The big war is on the verge.

The four of Ryoma were still leisurely eating barbecued meat.

“Here, try this piece of snowflake beef!” Ryoma places a roasted beef on a bowl from Izumi.

Ah Li watched, but did not say anything.

He even took a piece of roasted lamb and put it in Izumi’s bowl.

“Quan, come and taste this lamb too!!”


Izumi glanced at Ryoma and Ari.

A pang of relief in my heart.

With them there, no matter what big things happen next, she is not alone in her face.

It’s nice to have a partner!!

At this time, in Izumi’s heart, Ryoma and Ah Li these partners obviously made her closer and more trusted than those clansmen of the Uchiha family.

“Ryoma, if Uchiha really goes to war with the village, you help me rescue my mother first!!” Izumi said to Ryoma.

In the whole Uchiha, there are not many people who really make Izumi call.

But, her mother, her only relative, she will not let it go, let alone leave it in a dangerous place no matter what.

“Good!!” Ryoma nodded and said.


A ninja dressed in the dark part appeared in the private room of the four.

“You are” The movement on the red hand paused slightly.

She also thought that the dark ninja had come to find her.

As a result, the dark ninja didn’t look at her, and stared directly at Ryoma and said, “Moonlight Ryoma, the three generations have something to find you, please come with me!” ”

Red goes to the mission hall when handing over the task.

Three generations already knew that Ryoma was back.

This is also the reason why Hong can still come out to eat with the three of Ryoma after handing over the task.

If it weren’t for the third generation, he heard Hong say that when she finished the task, she would have to eat with Ryoma, and he also wanted people to follow Red to find Ryoma, maybe by the time she handed over the task, she would have been arranged into the battle sequence!

“Three 25 generations looking for me??” Ryoma smiled playfully.

Uchiha suddenly tore his face with the village.

Hit the ape flying sun and chop a surprise.

At this time, Uchiha’s high-end combat power is obviously higher than that of the village.

Sarutobi Hinata is sick and rushes to the hospital, and wants to win him over to deal with Uchiha!!

Ryoma thought of a lot in an instant.

However, he did not refuse the invitation of the ape flying sun.

“In that case, then I’ll go with you!!” Ryoma said.

“I’ll go with you!” Red said.

“Teacher Hong, don’t go, stay here and continue to eat your meal!” Ryoma said to Red.

It was in the eyes of the dark ninja.

Ryoma had already stood up and followed him to the Hokage Tower to meet the three generations.


“What’s going on?” Hong, Ah Li, and Quan looked at this scene, and their eyes couldn’t help but widen.

In their eyes.

Ryoma never stood up.

How did that dark ninja suddenly go straight away.

“I hypnotized him with illusions, and in his eyes, I have gone out with him!” Ryoma said.

“You don’t have to play around like that! When he goes back, he will definitely be punished by the three generations! Red said.

“It’s not even about playing him, I’ll send an avatar to follow him!” Ryoma said with a faint smile.

“You’re too perfunctory!” Red was speechless.

“You should know how strong my divine power is, my avatar is equivalent to me, if nothing else, even if I fight for three generations, I only need one hand!!” Ryoma laughed.

“Forget it, I’m too lazy to care about you!” Red and white glanced at Ryoma.

“You can’t control me at all!” Ryoma retorted with a smile.

“Hey, hey, you’re the soul of the first class, you just say it! That’s it! Red was speechless.

Outside the rotisserie.

At that moment when the dark part walked out of the store.

A fresh breeze roared and turned into the appearance of Ryoma.

With that dark ninja gone!

Hokage Building!

Hokage Office!

“Three generations of adults, and all the elders, how are you!”

Ryoma walked into the Hokage office with a gentle attitude.

“Ryoma-kun, you’re here!!” When the three generations saw Ryoma, they immediately changed into a kind look.

Although his heart can’t wait to kill Ryoma directly.

However, for the sake of Ryoma’s usefulness to him now, the three generations greeted Ryoma with a smile without any burden.

“I don’t know what happened to the three generations of adults, looking for me??” Ryoma did not directly turn his face with the three generations, and asked with a smile like bathing in a spring breeze.

“In that case, then I’ll be honest with you Ryoma.

Uchiha has already torn his face with the village!

They will stage a coup d’état at any moment.

Right now

Ryoma, we need your power! Sandai said with a solemn face.

“Ryoma, Konoha is a home we all share!

As soon as Uchiha staged a coup d’état, the entire village would be plunged into turmoil.

You, as a person of Konoha, also have a responsibility to protect this land.

I hope that Ryoma will shoulder this burden and make the dedication you deserve for the safety of Konoha! ”

“That’s interesting!!” Ryoma couldn’t help but laugh when he heard the words of the three generations.

“First, send Uchiha to stop water and Uchiha to assassinate me! In addition to the failure of these two, you asked me to deal with Uchiha!!

This hand, you have a lot of fun.

Ape flying sun, do you think I should agree?? ”

Ryoma’s words.

It hit their minds like a thunderbolt on a sunny day.

The faces of everyone in the Hokage Office changed drastically.

“Moonlight Ryoma, you are presumptuous!!” Turning to bed, Koharu directly shot the case.

She was weak, and she wanted to cover up her weakness in this way.

The third generation quickly explained to Ryoma: “Ryoma, are you misunderstanding us!!” (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

We don’t know these things about what you’re talking about.

Besides, well, why are we assassinating you!

All this must be the conspiracy of the Uchiha family.

All they did was to blame me for this!

And then divide us! ”

“Damn, it seems that the Uchiha clan has long had the idea of a coup!

Moreover, it is quietly acting.

However, we didn’t find out at all!

Alas, I blame it for credulously believing in Uchiha Shui and Uchiha Itachi, which brewed such a major mistake. ”

“However, with Ryoma’s ingenuity, I believe you must have seen a flaw in it.”

“Otherwise, how can it be explained, they just finished assassinating you, and they immediately tore their faces with the village and fell out!!”

Three generations with a remorseful face.

It’s like it’s real.

If Ryoma didn’t know what all this was about, he would probably have believed him.


Ryoma applauded and said with a smile: “It is worthy of the third generation of Hokage!” It’s so good to make it up, if I didn’t know the cause of the matter, maybe I would really believe your nonsense! ”

“Ryoma, you still don’t believe me!!” Sandai said with a heavy face.

“Of course I don’t believe it!” Ryoma laughed.

“Ryoma, believe it or not, this matter is the same as I said, and I don’t ask you to forgive me now, but now that Konoha’s situation is critical, I still hope that you can make a move and contribute to Konoha!” The third generation said solemnly.

“I’ll make a move, but not now!” Ryoma said with a faint smile.

“Not now, when was that??” Mito Menyan said displeased.

“Of course, after all of you die, I will take action to calm the chaos!” Ryoma smiled lightly.

Several people of the three generations looked at the smile on Ryoma’s face, and they felt a chill in their hearts!

“Could it be that you have already joined forces with Uchiha??”

Ryoma’s reaction made the three generations instantly think of a lot of things, and they couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Is there a possibility that Uchiha is just a pawn in my hand!!” Ryoma looked at the three generations with a smile.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!! Wait” The third generation suddenly thought of a possibility, and looked at Ryoma with a look of horror:

“You’ve got the water stop and the weasel in control!”

“It’s worthy of being a Hokage for more than thirty years, I thought of it so quickly!” Ryoma applauded again.

Three generations and several people, as if looking at the devil, looked at Ryoma.

“Moonlight Ryoma, why are you doing this? What’s in it for you??? The three generations roared in shock and anger.

“Konoha has decayed, and if it wants to be reborn, it must get rid of all the diseased roots.

And you ape flying sun, turning to sleep Koharu, Mito Menyan, and Shimura Danzo, the four of you are Konoha’s biggest cancer!

If you want Konoha to become great again, you must be eliminated!! ”

“It turns out that your target is the four of us!! I knew that you had such wolf ambitions, I should have strangled you in advance!! The third generation said with some regret.

“Stangle me?? Stop talking big! When I show my edge, it is no longer something you can handle! Ryoma sneered.

“Huh?? It’s almost time to start! Three generations, as well as all the elders, cherish this short time! ”

Ryoma’s voice fell.


A loud explosion came from outside!

“What’s going on??” The three generations cried out in panic.

“Three generations of adults, the big thing is not good! The hospital was bombed!! At this time, a dark ninja blasted open the door of Naruto’s office, broke in directly, and said in a panic.

“You did this??” The third generation roared at Ryoma 903!

“Three generations of adults, this is not my doing!”

That dark ninja, under the manipulation of Ryoma’s mind, completely ignored that there was another person in this room besides the three generations of Hokage and the two elders.

The Dark Ninja thought it was him who was yelling at the third generation.

Frightened on the spot, his legs went soft, and he quickly denied it!

“Get out!!”

The three generations instantly realized that Ryoma had used that manipulative illusion on this dark ninja.

He couldn’t even see Ryoma, let him continue to stay here, it wouldn’t help much, just let him get out.

“Hey!!” Although the dark ninja didn’t know what the three generations were crazy about at this time, he didn’t want to stay here for a moment, and quickly exited the office.

“I didn’t do it!” Ryoma said with a faint smile.

“If I’m not mistaken, it should be made of water stopping! His purpose is Tuan Zang! ”

“Impossible, before this, I had deployed thousands of ninjas outside the clan of the Uchiha clan to defend, even a fly would not want to fly out of it without being detected!” The three generations didn’t even think about it, and directly denied it.

“What if he has my help?” Ryoma smiled faintly!!

“You” The three representatives froze.

Recalling the way the dark ninja turned a blind eye to him just now.

If Ryoma also used it against the ninjas he deployed there outside the Uchiha clan, I am afraid that the Uchiha clan would really leave the development clan land without much effort

Say so.

His deployment was completely in vain.

And even wasted a lot of troops?

“Moonlight Ryoma, you are so damned!!” The three generations couldn’t hold back any longer, and their emotions were out of control and they were roaring at Ryoma.

Then, he took off his Hokage robe.

Just get ready to do it to Ryoma!!

“Calm down! Your opponent is not me!! Ryoma said with a faint smile.



The door to Hokage’s office was opened again.

The visitor is not a dark ninja, judging by his costume and family logo, it is obviously a ninja of the Sarutobi clan.

At this point, he was out of breath.

Apparently, he came here in one breath from a long distance.

“Uncle Hinata, something is wrong! The people of the Uchiha clan have entered the clan! ”

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