It was like a natural disaster, and even the ninjas in charge of Konoha and Iwain guarding the border could see the mushroom cloud rising from the sky.

“Quick, send a message to the village!! Come two people and come with me to see how things go! ”

Konoha and Iwain quickly sent people to reply to the village.

With such a big attack, who knows how strong the enemy Caoyin Village has been, and even, whether Caoyin Village still exists or not, it is not a lot to say.

With the worst intentions, Konoha and Iwahide who rushed over in time, stayed in the distance, looked at the huge pit, and fell silent.

And what about a big village!?

What about so many people!?

Was this smashed by a meteorite!?

God knows, Konoha ninjas and Iwain’s ninjas, across such a big pit, can actually not see each other!

They were terrified, and after a glance from afar, they immediately left.

Originally, the location of Caoyin Village had been completely erased from the map at this time, and if I checked it, I couldn’t find anyone alive.

Since this was the case, Konoha and Iwain went directly back.

They don’t believe it’s man-made, as there are no traces of ninjutsu at all.

In other words, the ninja world at this time, even the shadows of the five major villages, could not cause such damage.

Or only the tailed beast jade of the tailed beast is possible.

Therefore, they had to pass back what they saw as quickly as possible, and then leave it to the village to decide whether to investigate it carefully.

The ninjas they guard the border don’t have that ability.

A moment later, two black figures fell from the sky.

“This… This…”

Xiao Nan looked at the scene in front of him and was speechless.

Payne was also silent.

“Nagato, is this made of ninjutsu?”

Because the country of grass borders the country of rain, and their land area is not large, when an explosion occurs here, even Nagato, who is in the country of rain, felt the violent vibration.

Out of curiosity, he and Xiaonan’s paper doppelganger came to check it out.

Unexpectedly, I saw a huge deep pit.

According to memory, this should be where Caoyin Village is located.

“It’s hard to say, I didn’t find Chakra’s fluctuations.”

Nagato’s expression was solemn, and his reincarnation eyes scanned the circle, but he found nothing.

“Is that caused by a natural disaster, or did a meteorite fall?”

“But what about meteorites?”


Xiao Nan stopped talking.

She would rather believe it was a natural disaster than someone ruining it with ninjutsu.

After all, how powerful should someone be to be able to cause such a lot of damage? How powerful should ninjutsu be?

It can’t be the same as Nagato, there is also the eye of reincarnation.

“Nagato… If it’s you? ”

“It can also be done like this.”

Nagato said that it is not difficult to destroy a village, but this consumption of Chakra is estimated to cost him another few years.

“That’s amazing.”

Absolute silently appeared next to Payne and Xiao Nan and exclaimed.

This sight made him feel like he had returned to the Sengoku period, when he saw Senju Pillar and Madara fighting again.

Both of them have the power to change the map.

But since them, only the tailed beasts have remained of this kind of people.

“Absolutely, have you found anything.”

“No, Bai Jue’s doppelganger was not found.”

Jue shook his head and said.

Although his white doppelganger is everywhere, unfortunately, the country of grass does not have the information he cares about, so every time he comes here, he only passes through.

Therefore, such a sudden and drastic change, he did not get relevant news.

“Check it to see if it’s man-made or a natural disaster.”


Even if Nagato doesn’t say it, he must check it carefully.

In the event that someone is causing it, it is absolutely necessary to know who the other person is.

Otherwise, there is such a powerful guy hiding in the shadows, which may affect his plans at any time.


Regarding the sensation caused by Kusanagi Village, Naruto did not care.

He took the fragrant phosphorus and found it again and did not cut it again.

No longer look at the fragrant phosphorus in silence.

Another child.

What did this guy Sun take him for?


“This is the last one, guaranteed.” (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Naruto, who had already used the transformation technique and turned into Sun, said seriously.

“Are you sure it’s the last one?”

“One hundred percent sure.”

“It’s best that way.”

He doesn’t say that although he is very idle and doesn’t mind taking children, you can’t send it to him all the time.

After receiving Naruto’s assurance, he could only sigh helplessly if he didn’t cut it.

It’s not good to be human.

“Xiangphos, because my identity is relatively special, I can’t always take you, so I can only hand you over to Zaibu Chopper, he will become your teacher for the time being, and teach you skills and ninjutsu like Shiro and Junmaru.”

“I’ll take the time to see you.”

“Also, don’t expose your abilities, no one should tell them, you know?”

“I, got it…”

When Kakoto heard that Naruto was leaving, his eyes turned red.

Although Naruto explained it clearly to her on the way here, Kakamito was still afraid of being abandoned.

If it weren’t for Naruto tying her a red rope called a thread, Kakari would be able to contact Naruto at any time, and Kakari wouldn’t know how long she would have to cry.

“Shiro, Junmaru, come here.”

The two little ones came over very obediently.

“The three of you will be companions in the future, and I hope that you will be able to get along and take care of each other in the future, and in a few years, when you are a little older, I will come back.” Be obedient, okay? ”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Sun! I will take good care of Fragrant Phosphorus! ”

Shiro, as the first child to follow Naruto, can’t help but shoulder the responsibility of taking care of Junmaro and Kakashi, and he wants to reassure Mr. Sun!


Junmaru nodded very coldly.

“By the way, Junmaru, I’ll treat you.”

“It can’t be cured.”

Junmaru knew that he was sick, especially after using the corpse bone vein, and the condition would be more serious.

That is, because he is still young, his condition is not yet serious enough to die, but it will be difficult to say in a few years.

“Try it again.”

Naruto raised his hand and pressed it on Junmaru’s chest, activating the skill [Double Heaven Return Shield] that he had just acquired.

[Successful anti-routine, gain skill double heaven return shield.]

(Prosthetics, rejecting all ill effects “inside the shield.”) When used, the barrier is opened, and the object to be protected is enclosed in it, and the protected object on the inside of the shield will be denied everything that happens, and the effect intended by the healer will be restored. This skill can be said to be the realm of violating the gods). 】

As Naruto’s skill was activated, Junmaro, who was inside the barrier, was shocked to find that his body was recovering rapidly! (Zhao)

He could clearly feel that his condition had weakened, as if it had never happened!

“Mr. Sun! I’m good!! ”


Naruto was a little surprised, this ability worked so well? Even blood disease can be treated?

The excited Junmaru nodded again and again, directly activated the corpse bone vein, and felt it carefully.


“It’s like… Not completely cured? ”

Junmaru’s brows furrowed, and the joy he had just had just disappeared again.

“It’s okay, I’ll treat you again after a while, so for your body, don’t use your blood succession limit lightly, practice your physical skills well, do you hear?”

“I know, Mr. Sun!”

“Well, Xiangphos, you follow them well, and if you have something, contact me with a thread.”

“Yes, min… Mr. Sun. ”

Xiangphos almost blurted out.

Naruto smiled and left after saying a few words to Zaibu again.

Konoha, Naruto’s home.

“Finally back~”

… Negative….

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