This moment.

The ferret has never hated a person so much.

The impact of hatred and infinite terror.

A chemical effect was created on the body of the ferret!

His chakra eyes have changed.

Sangou jade transforms into a windmill.

A black flame appeared out of thin air.

Appear on Ryoma’s head!

“You want to burn your brother??”

Ryoma grabbed the back collar of the water stop and instantly moved tens of meters away!

It seemed dangerous, but it calmly avoided the black flame.

“Let go of the water stop, return the eyes of the water stop, we give up the task!!” The ferret said in an icy voice.

“I refuse!” Ryoma shook his head.

He was not surprised that the ferret suddenly awakened the kaleidoscope chakra eye.

Or maybe say.

He did all this on purpose.

Naturally, he would not choose to let the two go because the weasel opened a kaleidoscope.

“Find death!” Itachi was ruthless and decided to teach Ryoma a lesson despite everything.

“Are you talking about me??”

Ryoma instantly appeared in front of Itachi.

The two looked at each other.

Less than 10 centimeters away!

“You !!!” The weasel’s pupils shrank sharply, and he unconsciously took a step back.

“I’m right in front of your eyes, you don’t hit me, you even retreated, it seems that your heart is not as strong as your mouth!” Ryoma said lightly.

“Sasu can call! 913! ”

Itachi looked at Ryoma who was approaching step by step, no longer holding other thoughts, and directly used the ultimate move of the kaleidoscope.

Although, he has just opened his eyes.

However, he instinctively knew how to use Susano.


His Susa is only halfway open.

Ryoma had already appeared in front of him, pressing one hand on his forehead, pushing him to the ground and slamming hard!


The body of the weasel directly smashed the ground into a large pit.

Fortunately, he just used Susanoo Sho, otherwise, I am afraid that his head has already exploded by the earth!

“The Sasu who stopped the water is not enough for me to cut, you just opened a kaleidoscope, and you also want to defeat me with this hand?” Ryoma looked down at the weasel lying in the pit and sneered.

“Not enough for you to cut? Then why are you eager to attack me and prevent me from completely releasing Sasu Noh, what are you afraid of!! The ferret said coldly.

Continue to enter Chakra to Susanoo who wrapped him.

“Did you get one thing wrong? It’s a fight, and I don’t have the habit of waiting for you to get ready before attacking.

My favorite thing to do is interrupt your spell halfway! Ryoma said lightly.

“However, I also have to admit that your Uchiha clan’s Susanoo is indeed very useful, even if I want to interrupt, I can’t do it!!”

Ryoma looked at the Itachi who condensed Sasu’s upper body, and also sighed.

“Of course, compared to my psychic spirit, the eyes of your Uchiha clan are still a little worse, so let’s stop here, the sky is already dawning, I don’t have so much mind to continue playing with you!”

Saying that, Ryoma reached out again and shook the void, condensing a blue big sword.

Facing the red susa of the weasel, he slashed directly!


Itachi looked at the huge wind blade slash, and quickly pulled out Susa’s own eight-handed mirror and blocked forward!


The Eight Mirrors blocked the wind blade for a moment, and then ejected it.

“Huh? It actually flew ?? Ryoma’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“I know that the Eight Mirrors won’t let me down!” The ferret looked at this scene and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Since the Eight Mirrors can rebound the attack of Moonlight Ryoma, can the Ten Fist Sword also seal Moonlight Ryoma??”

“It must be possible, the Eight Mirrors and the Ten Fist Sword are both artifacts! Deal with Moonlight Ryoma, no problem!! ”

“We still have a chance to win! Brother Shuishui, wait for me, I will definitely help you regain your eyes and help you take revenge!” ”

At this moment, the weasel’s self-confidence swelled.

After blocking Ryoma’s blow, he chose to take the initiative to attack without hesitation!

I saw Sasu holding the hilt of the gourd sword and swinging the flame sword straight towards Ryoma. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

The momentum is so great that ordinary ninjas can hardly resist.

Ryoma did not hard catch the blow of the weasel, but used the end of the world to distance himself from the weasel.

“Just blocking my blow, has it swelled to this point (CDFG)? Looking at your expression, it seems that you have a lot more confidence, do you think, do you still have a chance to defeat me!! Ryoma smiled lightly.

“Whether I can beat you or not, soon you will know!” Itachi was really confident at this moment, and he spoke with a hint of Uchiha’s pride.

“Yes, since that’s the case, then let me see how many times your Eight Mirrors can block my attacks!” Ryoma said.

A spiral pill quickly condensed in his hand.

Until the size of a football.

It began to elongate to the sides, eventually turning into a spear of about two meters.

“Spear of the Wind!”

Ryoma didn’t hesitate to point together, and directly aimed at the weasel and projected the spear in his hand.


The void drew a sharp whistle.

The Spear of Wind came to the ferret in an instant.

If you say, the spiral shuriken is an explosive move.

Then the Spear of the Wind is a penetrating move.

Ryoma condensed the sharpness of the wind to a point, and also condensed it to the extreme.

Even if it is a hill, it can be easily penetrated.

Itachi didn’t dare to underestimate Ryoma’s blow.

Hurriedly set up a mirror to block it.


A collision sound like thunder sounded.

Ryoma’s Wind Spear and Itachi’s Hachi Kagami began to fight wildly.

The Wind Spear is bent on penetrating the Eight Mirrors, and the Eight Mirrors are bent on ejecting the Wind Spear.

The two, do not give in to each other.

You come and go and hedge.

Circle after lap of furious energy was generated, pouring outward.

Seeing this, Ryoma quickly condensed another wind spear.

Cast it out with lightning speed!

The ferret looked at this scene, and his face changed slightly.

However, he had no better way to solve the siege.

I can only silently pray that the eight mirrors will hold on.

However, it backfired.

The impact and penetration power carried by the second wind spear is even greater than that of the first one.

The ability of the Eight Mirrors to block a spear of wind is already the limit.

When the second wind spear hit the eight mirrors, a spider web-like crack burst out of the eight mirrors for the first time.

“It’s not good, I can’t stop it!!” At this moment, the ferret already had a premonition.


The eight mirrors instantly fell apart.

Subsequently, the red Sasu Noh was also shot.

The ferret was not hit by either of the two Wind Spears.

But at that moment, he was wrapped in a strong wind and flew out upside down!

Although Ryoma was in his hands, he did not miss this opportunity to beat the weasel.

Tianya instantly came to the ferret.

Shot like electricity.

Instantly cut off one of his eyes.

Another whip kick knocked him to the ground.

Then he sat on top of him, stepped on his hand, and cut off his other eye!

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