet room, sat down in the lotus position, and sensed that the door of strange beasts entered the third floor of the underground palace.

 It didn’t take long.

 Two figures meet each other.

 More than ten days have passed.

The depression of practicing practice that the two of them squeezed was gone.

 Complete trading of materials.

Yin Ting still had a blush on her cheeks, and she reminded: "Friend Daoist Shen, those special beast spirit geniuses from the Demon Clan and Spirit Clan have often been staying on the third floor of the underground palace recently. You have to be careful, as their methods are hard to guard against."

Shen Ping smiled and said, "There are not many people who can mess with my mind."

He had secretly seen it a long time ago. Those special beast spirit geniuses did not have the top ten physiques like Yin Ting. Even if they were all top-notch in figure and appearance, there was no need to communicate.

 It’s really a try.

 He could have adopted the An family sisters.

“It will be more than twenty years before the Ascension Hall on the third floor of the Underground Palace is opened. If Fellow Daoist Shen plans to enter, you must be prepared.”

Yin Ting said.

  Every time you ascend to the Heavenly Palace, it is a challenge between life and death.

Even confident beast spirit geniuses will think twice before going in if they are confident enough. However, for many beast spirit geniuses who have stayed on the third floor of the underground palace for a long time, they don’t think much about it. After all, if they don’t give it a try, , they have to go to the Heavenly Palace, and without going through the baptism of the Heavenly Palace, they will almost be on the bottom floor when they arrive at the Heavenly Palace.

“Don’t worry, Fellow Daoist Yin, Shen said he won’t go in if he doesn’t go in.”

 Shen Ping knew what Yin Ting was worried about.

  If it were before.

He will try his best even if he has no chance, but now that he has the talent of strange beasts, he can enter the Ascension Palace at any time. As for improving himself, he can also rely on the Eye of the Sea Beast to obtain a large number of strange stones to improve himself.

 See Shen Ping is so determined. Yin Ting smiled and said with a relaxed expression, "Let's go."

 Not long after she left.

 Shen Ping activated three kinds of magical beast talents.


 He came to the Ascension Hall again.

Nearly every time he finished dealing with Yin Ting in the past few years, he would take time to visit.

 Complete rest and recovery.

  Strengthened and Leviathan Eyes are activated again.

The pupils with strange red streaks passed through the layers of metal rooms and landed on the last room at the end. At this time, a suspended jade box appeared in the room.

 See this scene.

Shen Ping couldn't help but rubbed his eyes hard.

 Make sure you read it correctly.

 He suddenly showed excitement.

 Higher beast spirit treasure!

This Ascension Hall will really have high-level beast spirit treasures appearing continuously before it is opened.

Although he had speculated in this regard before and expected it in his heart, at this moment, Shen Ping felt unbelievable.



 Took a dozen deep breaths in succession.

 Then sit cross-legged and recover your body.

 More than half a month has passed.


 Eye of the sea beast.




The dark blue skin seemed to blend into the space, ignoring the layers of metal barriers in the Dengtian Palace, and arrived at the last metal room.

 Looking at the floating jade box close at hand.

  Shen Ping suppressed the joy and impulse in his heart, sat down again and continued to recover.

 Wait until the burning sensation in the bones in the body has completely subsided.

 He stood up and walked towards the suspended jade box.

 Can appear continuously.

 Obviously, it proves the previous speculation that there are certain rules governing the operation of the Climbing Heaven Palace and even the Earth Palace and Heavenly Palace.

He didn't have time to guess who was behind it. As long as the suspended jade boxes could appear continuously, it meant that he could obtain a large number of high-level beast spirit treasures in the future.

The number of high-level beast spirit treasures in the Heavenly Palace is greater than that in the Earthly Palace, and almost everyone in the Tianjiao level can own one. Some powerful people can even have two or three pieces. Even the Tianjiao who can pass through the Heavenly Palace in a row can all possess it. set.

 But high-level beast spirit treasures are still rare.


 The moment when he stretched out his hand and touched the suspended jade box.

The familiar and huge and powerful energy of strange beasts surged from the skin overwhelmingly. This energy was not only pure, but also seemed to contain spiritual energy. After pouring into Shen Ping's body, it automatically washed away his limbs and bones. The meridians, bones, blood, and more spread into the Dantian.

 Shen Ping has three experiences.

 Sit cross-legged and perform the exercises directly.

  Quickly absorb and digest this huge energy of strange beasts.

The originally full meridians and Dantian were compressed and transformed in an instant.

And the connection between his Niwan Palace and the Yuanying villain is like opening a channel, making the sea of ​​spiritual consciousness and Yuanying merge into one.


 The sea of ​​consciousness seemed to be boiling, setting off a huge spiritual wave.

  Shen Ping knew that this was the opportunity for him to break through the realm of refining.

 He fixed the spiritual altar.

Strong willpower guides the huge waves and transforms the sea of ​​spiritual consciousness.

 Generally speaking.

A monk who breaks through the Golden Elixir, Nascent Soul, Divine Transformation, Void Refining and other levels will cause thunder tribulation, and if he can withstand the thunder tribulation, he will get the energy from the thunder tribulation to refine and improve his own mana and physique.

But the magical beast magic power of the beast spirit genius is different. It is the energy that seizes the creation of heaven and earth and will not cause thunder disaster when it breaks through.

 At this time.

As Shen Ping's spiritual sea of ​​consciousness was undergoing transformation, the energy of the strange beasts in his Dantian was also undergoing transformation. The dark golden power of the strange beasts was seen gathering together, first condensing into liquid form, and then compressing and rotating crazily.

I don’t know how many times I have experienced it, until it has completely absorbed, digested and squeezed out the last of the strange beast energy from the meridians in my body. This crazy rotating liquid power of the strange beast has returned to calmness. I can see that under its dark golden surface, there are traces of lines like lines. Like symbols are flashing.

As the power of the strange beast gradually stabilized, it suddenly released wisps of dark golden power with flashing symbols and began to travel through the meridians and circulate throughout the sky.

Everywhere it goes, it will quickly moisturize the meridians, bones, blood and skin.


Shen Ping's skin became whiter and jade-like, but his skeleton itself had already reached the primary level of God-Demon Body, and with this kind of nourishment, it was only slightly improved.

 But the toughness of the skin is greatly improved.

 Time passed little by little.

 The huge wave sweeping through his spiritual sea of ​​consciousness has come to an end.

 At this moment.

 Shen Ping suddenly opened his eyes.

The pupils shot out like lightning, leaving creases in the space for a long time before dissipating. His eyes fell on the suspended jade box. With a thought in his mind, the huge spiritual consciousness after transformation was directly condensed into a translucent form. The palm of his hand held the jade box.

 Refining the void.

 This is refining the void.

 Spirit can interfere with material space.

Although the spiritual consciousness of the transformed **** is also very oppressive and can easily make Nascent Soul unstable, but if you want to attack or defend, you have to practice some kind of spiritual means. But when it comes to refining the void, you don't need to practice this. You can focus your attack by other means.

And if the spirit is integrated into the mana, the power of the mana can be instantly increased.

 At this time.

Only then did Shen Ping realize how difficult it was for him to kill the Stone Tiger Demon. Whether it was the beast-shaped puppet, the high-level beast spirit treasure, or the defensive spirit treasure, they all had a certain suppression on the consciousness and spirit of ordinary monks. Otherwise, he would not have been able to kill it at all. It is impossible to kill Lianxu.

But now he has broken through Lianxu.

 The methods are naturally different.

 (End of this chapter)

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