The mastermind behind Xi Yan’s attack is Tuan Zang.

Knowing that Tuan Zang is here, he doesn’t reason not to beat him up!

Ryoma sneaks into the secret room where the group hides!

I found that Tuan Zang was sleeping soundly at this time!

Ryoma couldn’t help but laugh!

“Your lair has been turned upside down by me, and you can still sleep? Still sleeping so soundly? ”

He naturally didn’t know.

After Danzo returned from the Hokage Tower yesterday, he didn’t sleep all night in order to deal with him.

After a hard night, I waited for a day, but what I got was to lose my wife and dismantle the army!

This is not a small blow to Tuanzang.

Plus, he is also old in the end.

Although a ninja.

However, the energy is not as good as that of young people.

A sleepless night coupled with a series of blows made him mentally exhausted.

As soon as I touched the pillow, I fell asleep.

“Tuan Zang, get up hi!”

Ryoma yelled.

Flew towards Tuan Zang.

Directly sat on Tuan Zang’s body.

Then, the punch was like a dragon, and like a violent storm, one punch after another bombarded Tuan Zang’s head!

Bang bang!!

Danzo was beaten from slumber to awakening by Ryoma in just three seconds, and then from awake to coma!

Ryoma, while bombarding for almost three minutes.

Not only did he beat Tuan Zang’s face into a pig’s head, but many bones on his body were also broken.

Even the eye he had been wrapped around was gouged out by Ryoma.

Put it in a bottle of saline that has just been brought from the medical secret room and soak it.

“Finish work!”

Ryoma flashed people directly after fighting!

When he beat Tuan Zang, the movement caused was not small.

Even if there are no root ninjas guarding this neighborhood.

It is estimated that they can still detect some of the situation.

Anyway, they’ll come and check it out!

Sure enough, Ryoma’s front foot had just stepped out of the lounge of the group.

A team of four came to the lounge of the group to check on the situation.

“Master Tuanzo, we heard outside that there is a situation on the adult’s side, is the adult??”

The root ninja said cautiously.

However, there was no response at all.


There was another silence.

“Something may have happened to the adult, let’s go inside!”

As the leader said.

The four of them rushed into the lounge where Tuan Zang was located.

When they saw the miserable appearance of Tuan Zang.

All of them were frightened.

“Danzo-sama !!!”



Second class in the morning!

Ah Li was ‘serious’ listening to the lecture.

Ryoma makes small gestures under the table!

The other teenager next to him was ‘asleep’!


A dark ninja suddenly appeared in class.

The entire classroom instantly became silent.

Everyone stared blankly at the dark ninja who suddenly appeared.

“Ahem… Excuse me! Moonlight Ryoma, trouble you to come out! The Dark Ninja tried to be polite and gentle as he could, and said.

With a snap, everyone’s eyes quickly shifted to Ryoma.

“In that case, let’s go out with this ninja-sir.” The teacher spoke.

“Okay!” Ryoma said and left the classroom.

“Three generations of adults want to see you, come with me!” The Dark Ninja said.

“It’s still you!” Ryoma looked at the other party’s mask and listened to this voice, this is not the ninja big brother who summoned him at the seafood restaurant.

“That’s right, it’s me!” The dark ninja said helplessly.

“Okay, I’ll go with you!” Ryoma did not make it difficult for the other party, let alone make any tricks.

Obediently follow the Dark Ninja to meet the three generations.

Hokage Building.

Second entrance to the palace!

“Three generations of adults, you looking for me?”

After Ryoma entered the Hokage’s office, he said steadily and politely as before.

“Ryoma is here!”

The third generation glanced at Ryoma and put down the work at hand.

This time, the three generations are not as kind as before.

His face was expressionless, making it impossible to see his mood at this time.

“Last night, the regiment was beaten at the root headquarters!” Sandai said in a flat tone.

“What are the three generations of adults telling me about this? I don’t understand something!! Ryoma scratched his head and said innocently.

“Danzo was sober once when he was beaten, but he didn’t see the murderer, Ryoma, do you know what that means??” The three generations ignored Ryoma’s words and continued.

“Could it be that Lord Tuanzo was beaten by a ghost??” Ryoma had a scared look on his face!!

But in his heart, he smiled: What does it mean?

This means that even if you know that I beat it, you have no evidence that I did it.

As long as I don’t admit it, no one can convict me!

“Well, it may be a little ghost who did it!” The three generations laughed, turned the conversation around, and said;

“However, in addition to the ghosts, it is possible that people did it! For example, people who have penetration. ”

“The three generations of adults suspect that my big brother Swift Wind did it?”

Ryoma looked surprised, and then shook his head sharply: “Impossible, impossible, Brother Swift Wind has a few pounds and taels, I still know, as far as his half-hanging escape, don’t say beating people, just move, it will be the original shape!”

How could he have the strength to pretend to be a ghost to fight Lord Tuanzang!

Three generations of adults, there must be some misunderstanding in this! ”

“Is there a possibility, the murderer I’m talking about – it’s you!!” The eyes of the three generations instantly became sharp.

The momentum pressed towards Ryoma.

“Slander, this is slander! Three generations of adults, although you are Hokage, you can’t slander me like this!”

That’s right, I do have some minor conflicts with Master Tuanzang, but aren’t we all reconciled under the mediation of the three generations of adults!

Besides, I’m only eleven years old this year, and I haven’t awakened the transparency of the Moonlight Family yet!

How is it possible to go to fight Tuan Zang-sama against thoroughness?

Moreover, even if I awaken to escape!

But just like Brother Swift Wind, how can he break into the headquarters…”

Ryoma ignored the momentum that the three generations poured out, and instead defended himself with an angry face.

“Okay, just kidding you, is it necessary to go online like this??” Seeing that Ryoma completely ignored his own momentum oppression, the third generation withdrew his momentum with some embarrassment in his heart, and snorted.

“However, the words of the three generations of adults are like a knife, and they hurt a little! Unless three generations of adults apologize to me!! Ryoma countered General Yijun.

As soon as the three generations heard this, their faces suddenly became cold.

Good fellow, I’m asking you about sin.

You made me apologize in turn!

“Ryoma, I called you over today, I just want to tell you one thing: no rules are not square circles!

Konoha also has the rules of Konoha!

I can stop thinking about what happened before, but, I don’t want the same thing to happen after that!! Although the tone of the three generations was calm, the content was full of warnings.


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