The words fell, and the cold light came!

A small knife slashed from his back quickly and quickly!

Ryoma didn’t even need to look back.

Also know who is coming.


Ryoma did not dodge, nor did he resist the weasel’s attack, and directly exchanged positions with the water stop!


The cold light crossed the water stopper!

Blood gushed out like a fountain of blood.

“Weasel?? You’re in disbelief.

Not because the ferret backstabbed him.

Rather, why did he appear under the knife edge of the weasel.

Obviously, he was still so far away from Ryoma and Itachi.

The ferret looked at this scene like a lightning strike!

Blinded: “Brother Shuishui??!! ”

“Who the hell is arrogant? Uchiha Itachi! ”

Ryoma used the sky to instantly appear above the back of the weasel, holding the weasel’s head with one hand, and rushed to the ground!


The weasel’s head is stuck upside down on the ground.

Immediately after, with a bang, the weasel turned into a log in a cloud of white smoke.

“Avatar? The response is quite fast! ”

Ryoma looked back in the direction where Itachi was!

“Magic Pillage Technique!”

At this time, Itachi’s three-hook jade chakra eyes were staring at Ryoma!

The moment Ryoma turned back, he was pulled into the illusion!

One by one, large nails appeared out of thin air and poked towards Ryoma.

“Infinite horror!!”

Ryoma sneered.

Directly use the magical power infinite horror to forcibly transform the weasel’s illusion space into his domain.

Big red spikes poked into the weasel’s body!

“How so?” A flash of shock flashed in the weasel’s eyes.

However, he did not wait for him to continue to say anything.

A force pulled him into a picture.

It was the picture he feared the most.

Konoha was destroyed, and his younger brother Uchiha Sasuke died.

It was Uchiha Fugaku and Sarutobi who destroyed all this!

The reason is that the Uchiha clan finally went to war with Konoha, and Konoha was completely destroyed under his father’s madness, killing and wounding countless people for a while.

And his younger brother was also angered by the angry three generations of Hokage Ape Hibiki, and when he smacked him in the face, he pinched Sasuke’s head.

The ferret is in infinite terror and does not realize that this is just an illusion.

So everything is so real, so cruel.

He’s in fear, he’s desperate, he’s crumbling

In infinite fear, as long as fear arises, it represents the fall, and once it falls, it will be consumed by fear.

The longer it takes.

The more fearful, the more desperate, the more broken

No one can be an exception.


The weasel screamed!!

Blood and tears flowed in both eyes!

“Itachi!!” Shuishui, who was seriously injured, looked at the miserable state of the weasel, and his heart couldn’t help but mention.

At that moment, his heart began to waver.

He regretted taking on the task.

Moonlight Ryoma is terrifying.

Just a split second.

He and Weasel were hit hard.

In this way, the situation is getting worse and worse!!

“Don’t shout so loudly, soon, you will follow in his footsteps, no, you are worse than him!” Ryoma said with a glance at Shuishui.

He did not forget that the water stopped turning into a spring, and he stabbed for nothing.

“Moonlight Ryoma, I can’t spare you!”

Shisui heard Ryoma’s words and shouted angrily on the spot.

Directly open Susanoo call.

I saw a green Chakra giant condensed.

With a spiral sword in his hand, he slashed mercilessly towards Ryoma!

“Sword of the Wind!!”

Ryoma reached out and shook the void.

Instantly condensed a azure blue Chakra Great Sword.

The length of the sword is about one meter and five meters.

The body of the sword is like an entity, and the appearance is a layer of chakra flowing.

It looks both strong and powerful.

Facing the spiral sword chopped by the water stop, I saw him holding the sword in both hands and pulling it backhanded.

The two energy swords slammed together in the void.


A furious aura centered on the two of them quickly swept away!

Instantly crush countless flowers and trees.

Ryoma’s basic swordsmanship almost reached LV9, which is much stronger than Shuishui.

Even if you are afraid to stop the water and drive the Gundam.

But after striking a sword with Ryoma, his body couldn’t help but lean back! (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Seeing this, Ryoma didn’t have the idea of waiting for him to return to his state before making a move.

Sword in both hands, high on the top, and fight to chop down!

“Wind Crescent Crescent Heavenly Chong!”


I saw a huge wind blade slash burst out.

At a very fast speed, the water-stopping Susanoo was split in half.

It stretched all the way to a kilometer away, dividing a small mountain in two.

If the water stop did not flash fast, it is estimated that it would have been split in half by him at that moment.

However, since this is the case, stopping the water is not good.

Susa was blasted.

Chakra consumes too much.

The injuries on the body are also intensifying.

A sense of powerlessness could not help but come to my heart.

However, he is not yet desperate.

He also has a killer tool – don’t be a god!

Ryoma also knew that the water had not yet reached the end of the mountain.

Therefore, there is no rush to take him.

Instead, he looked at Shuishui and smiled: “Why, the third generation sent the two of you?” What about everyone else? He won’t even send you a helper!

With such a boss, you are also unlucky enough! ”

“This matter has nothing to do with the three generations, it was a decision made by me and Itachi without permission!!” When Shisui hears Ryoma’s words, he will admit that Miyo sent him and can only take everything on himself.

“Fool! Sold by someone, still counting money for others! Ryoma couldn’t help but smile when he heard the words of the water stop.

“Obviously, as long as he sends some people to assist you, he can add countless odds to your operation, but as a result, he just didn’t do it!”

You know why?? Ryoma looked at the water stop with a smile.

“I know what you’re talking about!!”

Shisui wasn’t a stupid person, he was just naïve and never willing to speculate on Konoha’s higher-ups with malice.

As it is now, there are obviously big problems.

But he didn’t want to think about it at all.

Even if you are afraid, Ryoma wants to say.

He didn’t want to hear it either!

“Yes!” Ryoma pouted.

Since Shuishui rejected this topic, he didn’t want to go further.

“It’s almost over!” Ryoma said.

“yes, it’s over!!” Shuishui sighed.

Resolutely used his last hole card!

“Don’t be a god light”

However, Ryoma’s reaction was faster than he could unleash the ultimate illusion.


At the moment when he could lock on Ryoma’s figure, Ryoma had already appeared in front of him.

Without mercy, he reached out and cut off his right eye!

Then a knee blow hit and hit the abdomen of the water stop.

Knock it into the air tens of meters.

Don’t wait for him to stop.

Ryoma appeared again in front of the water stop.

Hold him down and then cut off his left eye!

Finally, a kick swept towards his joints.

Beat him to his knees.

Then, Ryoma twisted all his hands off, nullifying his ability to resist!!


The water stopped under Ryoma’s series of (Nono’s good) blows.

The mind, the body, and the creation received all burst out in an instant.

That kind of pain can hurt deep into the soul.

It can hurt so much that every cell is wailing.

The pain was so hard that he couldn’t help but scream.

“It’s time for the ferret to see what the water stops!” Ryoma smiled lightly.

Although, the ferret has suffered a lot in infinite terror.

However, how can it be compared to the cruelty of the present.

Ryoma retracts the infinite terror inflicted on Itachi’s spiritual consciousness.

The weasel screamed and rattled.

His energy and will are very good.

After less than ten seconds, he regained consciousness of the Lord and Self.

“Over here!!” Ryoma saw Itachi’s come back to his senses.

So he exclaimed.

Itachi’s eyes were red, and before he had time to wipe the blood and tears from his face, he subconsciously looked at Ryoma’s side.

Suddenly I saw the eyes of the water stopper, the hands were twisted off, and the howl on the ground was miserable!!

“Brother Shuishui!”

At this moment, Itachi really felt what is called skin pain, and shouted that it was called a heartbreak.

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