Another new day.

Ryoma walked on the way to school, looking at the bright sun, watching the squeaking birds, looking at the flowers on the road, and feeling the wind blowing in the morning.

The mood is wonderful.

There are mothers and wives waiting inside, and confidants outside.

Ryoma feels that his life has been perfected.

If it could be more perfect, he wouldn’t mind.

If he had to add a time limit to this perfect life, he would hope it would be forever!

When Ryoma came to school.

Have already completed a class.

It’s recess.

I don’t know when his control of time became so accurate!

There is always a break after the first class.

“Huh? Ah Li is not there? ”

Ryoma walks into the classroom and finds Ah Li absent.

Ryoma sat down on his seat, touched Ah Li’s position, and found that the chair and table were cold, and there was no trace of anyone sitting on it.

I suddenly realized that things were not that simple.

After looking around the classroom.

Walk towards the spring.

“Yo, Izumi, here!” Ryoma stood in front of Izumi and said hello with a smile.

“I’ve always been!” Izumi glanced at Ryoma and said.

“Yes, fortunately you are here, otherwise I would not have found an acquaintance to ask!” Ryoma smiled lightly.

“Don’t talk nonsense, we’re familiar there!” Izumi retorted.

“Gee, aren’t we familiar with each other? I just invited you to dinner the other day! Ryoma teased.

“Did you invite it? It’s Ah Li pleased! Izumi quickly retorted.

“Well, it was Ah Li who invited me, but I was also there at the time, we had dinner together, this is not empty talk!” Ryoma laughed.

“What the hell are you trying to say!!” Izumi was a little speechless.

“I want to ask, didn’t Ah Li come to class today?”

“You guys have such a good relationship, I thought you were skipping class together!” Izumi said with wide eyes.

“Although I have a good relationship with her, I haven’t met her this early in the morning, how can I take her to skip class!” Ryoma was speechless.

“Maybe something happened to her house, or maybe she wasn’t feeling well… I don’t know what happened to her anyway!

I just know that she didn’t come today! Izumi said.

“yes, I know!” Ryoma nodded.

Izumi’s words woke him up.

The Hyuga clan didn’t want him and Ari to come together.

It’s a pity that Hinata Hinata can’t help him.

It is estimated that they turned their heads and attacked Ah Li.

The Hyuga clan couldn’t deal with him, and they couldn’t deal with Ari.

Come to think of it.

Ryoma couldn’t stand still.

“Izumi, you haven’t seen me today, I haven’t been to school, you know?” Ryoma said to Izumi.

“What do you mean??” Izumi asked a little puzzled.

“It’s simple, I’m skipping class!” Ryoma said, and the figure disappeared into the classroom in an instant!

“Cut! Bored!! ”

That’s what Izumi said.

But, seeing Ryoma so dashing, he came when he wanted, walked when he wanted, and came and went like the wind.

I still can’t help but feel envious.

If only she had such skills.

In this way, she can avenge those three legs.

She can also catch up with the ferrets…


“Then again, I haven’t seen a weasel in a long time!

How long has it been??

One week?

Or a month??

One month, two months, three months…

By the way, I remembered, it’s been half a year!

In the past six months, I only wanted to avenge the three-legged revenge, and I almost forgot the weasel.

What the hell is wrong with me.

In the past, I couldn’t see the ferret for a day, and I was always worried about it.

Now, I haven’t seen the ferret for half a year, and I don’t even have the slightest bit of unaccustomedness?

There is also not the slightest thought.

Also, I feel so fulfilled!

So happy!

How so??

Didn’t I really like weasels before?

Otherwise, how could I be like this! Izumi couldn’t help but feel a pang of distress when he thought of this.

Suddenly, Izumi couldn’t help but think of a sentence her mother had said to her.

‘What makes you feel distressed and longing must be what you like but can’t get, and when you are left with only distress and you can’t feel longing, that’s what you need to let go.’ ’

She now thinks of the weasel, only feeling distressed, but not the slightest longing.

So, is it like mom said?

Actually, I don’t like weasels??

Izumi doesn’t know!

She felt so confused!

I can only force myself to stop thinking about the weasel.

“Class, class, I’m different from Ryoma and Ari, I’m a good student! Don’t skip class or desert in class…” Izumi hypnotized himself.


Ryoma and Ari are familiar though.

But after half a year, he never sent Ah Li home.

Seriously, he didn’t know exactly where the Hyuga clan was in the village.

However, he could sense the location of Ah Li by relying on the contract of the Lord.

Not much thought.

Ryoma then flew in the direction he perceived.

Ryoma doesn’t fly high and doesn’t fly fast.

Looking at it from afar, it’s like running on the roof.

Obviously, Ryoma did not want to attract attention at this time.

It didn’t take long.

Ryoma came to the Hyuga clan’s station.

Look at the unified Japanese-style building complex in front of you.

I couldn’t help but be surprised.

“It’s worthy of the Hyuga clan, it’s arrogant! This clan land alone is more than fifty times the size of the Moonlight Family! ”

“The guards are quite tight!”

“Today, I, Moonlight Ryoma, will walk through the main gate of your Hyuga clan in a dignified manner!”

Ryoma muttered to himself.

Walking slowly towards the gate of the Hyuga clan.

“Stop, this is the clan land of the Hyuga clan, and outsiders are not allowed to enter!” The two people who were guarding the door from the Hyuga clan saw Ryoma approaching and immediately stopped him.

“I’m a friend of Ah Li, I want to see her!” Ryoma said lightly.

“You’re the guy who wants to eat swan meat??”

When the people of the Hyuga clan heard Ryoma’s words, they immediately became vigilant.

The two looked at each other.

One of them quickly ran back into the compound, apparently to report the news.

“Just you, you can’t stop me!” Ryoma smiled lightly.

“You want to break in?” When the man in the Hyuga family heard this, his face changed slightly.

“I’m just breaking in, what can you do!”

Saying that, Ryoma quickly stopped the Hinata doorman in front of him.

Rushed into the gate of the Hyuga clan.

“Come, Moonlight Ryoma broke into our Hinata house!” The doorman of the Hyuga family chased after him into the compound.


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