“Ninjas of Konoha, I’m coming! The evil Uchiha cannot defeat justice after all!

Next, I, Sarutaro, will lead you to win this war!

The ninjas of Konoha.

Please follow me and follow me through Uchiha.”

Sarutaro held the determination to sink the cauldron and launched a charge.

He roared as he led the group of elites that Kakashi had brought back and rushed towards the range where Uchiha’s army was.

As the manager, he personally ended the game, which instantly boosted the morale of the ninjas on Konoha’s side.

One by one, the ninjas began to howl and launch a counterattack towards Uchiha’s ninjas.


“Kill Mitsuki Uchiha!!”

“Evil Uchiha, give me death!!”

With the addition of Sarutaro, Konoha’s great counterattack was very effective.

In just a moment, he cornered Uchiha’s ninja.

No way, there are too many ninjas in Konoha.

At least five times more than Uchiha.

Even if Uchiha’s ninja is tough, he is difficult to fight with two fists and four hands.

Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Shisui, who were confronting Xiyan, also discovered the battle situation on the other side.

Just want to return the favor.

Kakashi and the other seven warriors decisively blocked his way.

“Super Multiplication Technique!!” Ding Zuo instantly turned into a giant tens of meters tall.

Towards the yellow Chakra giant after the fusion of weasel and water stop, he quickly punched out.

This punch came quickly, fiercely, and suddenly.

The attention of the ferret and Shisui was completely out of their attention at that time.

As a result, Sheng Sheng was punched.

The yellow Susa giant shook violently.

Almost fell down.

Although the two stabilized Susa in time, they were still a little confused.

None of them thought of it.

In addition to Yuyan, there was even a ninja who could shake the fusion of the two of them.

This punch alone is enough for Ding Za to blow for a lifetime.

“Xiyan Shangren, we are here to assist you! This battle is about Konoha’s future.

We cannot afford to lose, nor can we afford to lose.

So, I want to ask you, no matter what, to help us stop the two of them, and definitely not let them come back to Uchiha’s aid! Lu Jiu said sincerely to Xi Yan floating on the void.

“yes, I see! I’ll stop them!! After hearing Lu Jiu’s words, Xi Yan nodded solemnly.

“Kamikaze slashes and shattered !!!”

With Xi Yan swinging a knife.

I saw a thin and long, slash like a silk thread burst out.

This silk-like slash looks far less gorgeous and majestic than other slashes, but it is more dangerous and terrifying.

It is compressed by an immeasurable amount of wind into the size of a line.

It’s almost like sword qi is silky.

It flew all the way.

The void all streaked through a ripple.

It’s as if it’s been cut.

Just because the cut marks are too small.

After it streaked through, the void was repaired back in an instant.

The two of Weasel and Shuishui looked at this blow, and their faces instantly became solemn to the extreme.

They had no choice but to use the eight mirrors in their hands to resist.

Sonorous ————!

The silky chopping wave crashed into the weasel’s eight mirrors.

Instantly, there was a sharp metallic crash.

Then, there was a click.

After the two fused, a crack appeared on the Eight Mirrors whose power was at least three times stronger.

The faces of the two people of Weasel and Shuishui changed drastically.

“Itachi, you can’t carry it hard, hurry up and get rid of it’.”

“Understood!!” The weasel replied, maintaining Chakra’s input to the Eight Mirrors while taking half a step back and tilting the Eight Mirrors in his hand to the right.

The silk thread chopping wave that split on the Yasa mirror instantly slid away and flew past the yellow Susa side.

Cut straight to the ground.

Finally, a thin crack thousands of meters long was ploughed into the ground.

Fortunately, Uchiha’s family was placed at the outermost part of the village.

The direction in which the silk thread chopping wave flew was not in the direction where the inhabitants were.

Otherwise, I don’t know how many people would have died under this blow.

After Weasel successfully defused this move, he still felt a pang of palpitations.

You know, the Hachi Mirror itself has the effect of rebounding all ninjutsu, and as a result, Itachi was forced to need manual operation to resolve this crisis.

It can be imagined how much threat Xi Yan’s knife poses to them.

In this way, Itachi and Shisui were entangled by Xiyan plus seven warriors.

The Uchiha clan could not get help and began to retreat.

“Iron fire, it can’t go on like this! Konoha’s morale is still high, their emotions are a little excited, it’s time to cool them down!! Uchiha Yatsushiro, who was not far from the Uchiha Iron Fire, said to him.

“That’s right,” Uchiha nodded when he heard this.

Then he pulled out a scroll from his pocket.

The same is true of the eight generations on the other side.

After the two looked at each other.

At the same time, unlock the seal of the scroll.


After the white smoke.

Two heads appear on the scrolls of the two.

“Ninja opposite, see what this is?? This is the head of the ape flying sun! Picked it up for me!! Uchiha Iron Fire roared in the loudest voice, and then threw the head in his hand towards the group of Konoha ninjas tens of meters away!

“This is Shimura Danzo’s head, and you guys have picked it up too!” Uchiha Yatsushiro roared and threw the head on his hand!!

The ninja of Konoha looked at the two heads thrown in the air.

If struck by lightning.

My mind went blank.

There was no reaction for a long time. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

With two heads landing on the ground.

The surrounding ninja gradually recognized that this was really the head queen of the third generation.

Thoroughly fryer!!

“Three generations of adults are dead!!!”

This news instantly spread throughout the battlefield.

All Konoha ninjas were completely stunned.

“How so, isn’t the third generation of adults the strongest Hokage? How could he have been killed? ”

“Fake, this is fake, the third generation of adults is the strongest Hokage, how can he be killed!!”

Over the past few decades, the three generations have been deliberately downplaying the influence of the first and second generations on Konoha.

While constantly strengthening his influence on Konoha.

Even at the expense of deifying yourself.

Boasting is the strongest Hokage in Konoha’s history.

Many ninjas in Konoha naively believed his nonsense.

I also feel that he is an invincible existence.

As long as he is there, Konoha will never be fine.

Now, his head has been thrown out by the Uchiha clan.

That strong contrast.

Crazy impact on the spiritual will of those Konoha ninjas.

In that instant.

Their faith was shattered.

Their fighting spirit was extinguished.

One by one, the face is like dead ash.

I have no idea what the point of fighting this war is for myself.

“Everyone told me that the three generations of adults did die, and he was killed by Uchiha’s group of beasts.

Uchiha not only killed three generations of adults, but also Danzo-sama.

They also slaughtered the Sarutobi family, the Shimura family, the dormitory family, the Mitomon family!

Thousands died under Uchiha’s butcher’s knife.

In addition to ninjas, there are a large number of ordinary people, as well as a large number of women and children.

However, such a group of harmless people have all been brutally killed by the Uchiha clan, and you can imagine how evil their Uchiha clan is.

Today, we have no three generations to rely on, but we can only rely on ourselves to protect our home.

Think of our parents, think of our children, think of our wives, think of our brotherly partners.

If we don’t rebel against Uchiha now.

In the future, everything we have will be destroyed by Uchiha!!

So, here, I would like to appeal to all of Konoha’s companions, for the sake of our families, for the sake of our future, continue to attack! Sarutaro roared hysterically.

Every word, every word, carries strong feelings.

When the ninjas of Konoha heard this, their spirits were greatly shaken, and they all regained their fighting spirit.

Gritting his teeth, he glared at the Uchiha ninja on the opposite side (Zhao’s).

“Sarutobi-sama is right, we can’t lose our fighting spirit because of the death of three generations of adults, let alone personally hand over the fate of our family to the Uchiha clan.

Guys, kill me!! Kill this group of evil Uchiha!! ”

Those people of the Uchiha clan were completely dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

Originally, they wanted to use the heads of the three generations and Danzo to break the fighting spirit of the Konoha ninjas, but as a result, they were even crazier.

“There is no way, clansmen, behind is our clan land, absolutely can’t let Konoha’s ninja step into half a step!!

Kill me!!! ”

When the ninja of the Uchiha clan heard this, they were also stimulated.

The battle between the two sides has completely entered a crazy phase.


Just when both sides are falling into madness.

The sky suddenly exploded with a huge thunderclap.

Everyone was shocked by this thunder.

Ears buzzing.

Mind goes blank!

“This war, this should be over!”

“I hope everyone will give me a face, so let’s stop here!”

“If anyone feels that they haven’t fought enough, then I’ll be your opponent!”

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