Live broadcast as a tour guide, fooling Reba into Tivat!

Live broadcast as a tour guide, fooling Reba into Tivat!


143 Chapters Ongoing Status


Lu Chen traveled across the Parallel Blue Star and became a poor little tour guide who started live broadcasts to make money.

But I didn’t expect to awaken the cross-border tour guide system, which can lead tourists to travel to Tivat continent!

He happened to meet Reba who was on vacation, so he didn’t hesitate to fool the benefactor and asked her to pay a sky-high travel fee to join the group.

Seeing this, netizens expressed that Reba, a silly girl, had been slaughtered and planned to call the police.

Tivat Continent, what the hell is this place?

They couldn’t find it on Feilu Encyclopedia!

However, when the beautiful and peculiar Twat Continent appeared in the live broadcast, everyone was shocked!

Liyue Port at night, Narujin Taisha shrouded in cherry blossoms, Qingyunding in the clouds, Wangshu Inn…

There are too many tourist holy places in the Tivat continent!

During the Liyue Port Sea Lantern Festival, the lights are brightly lit, and the moment countless sky lanterns float up, everyone is overwhelmed by the beauty!

Netizens kneel down and beg to join the group, and they will give as much as they want!

With the appearance of the indigenous people of the Tivada continent, they discovered that the beauty of this world is not only the scenery, but also the touching stories.


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