Log in to the Heavens and Worlds from Naruto

Log in to the Heavens and Worlds from Naruto


159 Chapters Ongoing Status


Daily 4D update! !

When you wake up, the world changes!

In this era of spiritual revival, the myriad realms begin to descend!

And a small number of human beings have awakened the ability called logging into the world!

The worlds of Grim Reaper, Hokage, Pirates, etc. are waiting for human beings to explore endlessly.

However, Chu Nan found that the world here seems to be a little different from his impression.

“Let me tell you, Konoha Village’s copy ninja Kakashi is the most powerful, with thousands of ninjutsu, he dominates the ninja world!”

“Oh, Hatake’s 50-50!”

“School Misaka Mikoto from LV5 of Academy City Seven, the unparalleled Dengeki Princess of Tokiwamon Middle School!”

“Quack too crazy, tsundere sister!”

“When you log in to Pirates, remember that when you hold your thighs, you must rely on Bucky, the strongest clown in the Seven Martial Seas. He is the brother of the Four Emperors and the successor of One Piece…”


All in all, this is about a man who travels through the world of Zongman and incarnates as an omniscient and omnipotent god..


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