“Moonlight Ryoma, what are you talking nonsense!!” It took a long time to hold back the water before he held out such a sentence.

Ryoma just turned over the words, although he didn’t agree with it.

However, there was still a little excitement in my heart.

Crouching dragon phoenix chicks? It’s about him and the ferrets!

What a vision!

“Danzo-sama, since the time of the First World War, has begun to fight for Konoha, and after three Ninja World Wars, it can be described as hard work, we young people, who have not achieved an inch, how dare we have the ambition to replace it.

Moonlight Ryoma, you dare to say such a big disobedience, don’t you really feel a trace of shame for those seniors who have made dedication to Konoha?! The ferret said coldly.

“Itachi, you raised Danzo too high.

Dedication? Who doesn’t!

Three Ninja Wars?

My grandfather participated, my father also participated, and they all died in battle!

However, he is not dead yet, he is in a high position, but he does not do anything!

Why should I be ashamed of him?? ”

Ryoma sneered.

“All of their problems are habituated by you people!”

“A lot of age, still occupy the position and refuse to retreat, resulting in young people not getting exercise, and still complaining that there is no successor!

You people are not of any kind.

One by one, they will only do what they are told.

Why don’t you dare to fight with them!

Didn’t they say that you had the Hokage mind at the age of six?

If it’s true, then you should know how to make Konoha more harmonious and better!

Then you also know how to deal with the relationship between Konoha and Uchiha…”

“It’s a pity that it’s just some touted falsehood!

Either way, you don’t have the ability to do it well.

Whether it’s thinking or vision, you’re still far from the real Hokage, Itachi!

At best, you put yourself into the perspective of three generations, thinking about things from his point of view.

You’re not Hokage’s mind.

You are brainwashed and cranky.

At such a young age, it is really pitiful to be assimilated so badly! ”

Ryoma’s translation is very bold.

It can also be described as a great inverse.

Listening to those people’s ears is like breaking the sky!

Unfortunately, there are not many people who can hear him.

In addition to Ah Li and Izumi, there are only two people, Shui and Weasel.

Everyone else was blinded by Ryoma’s new power, “Mind Manipulation”, like a puppet.

Even so, after hearing Ryoma’s words, the four people were not lightly frightened!

The ferret and the water stop looked at each other with pale faces.

“This guy is crazy! Stop arguing with him! After stopping the water and dropping the money, he pulled the weasel towards the outer door.

“Finally clean!” Ryoma watched the two leave, not only did not block, but also stretched a lazy waist!

I ate the balls that the store had already put on the table.

“Ryoma-kun, you are really like Big Brother Shuishui said, you are a madman!” Izumi looked at Ryoma, who was still in the mood to eat balls at this time, and couldn’t help but spit out.

“What, scared??” Ryoma glanced at Izumi.

“I’m a little afraid, but, I don’t know how, I think what you said also has some truth!”

Am I crazy too! Hee-hee!! Izumi said, suddenly giggling.

“Eat meatballs, don’t think so much, I just talked nonsense.”

Save the two Crouching Dragon and Phoenix chicks in your family chattering endlessly, talking non-stop! Ryoma teased.

“Ah Li, you can taste it too! Although it can’t be eaten as a meal, it’s still good to use as an after-dinner dessert! ”

“I’ll taste!” When Ah Li heard this, he also started.

After eating one, I felt that it was not bad, although it was not as hearty and delicious as the big meal, but it also had a special flavor.

“Leave me some, I haven’t eaten yet!” Izumi looked at Ryoma and Ari, who were eating well, and quickly shouted.

The three of you come and go, eat well but not enjoyable.


The other side.

“Brother Shuishui, let’s go back immediately and report everything that just happened to the three generations of adults!”

Moonlight Ryoma this person is too dangerous!

We must let the three generations of adults know the true face of Moonlight Ryoma! The ferret said to the water stop beside him.

“Weasel, you’re right.

Three generations of adults must be made to know how terrifying Ryoma’s mind is!

Go, let’s meet three generations! ”

Hokage Building.

Hokage Office!

Three generations, Danzo, Mito Menyan, and Koharu gathered together.

After the four heard the report of the weasel and the water stop.

Can’t help but look at each other.

“Itachi, stop the water, your report is very timely, if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t know that Moonlight Ryoma still hides such a gloomy and terrifying mind.”

In this era, the three generations spoke.

“So, I want to entrust you with a task!”

Long ago, after the three generations judged that Ryoma was manipulating him, he had already made up his mind to get rid of Ryoma.

Unfortunately, he thought about it for a long time and has not come up with any good plans for the time being.

At this time, the weasel and the water stop appeared.

Yes, he decided to put the plan into action and let Itachi and Shisui deal with Ryoma!

The two of them, Weasel and Shuishui, heard the words of the three generations and did not hesitate.

Directly knelt down and said, “Three generations of adults, please order!” ”

“Moonlight Ryoma’s mind is too terrible, and keeping it will sooner or later become the scourge of Konoha.

So, I decided to get rid of him!


Those are just the words of the two of you, and they cannot be used as evidence.

Without evidence, we can’t just attack Konoha’s ninjas.

That’s not good for diplomacy.

So, we can’t come in the open.

Can only be handled secretly!

This requires the two of you to make a move!

I don’t know if you want to? The three generations said with a cautious face.

The two of them looked at each other.

Nodded at the same time.

“Three generations of adults, we are willing!”

“Good!” The three generations of Hokage nodded with a look of satisfaction.

Then he said, “You two go back first!” I’ll let you know when the four of us have made our plans! ”


The two people answered at the same time.

He exited the Hokage office!

At this time, in the office, only Konoha F4 remained.

“Ape Fei, are you sure that the water stop and the weasel can get rid of the moonlight dragon horse??” Tuan Zang had a gloomy face, not optimistic about these two.

“Tuan Zang, you think too much, Moonlight Ryoma is a genius, it’s right, and the water stop and weasel are not bad.

They started earlier than Moonlight Ryoma.

With their shot, there should be no accidents! Koharu said disapprovingly.


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