“What about the spiral pill, it can’t be that you also comprehended it yourself, right?”

Ryoma really scared Tuanzo a lot just now.

But Tuan Zang still does not die.

“That’s really not what I realized!” Ryoma shook his head.

When Tuan Zang heard this, he rarely showed a touch of joy.

Forced to this point by this kid Ryoma, he can finally win back a round.

However, Ryoma’s next words made him laugh.

“Because this thing doesn’t need me to comprehend it alone, I just practiced the Wind Escape Great Breakthrough and naturally learned this trick.”

“What are you kidding! It took three years for the fourth generation to develop this ninjutsu, and you say you learned it naturally? Tuan Zang couldn’t help but shout angrily.

“However, I really learned it by practicing naturally.” Ryoma said seriously.

“Just like this!”

With that, Ryoma raised his hand.

Soon, the two of Midai and Danzo saw Ryoma’s palm.

A cyclone appears.

The cyclone is rapidly growing, and in the blink of an eye it becomes a one-meter-sized high-speed rotating wind ball.

The wind ball was under the control of Ryoma.

It turned into a spear, into a spiral shuriken, into a long sword, into a halberd, into dragons, long snakes, tigers, rabbits and other beasts, and finally even into the appearance of Tuanzo.

The two of Sandai and Tuanzo were completely dumbfounded.

Can Feng Dun still play like this?

They lived for dozens of years.

It’s the first time I’ve seen such a strange wind.

It’s also a long insight.


At this time, the three generations coughed twice.

“Danzo, now Ryoma has proven that he didn’t steal ninjutsu from the village! Your guess was wrong, now what else do you have to say! “Three generations decisively let Tuan Zang back the pot.

Everything just now has nothing to do with his three generations.

He has three generations of Hokage, Ape Flying Sun is highly respected, and he is dedicated to justice, how can he embarrass the teenager because he is two hours late!

This is all Tuan Zang’s conspiracy.

“Ape Fei, you!!” Tuan Zang Qi!

Just now, you’re not like that.

You not only acquiesced to my actions, but also contributed to it.

Now, I blame everything for my fault.

Bitches aren’t as desperate as you!!!

Although Tuan Zang is very angry with the three generations.

But also get used to it.

And did not quarrel with three generations regardless of the shrew.

Ryoma is still there.

He has to give some face to the three generations.

Besides, he didn’t plan to stop there.

The talent displayed by Ryoma surprised Danzo and deeply felt uneasy.

If you can’t take it.

Then it is necessary to suppress him at any cost!

“Moonlight Ryoma, even if you didn’t steal the ninjutsu of the village, but you injured four of my subordinates, what do you say about this!

They are all the elite of the root, the guardians of the village.

Because of you, they can’t perform their tasks today.

Can you afford the losses caused during this period? ”

Tuan Zang changed his tone and questioned Ryoma again with great momentum.

Ryoma glanced at Tuanzo and said with a contemptuous smile:

“Danzo-sama, what are you kidding me? Just those four goods, they can also be regarded as the elite of the village??

If the village is full of such goods, to be honest, I am really worried about the safety of the village! ”

“Moonlight Ryoma, you are presumptuous!!” As if he had been stepped on his tail, Tuan Zang exploded in an instant.

“Anyway, you hit the ninja in the village, that’s a fact! Beating the village ninja and picking quarrels and provoking trouble!

You can’t escape this charge no matter what! ”

“Don’t put any accusations on my head, they did it first!” I’m at best in self-defense!

Legitimate defense cannot always be a sin! Ryoma sneered.

“I was about to ask Danzo-sama, why can a ninja in your roots want to hit someone for no reason?

Just because they are your Tuanzang master’s subordinates, they can run amok in the village and bully the weak?

Just because I haven’t heard of your Tuanzo-sama’s name before, and if I refuse to go with them, they can violently and illegally arrest me??

And there is no royal law, and there is no righteousness! ”

Ryoma rebel general regiment hide one army!

“If you say that I beat a ninja in a high-ranking position to pick quarrels and provoke trouble, then what is the crime of your Tuanzo-sama conniving at his subordinates to bully the weak, run amok in the village, and fish and flesh the people!”

Ryoma looked at the three generations: “Three generations of adults, people like this, don’t you care about the old man?”

You just watched him Tuanzo-sama mess around the village? ”

“You…” Tuanzo almost exploded.

Three generations of him can’t compete, and even a dragon horse dares to talk to him like this…


“Enough!” Miyo slammed the table.

Sheng Sheng interrupted Tuan Zang’s words.

“Tuan Zang, you overdid this! You are still embarrassed to question others here, this matter, so far, there is no longer your business here, you go back! ”

The three generations said in an unquestionable tone.

Tuan Zang’s heart almost exploded.

Glared at Ryoma hatefully.

Then, the gaze of the gloomy gulls swept over the three generations.

Turn around and go.

However, when he reached the door, he suddenly stopped again.

Eagle looked back at the wolf and dropped a sentence: “Ape fly, you will regret it!” ”

“······” Three generations!

“······” Ryoma!

Ryoma kind of wanted to laugh.

Such a classic scene.

He was fortunate enough to watch from the sidelines.

However, considering the place he was in, he could only endure.

Can’t laugh!


Gate, close.

The three generations coughed twice, and instantly changed into a kind face!!

“Ryoma, although Tuanzo’s words just now are a little aggressive, he is not bad in nature, don’t take it to heart!” The three generations did not mention Ryoma’s disrespect for Danzo in the slightest.

Instead, let him not see the same as Tuanzang.

“The three generations of adults laughed, and I was also forced to rush, so recklessly bumped into Tuan Zang.

After all, no matter what, Master Tuanzo is also an old man in the village, and I should let him go!” “Ryoma is as good as a stream.

Little fox!!

After the third generation heard Ryoma’s words.

There is only one thought.

He is not afraid of the strength of a dragon horse.

However, strong and assertive, it is not so easy to deal with.

The three generations have a bad premonition, and Ryoma is not good to fool

If you want to fool Ryoma by fooling the water and weasel, I am afraid it will not work.

········· `

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