Let’s Divorce As Agreed

Chapter 267 - Chapter 267: Coming Clean

Chapter 267: Coming Clean

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Why did He Ming feel that what he said sounded wrong?

Sending a drunk woman to a hotel in the middle of the night? And being in the same room with her? Would anyone believe him?

Most importantly, would Xiaomeng believe him?

He Ming looked at Ye Xiaomeng nervously.

Ye Xiaomeng watched He Ming’s expression. He didn’t look like he was lying. Even if he did what he said, he didn’t need to tell her. After all, she didn’t see them with her own eyes.

“I called you last night and a woman answered.” Ye Xiaomeng decided to say it out loud, so she wouldn’t think wild thoughts.

“What? You called? Why didn’t I hear my phone ring? I put my phone on the table before I went into the bathroom to wash the vomit off my clothes. It was

only for a short while. Could you have called me then?”

How could there be such a coincidence? But that was how misunderstandings came about.

But what did she mean when she said a woman answered? Hu Shanshan was the only person there. Could she have answered Mengmeng’s call?

But there was no call record? Had it been deleted?

She also didn’t tell him that someone called.

Indeed, she had ulterior motives!

Now, even the not very smart He Ming knew what was going on…

Sigh, but He Ming didn’t think too much about it. He assumed that Hu Shanshan did it as a prank because she liked him. Girls nowadays liked doing things like that.

After all, he only saw Hu Shanshan as a sister.

“Is that really what happened?” Ye Xiaomeng snorted.

“I swear, but thinking back, it was not a good idea. I’m attached after all. I will not meddle in such matters in the future.” He Ming was sincere when admitting his mistake.

His heart ached when he saw the grievance on Ye Xiaomeng’s face.

He blinked gently at her with a smile and said softly, “I won’t do anything that will make you sad. I’ve been thoughtless. I won’t do it again.”

Perhaps it was because his words were too gentle, Ye Xiaomeng’s tears fell like beads from a broken necklace.

When He Ming saw this, he used his hands to gently wipe away her tears. The next moment, he held Xiaomeng’s waist and lowered his head to kiss her.

He pried open her perfect teeth, their tongues met, intertwining, and moving in a rhythmic and sensuous manner. He Ming was an expert kisser and he used action to show her what a “war of mouth and tongue” felt like in real life. The passionate kiss was gradually accompanied with He Ming’s groping. His hands slowly moved up to Xiaomeng’s breasts.

“Mmm…” Xiao Meng was shocked and embarrassed as she let out a soft moan. The room heated up and Ye Xiaomeng could smell the strong masculine scent that filled the air.

Her slightly opened mouth was now forcefully sealed.

Instinctively, she wanted to resist but He Ming didn’t give her any chance. He went straight in, pried open her teeth and swallowed everything she had.

Why was she so turned on? She felt a little unfamiliar with herself as she got lost.

Just as she was about to suffocate, he suddenly broke the kiss and carried her to the bed. His kisses then landed on her collarbone as he took off their clothes with anxious hands and covered her with his entire body.

Their bodies were tightly pressed together, and the heat continued to flow as he desperately wanted her.

Ye Xiaomeng was stunned by the scene. How did things come to this? She suddenly felt shy.. This was their second time, but weren’t things moving too quickly?

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