The water stop and the ferret come here for two purposes, first, to dispel the doubts of the four people about them, and second, to fish.

The bait has already been laid.

Both of their goals have been achieved, and naturally they do not want to continue to stay here.

So he took his leave of the four men.

Konoha F4 sends water stops and Itachi after the two leave.

Their conversation also began.

“Ape flying, you can’t keep the water!” Tuanzo couldn’t wait to say.

“I believe in stopping water! He is a child with the Will of Fire. The third generation glanced at Tuan Zang and said faintly.

“Ape Fei, you fucking less pretend here, I don’t know who you are!

If you can tolerate the water, you won’t do anything to Moonlight Ryoma!

If you don’t want to do it, then I’ll do it! Tuan Zang said in a deep voice.

There was a faint gleam in his eyes.

Apparently playing his own calculations.

“Tuan Zang, you shut up for me, stopping water is our important force against Moonlight Dragon Horse! Before Moonlight Ryoma dies, you must not mess around, otherwise, I can’t spare you!” “Three generations there don’t know what Tuan Zang is thinking.

However, he would never allow Tuan Tian to come around!

“Hmph!” Tuan Zang glanced at the three generations, did not answer, and snorted coldly.

He left the Hokage office!

“Tuan Zang’s heart is too wild, Ape Fei, you have to pay attention to a little!” Koharu reminded.

“I know what to do, you two 24 go back first!” The three generations of Hokage nodded.

Watching the two go out.

Shen Shen called out: “Come! ”


“Let me keep Tuan Zang to death, as soon as there is any wind, notify me immediately!”


But he said that after Danzo walked out of the Hokage office building.

He immediately asked the little henchman who remained outside the Hokage Tower, “Did you see the water stop?” ”

“See!” Yamanaka nodded.

“Go, catch up with him, tell him that I have something important to find him, and in an hour, let him meet me in Luofengpo!”

Remember, what I want to see is him Uchiha stop the water, don’t let him bring Itachi! ”

Although Tuanzo is greedy and bad, he is not stupid at all.

If only there was only one person to stop the water.

He relies on sneak attacks, and the help of the root ninjas, and he is still a little sure that he will kill the water.

If only the ferret would follow.

The two watch over each other.

Don’t talk about him, even if the whole root goes up together, I’m afraid it’s not enough for two people to fight.

Therefore, Tuanzang deliberately made this clear.

“Hey!!” Yamanaka Feng answered, and chased in the direction where the water stop and weasel had just left.

“You go back to the root and gather some men, go to the vicinity of Luofengpo and ambush it, and listen to my command!”

Tuan Zang took the root from his other little henchman.

“Hey!” The oil girl answered and disappeared.

At this time, Danzo was like an outsider, walking towards Shimura’s house on crutches.

Just as the three generations of Hokage did him.

He also knows three generations.

He knew that some of his previous actions had already attracted the attention of three generations.

Next, the three generations will definitely send someone to target him.

Therefore, he needs to stage a drama of Ming Xiu plank road secretly crossing Chen Cang.

As for the warning of the three generations, it doesn’t matter if he listens to it when he gives the three generations face.

If you don’t give him face, then take it as a wind in your ears.

An old friend for decades, what else can three generations do with him.

As the saying goes, the bigger the wind and waves, the more expensive the fish.

Compared with the benefits he received in the next operation, even if after the fact, the three generations would have to find him to settle the score.

He doesn’t care anymore.

After Danzo returned to Shimura’s house.

I was drinking tea in the courtyard all the time.

In order to appear more harmonious, he also called a few nephews and nieces to accompany him to drink, and talk while drinking tea!

Those dark ninjas who monitored Tuanzang looked at this scene and were secretly surprised that Tuanzo had such a human side.

At the same time, I was relieved.

As long as Tuan Zang does not make trouble.

Everyone can get along harmoniously, hello me hello everyone!


The other side.

The mountain wind caught up with the water stopper and the weasel!

Blocked the way of the two.

“You are the guard beside Lord Tuanzo!!” Shuishui has seen a mountain stroke more than once, and he still has a deep impression of him.

“Danzo-sama wants to see you!” Yamanaka Feng ignored the weasel beside Shuishui and said in a cold voice.

“Now??” Shuishui frowned.

“An hour later, Falling Phoenix Slope!” Yamanaka said.

“I know!” Shuishui nodded in reply.

“Remember, it’s you that Master Tuanzang wants to see, don’t bring unrelated people with you!!” Saying that, Yamanaka Feng glanced at the weasel intentionally or unintentionally.

“I’m also a ninja in the dark part, and I’m measured about this kind of thing!” Shuishui nodded in reply.

After Yamanaka got the answer he wanted, he disappeared in front of the two of them. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

“Let’s go, while there is still time, let’s try the taste of three-color balls and red bean soup!” Stop the water on the ferret road.

“Good!” Itachi nodded.

Time passes little by little.

The water stoppers ate the balls, also drank the red bean soup, and finally separated.

Itachi returns to Uchiha’s house.

Shuishui went to the appointment alone.

On the other side, Shimura’s house, Danzo is still drinking tea with several nephews and nieces.

For an hour, he didn’t show anything unusual except for a few departures.

The ninja in the dark part also did not notice that something was wrong there.

After all, drink tea.

I know everything, and I have to drink it for at least a few hours.

But I didn’t know that the Shimura Danzo at this time had long been unpacked.

The real Mura-Shi Danzo had already walked out of the secret passage of Shimura’s house and went to Luofengpo early.

After an hour, go to the appointment when the level is over.

However, before he could get close to Danzo, he was stopped by the ninja at the root.

Shisui glanced at the root ninja who stopped him, and then looked again, holding a crutch in one hand, sitting on the Taishi chair, closing his eyes and nurturing the danzo.

He opened his mouth and shouted, “Master Tuanzo, stop the water and come to the appointment!!” ”

“Here it comes!” Tuan Zang heard the sound of stopping the water, and finally opened his eyes, and a flash of essence flashed.

Then, with a wave of his hand, he signaled to the root ninja to let the water stop!

“What is the matter that Danzo-sama is looking for me??” Shisui asked.

“You said before that you are going to use other heavenly gods to control the moonlight dragon horse! Let him serve Konoha?? Tuanzo said as he got up from his chair and walked slowly towards the water.

“Of course, I did say this, but wasn’t it vetoed by three generations of adults? Why did Lord Tuanzo bring this up again? Shuishui said incomprehensibly.

“Actually, I have the same idea as you, I think it is far more in Konoha’s interests to control Moonlight Ryoma and serve Konoha!”

But,” Tuanzo said here.

There was a pause.

“But what??? Shisui looked at Tuan Zang curiously.

“However, such a character, controlled by you, is not very reassuring, or leave it to the old man!”

Saying that, Tuan Zang suddenly accelerated and rushed towards the water.

“Stop the water, your chakra eye belongs to me!”

Tuan Zang’s hand was less than twenty centimeters from the eye of the water.

The body suddenly stopped.

It turned out that the water stop was directly controlled by using the Illusion Writing Wheel Eye at the moment when Tuan Zang rushed in!

“Master Tuanzo, you are too anxious! You should come closer, it’s never too late to do it!! Shuishui said in a cold voice.

“In that case, your success rate may be as high as 990 points!!”

However, at this moment, the group hiding in his body suddenly became illusory.

I saw Tuan Zang’s illusory figure, and his hand was like electricity, straight towards the eyes of the writing wheel that stopped the water.

At this moment, the water stop was not as successful as in the original work, and at the moment of Tuan Zang’s hand, he also took a few steps back at the same time.

Evaded Tuan Zang’s dark hand.

“Danzo-sama, you just used my Uchiha clan’s Sharingan ability, Izanagi!

Danzo-sama, should you give me an explanation, and give me an explanation to the Uchiha clan?? ”

Shuishui’s tone instantly became cold.

“Hmph, I, Shimura Danzo, have acted all my life, and I also need to explain to a little devil like you?” Danzo snorted coldly, seeing that the sneak attack failed, he directly ordered the root ninja to besiege together.

“Everyone go up together, kill him for me!”

Sasu can call!

The water stop instantly brings out the ultimate meaning of the kaleidoscope chakra eye.

I saw a green Chakra giant suddenly appear, holding a spiral sword, and mercilessly slashed towards Tuan Zang.

“Go and die! Danzo! ”

This blow to stop the water is as fast as lightning and as powerful as a shooting star.


Tuan Zang was within the range of the attack to stop the water.

If you want to hide, you can’t dodge at all!

Can only be hard-connected.

I saw that Tuan Zang very quickly lifted the crutch in his hand and went up!!


The moment the two touch.

The crutches in Tuan Zang’s hand fell apart on the spot.

His arm was crushed and fractured on the spot.

He flew out like a cannonball, spitting blood from his mouth and spewing out a beautiful arc.

(Ask for flowers, there are still hundreds of flowers left to 10,000, do the elders still have flowers, come to one, thank you!) )。

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