“In this case, did the three generations of adults tell Master Tuanzo? If he always sends people to harass my family, I can’t let Master Tuanzo come around!” Ryoma shrugged off the three generations’ warnings.

The problem is not at all with him, but in Tuan Zang.

If only Tuan Zang did not die for a day.

One day he was still beating his family’s idea.

He cannot be indifferent.

“I’ll talk to Tuanzo!” Seeing that Ryoma could still refute, the three generations were faintly unhappy in their hearts, but he could also understand Ryoma’s mood.

After all, being targeted by such a candy-like guy as Tuan Zang is indeed a headache.

‘Tuan Zang this guy.

I always like to use some unruly means to do things.

Completely reckless of the consequences.

It’s good to let this guy in Tuanzo learn a lesson! ’

For Tuanzang, how could the three generations not be angry at all.

But, no way, Tuan Zang is his old partner.

He naturally favors Tuan Zang.

However, in this situation, it is also necessary to give Tuan Zang a warning.

“I hope that Master Tuanzo can listen to your words of the three generations of adults, to be honest, I don’t want to deal with Lord Tuanzang at all!” Ryoma heard the words of the three generations, but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

In addition to being able to use your identity to crush Tuanzo, your words have little weight in Danzo.

Your words, at most, can only let the group hide for a while.

After waiting for a while, maybe he will come again more ruthlessly.

Ryoma will not let his guard down against Danzo because of the words of the three generations.

“If nothing happens, I’ll quit first!” Ryoma had another word he didn’t say.

In addition to Tuan Zang, he also doesn’t like to deal with the three generations!

“Wait!” The third generation stopped Ryoma!

“Three generations of adults are still in trouble?”

Ryoma stopped.

“You made that big hole in the No. 33 driving range!” Miyo asked.

“I typed it!!” Ryoma nodded and said.

He naturally wouldn’t give Xi Yan out.

Then you can only take things on yourself.

“Don’t use such powerful ninjutsu in the village in the future!!” The third generation said in a deep voice.

That giant pit, he had seen it.

It was hit by someone’s move.

Speaking from the heart, with the power of one blow, he himself could not hit such a deep pit.

Peeping leopard in the tube, visible spots.

Through that giant pit, he also rediscovered the power and terror of Ryoma.

One-on-one, no one in Konoha today dares to pat their chests and say that they can take that blow.

This is also the reason why he did not directly turn his face with Ryoma.

“I can promise that I will not use this kind of ninjutsu of mass destruction in the village when no one threatens my life!” Ryoma nodded and said!

The three generations listened, and there was a headache.

What does this mean?

You mean there is an existence in the village that threatens your life?

Is that how you distrust the village ??

However, he did not say it directly.

Otherwise, Ryoma will have to get involved in the group again.

“Also, that pit, fill it in yourself!” Three generations of deep voices.

“What about Nah??” Ryoma’s expression froze slightly!

“Three generations you are not kidding, such a big pit, you let me fill it myself?”

“You hit the pit, not fill it, who will fill it?” Three generations of rhetorical questions.

“But I don’t know how to do ninjutsu, Third Generation Lord, aren’t you a strong man?” Ryoma was speechless.

“That has nothing to do with me, I just know that the responsibility is yours, so you have to be responsible!” The third generation said expressionlessly.

But a smile blossomed in his heart.

After fighting with this guy Ryoma for so long, he can finally press him on one thing.

“Three generations of adults, this should not be your revenge!!” Ryoma was a little suspicious, but he had no direct evidence!

“What are you talking about, you are our genius boy in Konoha, what hope for the future! I like that you are too late, how can I want to take revenge on you! “Three generations and one serious way.


Ryoma nodded and said with a serious face: “Three generations of adults, I think our village still lacks a lake…”

“No, there is no shortage of lakes in the village, and as the Hokage of Konoha, no one knows this better than me!

What the village lacks is a place for teenagers and ninjas to practice ninjutsu! So, there must be filled back! “Three generations of positive colors.

“Can I get on a mission then?”

“Yes! However, the people in the village who are good at earth escape, it is estimated that they are not available recently, and they have all been hired by the daimyo, so you should understand! “Three generations of Dao.

“Okay, I’ll figure it out myself!” Ryoma Road.

“I can give you up to seven days, and after seven days, I will send someone to test it.” Three generations of the road.

“No problem!!” Ryoma said perfunctorily.


Time flows like water.

Unknowingly, it has reached the fifty-fourth year of Konoha!

Over the course of a year and ten months.

A lot happened in Konoha.

However, there is not much that Ryoma can remember.

At the beginning, the pit that the three generations asked him to fill in turned into a beautiful lake.

The water of the lake is clear and the birds are active.

Flowers and grass on the shore compete with each other.

Nearby residents also like to walk around in the early evening.

For Ryoma’s scoundrels, there is nothing the three generations can do!

I can only pinch my nose and admit it.

The regiment hid for more than a year.

And did not listen to three generations.

At first, he still prodded Ryoma from time to time.

As a result, each time ended in failure.

Not to mention the loss of a lot of manpower, he was knocked on by Ryoma that night.

Each time, Tuan Zang was beaten badly.

At first, the three generations would still warn Ryoma – no next time.

However, after more times, the three generations are too lazy to care about the two of them.

Anyway, Ryoma was very measured, at most he just beat him up, let Tuan Zang lie down for ten days and a half months, and did not kill Tuan Zang.

He took care of it, and Tuan Zang may not accept his affection.

Why should he be sentimental.

And Tuan Zang was beaten a lot.

Gradually, he stopped coming to Ryoma’s troubles.

Sometimes Ryoma can’t even help but miss Danzo.

Because, every time, he can always scavenge a lot of good things from the roots, or the Shimura clan.

Tuan Zang didn’t bother him, he was embarrassed to start.

And Xi Yan’s performance for more than a year has been very good, and she has become a superior ninja by relying on swordsmanship without exposing “Palm Wind Spirit”.

At the beginning, the three generations also wanted to invite Xi Yan into the dark department.

He even did not hesitate to promise her an official position with a high status.

Unfortunately, Xi Yan made a different choice from the original.

She refused to become a dark ninja.

Became a class teacher.

Ah Li has also made great progress during this time.

Her white eyes were already clearly different from the white eyes of ordinary Hinata’s family.

After the people of the Hyuga family found out.

Let her be as little in front of people as possible and show her white eyes.

But even so.

Izumi is still no match for her.

Every time in actual combat, Ah Li did not open his eyes, and still beat Quan without the power to fight back.

Quan, who does not admit defeat, has also been like a mad demon in the past year or so.

Keep training and keep improving.

For the weasel, she seems to have looked down on it.

She is defeated and when she is depressed, the ferret is not by her side.

When she tried to cultivate and was injured, the ferret was still not by her side.

She saw Ryoma and Ari in pairs, and when she kissed me, Itachi was still not by her side.

She has become accustomed to being alone, and with her own efforts, she has become so good.

What else do you want the weasel to do?

Who is the weasel!


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