Everyone was still immersed in that glorious time.

A gentle but domineering voice spread throughout the battlefield.

Everyone couldn’t help but raise their heads and look towards the sky!

Because, the sound comes from the sky.

From time to time, everyone saw a volley figure, he was wearing a white slender trench coat, half-length broken hair, and his appearance was upright and handsome.

It’s just that the face is slightly immature, and there is nothing majestic to look at.

“What a thing you are! Dare to meddle in our battles too! Shimura Daizo recognized Ryoma, but he didn’t give Ryoma face at all, and shouted very arrogantly.


A bucket of thick lightning instantly fell.

Directly devours Shimura Daizo.

A few seconds later.

The thunder and lightning dispersed.

Shimura Daizo has turned into a scorched corpse!!

“Uncle Daizang!!” Takuya Shimura’s legs went limp, he knelt on the ground, and cried out sadly.

“As I said, this war is over! If you don’t give me face, then I will be your opponent! ”

Shimura Daizo’s charred corpse was in front of him.

For a while, many people were shocked.

Of course, there are still people who are not convinced, even extremely angry.

For example, Sarutaro.

With Konoha’s forces, it is not difficult to completely defeat Uchiha.

Just give him a little more time and he can lead Konoha’s ninja to level Uchiha.

But, at this time.

Kill Moonlight Ryoma,

It was unforgivable that he wanted to stop them from destroying Uchiha.

“Moonlight Ryoma, you’re going too far! What’s wrong with Daizo, you actually killed him, do you still have to turn yourself into a ninja of Konoha, do you have eyes, and do you have it

Sarutaro scolded Ryoma angrily.


A thunderbolt the size of a wheel struck.

The speed is so fast that it does not give people a chance to react.

In an instant, Sarutaro and the place where he stood were directly erased. 150 leaves only a huge deep pit of tens of meters.

“Who else!”

The moment Ryoma’s voice fell.


The thunder rang again.

Countless lightning bolts exploded behind him.

It’s like a spider’s web.

It spread wildly towards the entire sky.

This scene.

It’s so explosive, it’s so cool.

Like the mythical god of thunder.

The world sees it in the eyes.

I was both terrified of him and couldn’t help but admire!

At the same time, everyone was completely shocked by Ryoma’s ruthless means.

You know, Shimura Daizo and Sarutaro are not ordinary ninjas.

In particular, Sarutaro is also the leader of this ninja army in front of him.

He was in full view.

It was bombarded by a thunder so that there was no slag left.

For a while, even if some people felt that Ryoma was too ruthless and ruthless, no one dared to stand up and question him and brush his face.

“Very good, thank you all for giving me this face.

Over here.

I have one more proposal.

I hope that both sides will stop fighting immediately and each side will retreat!

Then send a few representatives, under my witness, to talk about the demands of both sides.

Reconciliation through negotiation! ”

“I’m done talking, whoever is for and who is against!!”

Ryoma’s gaze swept across everyone’s faces.

“I approve!”

Xi Yan shouted immediately.

Then he didn’t care about the water and weasel, and flew directly to Ryoma.

Lu Jiu and the others looked at this scene and laughed bitterly helplessly.

Their strongest power against Uchiha is not playing with them anymore.

They just have other opinions and dare not speak out anymore.

“I’m in favor of it too!!” Hinata Hiashi also said quickly.

Ryoma is the son-in-law of his Hyuga clan.

Of course, they have to be consistent with Ryoma’s opinion.

“In that case, let’s talk!!” Shikaku sighed.

Lujiu opened his mouth to equal the pig deer butterfly agreed.

Seeing this, the remaining few people had no reason to object, and they all agreed one after another.

“In that case, let’s negotiate!!”

After the ferret and the water stop looked at each other, they spoke.

The big guys on both sides have already made their decisions.

For others, it already matters whether there is an opinion or not.

Subsequently, Ryoma divided the Chu River Han boundary between the two sides.

Let the Uchiha clan retreat near the clan land, while Konoha’s ninja retreat three hundred meters away.

In the middle, leave a vacant lot for negotiations.

At this time, Yamato, who was good at wooden dun, was pulled out and made tables and chairs for negotiation.

After the tables and chairs were made out.

Ryoma sat down on the throne without hesitation.

Xi Yan stood behind him.

On this side of Konoha, it is represented by seven people: Hiashi, Shikaku, Haichi, Dingza, Kakashi, Kai, and Shiwei.

Uchiha’s side is represented by five people: Shisui, Itachi, Tetsuki, Yatsushiro, and Inahuo! (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

“Since it is a negotiation, why didn’t the noble patriarch Uchiha Fugaku come forward!” Hiashi questioned.

“My father is dead!” The weasel said expressionlessly.

“Hahaha, it’s really a wicked person with evil retribution, I said why didn’t I see him before, it turned out to be dead!” Hiashi laughed.

Lu Jiu and the others were also stunned when they heard the weasel’s words.

Before, Shikaku had not seen Fugaku, he was still engaged in some conspiracy for Fugaku, and what means Uchiha was hiding that he had not used.

As a result, he was already dead in battle.

In an instant, Shikaku thought that Fugaku was most likely dead at the hands of the third generation.

“If you don’t want to die, you’d better shut up for me!” Itachi glared at Hiashi and said coldly.

“You do it!!” Hiashi heard Itachi’s threat and snorted disapprovingly.

He sat right next to Ryoma.

Will he be afraid of the threat of the ferrets?

“Okay! The quarrel ends here, negotiations begin, and Konoha’s side will first talk about their demands! Ryoma glanced at the two and said.

“First of all, the death of the three generations and high-level, Uchiha must give us all an explanation!” As soon as Shikaku came up, he poked the key point of the Uchiha clan!

“This is a war, the war is either you die or I die, Uchiha is not wrong, we don’t need to give you any explanations in this regard!” Stopped water cooling channel (CIBI).

“No, this is not just a war, but also a rebellion, you Uchiha committed the following crimes, and the killing was the shadow and other high-ranking people in the village.

You Uchiha are guilty.

If you Uchiha don’t give us all an explanation,

We can’t reconcile with a sinner!! Lu Jiu said in a deep voice.

“Shikahisa-senpai is right, Uchiha killing Hokage and the other high-ranking people is a mortal crime, and Uchiha must give an explanation to everyone in the village!!!

In this way, after the negotiation, I will personally imprison Uchiha and Uchiha Weasel! Ryoma said in a deep voice.

“Not convinced, we Uchiha are not convinced, Moonlight Ryoma, you are notary, you are the host, you should maintain a neutral attitude, and not completely side with Konoha!!” Uchiha Iron Fire heard Ryoma’s words and immediately stood up to object.

Inaba and Yatsushiro also looked at Ryoma with indignation.

“Not convinced??” Ryoma glanced at a few people and said coldly.

“Give me !!! endure”

“Stop the water, Itachi, you two are talking, Moonlight Ryoma, this is not a negotiation at all, he and Konoha’s group are completely in the same group!!” They are bullying us Uchiha in partnership!

We must not swallow this breath!! Uchiha Iron Fire encouraged the water stop and Itachi.

The two of them did not ride the Sensei Uchiha Iron Fire.

Just quietly watching Ryoma.

“This world belongs to the world of the strong, if you want to condemn us, you can, as long as you can defeat us, we will be at your disposal!” The weasel said in a deep voice.

“Good! After the negotiation, I will play with you!! Ryoma did not refute, nodded directly and said.

“Konoha’s side, continue to elaborate your demands!!”

Shikakumi Ryoma seems to be fair, but in fact it is biased towards their side.

For a while, it was a lot bolder.

“We also want Uchiha to compensate for all the losses of this war!” Shikakudo.

“What Uchiha said!” Ryoma tapped his fingers on the table and looked at several people from Uchiha and asked.

“In this war, we Uchiha also suffered heavy losses, no losses!!” The anger in Uchiha’s stomach did not give them a good face at all, and said angrily.

“This war was provoked by you Uchiha, and you, as the guilty party, must compensate!” Lu Jiu said solemnly.

“It’s so decided, senior Shikahisa, after the war is over, after the losses are counted, I will ask Uchiha for compensation, if they are not willing, then you will come to me, I will personally come to the door to ask for it, if Uchiha can’t afford it, then copy their shop and copy their industry to replenish it.”

If this is not clear, then let them pay it back slowly, the days are still long, ten years, a hundred years, one day it will be repaid,” Ryoma said.

“Moonlight Ryoma, don’t fool people too much!!” The three of Uchiha Iron Fire directly exploded!

They have never seen such a bully.

“Okay, don’t make trouble, all this is ultimately decided by strength, as long as we win him, all of this will be nullified!” Waterstops.

“You’re pretty confident.” Ryoma glanced at Shuishui and smiled.

“Konoha side, go ahead!!”

Lu Jiu looked at the few people around him and spoke, “Do you guys have anything else to add??” ”

Kakashi and the others shook their heads.

Not to mention that they are not proficient in such things as negotiation, just Lu Jiu’s two items, in their opinion, are enough!

“These are the only ones we want!”

“Okay!! That being the case, the negotiations are officially over!! Ryoma said very crisply.

The people on Uchiha’s side were completely dumbfounded!!

“Wait, Konoha’s side has already said the appeal, shouldn’t it be our turn Uchiha next??

Why don’t you listen to our Uchiha appeals?? Uchiha Yatsushiro stood up angrily and shouted as he looked at Ryoma.

“If you didn’t let Uchiha exterminate the clan, you should have snickered, what more demands!!” Ryoma looked at Uchiha Yatsushiro with cold eyes.

Seeing Uchiha Yatsushiro’s scalp tingled.

“Okay, the negotiations are over! You all step aside, I’ll accompany Uchiha and these two Crouching Dragon Phoenix chicks to play!! ”

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