Yunyin is located northeast of the Land of Fire.

There are two countries separated from the Land of Fire, one is the Land of the Moon and the other is the Land of Soup.

Among them, the country of the moon has almost no sense of existence, and it is completely a vassal of the country of thunder.

Yun Shinobu traveled all the way through the Land of the Moon and came to the Land of Soup.

The country of Tang is weak, and it does not dare to stop it in the face of Yunyin’s army.

Open one eye, close one eye, and when they don’t see it, let them cross through the borders and reach the border between the Land of Yu and the Land of Fire.

Konoha’s reaction was just as swift.

Almost at about the same time as Yunyin, he arrived at the border of the Fire Nation.

The two sides are located less than 50 kilometres apart.

Yunyin Camp!

“Konoha is really interesting!! Unexpectedly, let Hyuga Hiashi be the commander, and also use the Hyuga clan as the main force, only adding a thousand troops!

Tell me, what the hell does this little devil of Moonlight Ryoma want to do?

Could it be that he wanted to shame the Hyuga clan before the snow? Ai said, laughing first.

“I’m afraid he really thinks so!!” Tsuchidai said with a serious face.

“Hahaha, really confident, Moonlight Ryoma is not afraid to play badly, leaving the entire Hyuga family here completely??

We Yunyin are not muddy! Although we put on such a big posture, just for pretentiousness, if the situation allows, we may not be able to fake the real thing and directly eat the Hyuga family. Ai laughed.

“As far as I know, Hyuga Ryoma, the daughter of the three elders of the Hyuga clan of the Moonlight Ryoma, is a childhood sweetheart!

Moonlight Ryoma won’t let the Hyuga clan really fall into crisis.

If the Hyuga clan really can’t resist!!

I’m afraid he’ll play in person!!

After all, according to intelligence, the moonlight dragon horse will be a space-class ninjutsu, and it cannot be ruled out that he is also good at flying thunder god art! “Tsuchidai.

“Space Ninjutsu! Flying Thunder God Technique!! The heritage of Konoha is really deep, all kinds of geniuses emerge endlessly, there used to be a wave feng shui gate, and now there is a moonlight dragon horse.

How much God loves Konoha!! Ai sighed.

Then, slap the table.

“I don’t care if he Moonlight Ryoma will participate in this war! Since the Hyuga clan had already walked in front of us, there was no reason why we wouldn’t bite them.

Guys, when the war starts, try to catch me a few more turtle sons of the Hyuga clan and come back, I will be rewarded!! ”


Inside the big tent, all the upper Shinobi responded in unison.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Konoha’s station tent!

“Three years ago, Konoha signed a contract with Yunyin, which was originally a good thing, but something happened during this period.

Yunyin sneaked into my Hinata’s house and snatched my daughter Hinata, when, in a fit of rage, I killed several Yunyin with heavy hands!

This matter was originally wrong with Yunyin, but as a result, they bit my Hinata family back!

In this regard, my Hyuga family paid a heavy price to appease Yunyin.

Make Konoha and Yunyin successfully sign a peace contract!!

At that time, the village was indeed powerless to fight again, and we understood Konoha’s difficulties, so my Hyuga family chose to sacrifice the ego for the righteousness of Konoha, and it was also considered to be a contribution to peace!!

However, Yunyin, this group of jackals, has only signed a peace agreement with us Konoha for only three years!

Now, seeing the civil strife in our Konoha, I feel that there is an opportunity, so I directly tore up this peace agreement.

In this way, the sacrifice of my Hyuga family seems completely meaningless.

It’s tolerable, it’s unbearable!

Since they want to go to war.

Then we in Konoha naturally have to accompany us to the end.

Exactly, count our old and new accounts together!! Hiashi said through gritted teeth at the group of Shinobi inside the large tent.

“Elder Hinata! Yunyin is indeed too hateful!! ”

“In this battle, we not only have to fight for Konoha, but also shame on the Hyuga clan!!”

“Elder Hiashi, you say, this battle, how to fight, we will listen to you!!”

“Thank you very much for your support! Since we want to be beaten, we naturally cannot be beaten.

Offense is the best defense.

Therefore, I decided to take the initiative to attack the Yunyin army!

The time is set for three hours later!

Everyone, go back and tell your companions to take advantage of this time to recharge your strength. Hiashi said quietly.

“Hi !!!”

Three hours later.

“Kill ——!”

Konoha’s army took the lead in charging towards the Yunyin camp.


Ah Li stands frozen in the void.

Dozens of thunder arrows were shot in a row.

These sharp arrows shot into the Yunyin camp like streamers.

One by one, Yunyin, whether it is lower forbearance, middle patience, or even upper patience, once hit, the whole person is instantly shot into pieces.

Yunyin’s army was caught off guard, and at this time, there was panic in the camp.

“What’s going on??” Inside the big tent, Ai, who was discussing the battle plan with several high-ranking officials, heard the noise from outside and roared angrily.

“Report!! Four generations of adults, the big thing is not good, Konoha has already launched an attack on us, and it has already hit the outside of the camp!! “A cloud is coming quickly.

“What about Nah?” Whether it was Ai, or the Yunyin high-level in the big tent, they were all taken aback.

None of them thought of it.

Konoha’s boldness was so big, they hadn’t even started to make a move.

Konoha made a move on them first.

Similarly, they didn’t expect that Konoha’s speed would be so fast, directly hitting the gate of their camp.

“Are the spies we sent out to monitor the movements of Konoha’s army all eating white rice? People all hit the door only to find out ?? Ai said angrily.

He was both angry at Konoha for taking the initiative and angry at the incompetence of his own people.

“Four generations of adults, it’s not that our army spies don’t work hard, it’s really that the other party is too strong and cheating.

Shidai-sama, as you know, the main force on Konoha’s side is the Hyuga family.

Their white eyes can see everything a few kilometers away, and our spies can’t escape their sight, no matter how well they hide it!

Moreover, the Hyuga family also has a bow and arrow squad, and our spies were shot by them before they could escape!! The Yunyin ninja said helplessly.

The Hyuga family’s bow and arrow team was built with huge funds when they saw Ah Li using bows and arrows, which were quite powerful.

However, their bows were far inferior to Ah Li’s Sunset.

“Hinata again!!” Ai heard the name, and for a while, the killing intent became a little stronger.

In the past few decades, they have had many explanations with Konoha.

They couldn’t count the hardships they had suffered on Hinata.

This is also the reason why they Yunyin are attracted to the white eyes.


It’s Hinata and this bunch of guys coming to them again.

For a time, new hatred and old grudges surged in Ai’s heart!!

“Go, follow me to meet Hinata these bastards!!”

Saying that, Ai Yima walked out of the big tent first, and the other high-level officials followed!

(Ask for monthly passes, ask for flowers, ask for evaluations, ask for everything!!!! ?).

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