“I don’t know, will Ah Li kick the ass of this guy Ryoma!”

“Probably not, Ah Li is not Izumi, she has such a good relationship with Ryoma, how could Ryoma kick her!”

“Not necessarily! He is Ryomaye, how can he show mercy to his subordinates because of a good relationship. ”

“That’s right, he’s Ryomaye! He’ll definitely kick Ye Ah off the ass! ”

“You boys are too much!”

“Come on! Down with Ryoma! ”

Since the two came on the field.

The onlookers began to talk about it.

His eyes were even wide-eyed at them, for fear of missing the next good show.

Although Izumi also felt that Ryoma should not treat Ari like this, after all, their relationship was so good.

But, what if!

Ryoma this guy doesn’t know what it means to pity Xiang Xiyu, and if he hits his head, he will also kick Ah Li a few feet!

It better be so!

Izumi prayed secretly in his heart.


Seeing that Ryoma and Ari were ready, the teacher directly announced the start of the battle.

“White eyes!”

Ah Li opened his eyes at the first time!

And put on a defensive pose.

She didn’t believe that she would be attacked by Ryoma in this way.

“Are you going to attack with defense!!” Ryoma raised an eyebrow.

“Undefeated is winning! Why not defend instead of attack! Ah Li said gently.

“It’s a pity, you can’t keep it! Be careful! ”

Although Ryoma has the heart to fight with Ah Li for a hundred and eighty moves, he does not have that ability, and his physical skills are not as good as Ah Li.

If you play melee with Ah Li, I am afraid that you will be hanged.

If he wants to win, he can only magnify his moves.

Since that’s the case, end the battle as soon as possible!

“Wind Escape Big Breakthrough!”

I saw Ryoma clasping his hands together! A super strong storm erupted.

For a time, flying sand and stones.

“What a strong storm!”

Ah Li, who was in the vent of the wind, could most closely feel how terrifying this wind spewed out by Ryoma was.

In that moment, she had a feeling that she was going to be blown away.

“Can’t sit still!”

Thinking about it, Ah Li quickly manipulated Chakra to gush out in the major acupuncture tunnels.

“Go back to heaven!”

I saw Ah Li spinning at high speed, and the chakra that erupted from her body quickly formed a round ball.

The storm wind spewed out by Ryoma could not invade it at all.

It was swept backwards by the high-speed rotating ball.

“Use the wind power to return to the sky? Nice idea! However, my Wind Escape Great Breakthrough has long been out of change, and it is not so easy to crack! Ryoma smiled lightly.

After a month of tenfold speed hang-up practice, it has entered the LV7 realm of transcendence.

If LV5 is the supreme masterpiece, it corresponds to the control of basic ninjutsu by the three generations of Hokage.

Then LV6 is in good hands, that is, the application of spot to fire, only need to put both hands together, can be released, and the power of fire is increased several times.

When ninjutsu is cultivated to LV7, the release of ninjutsu no longer needs to be sealed, the power is stronger than LV6, not to mention, and even the released ninjutsu can be manipulated!

At this time, this is the case with Ryoma.

While increasing the output of the storm, he used the wind to pull the wind, so that the wind that had blown behind Ah Li kept rotating back and forth in the process of sweeping.

Gradually, Ah Li was surrounded.

When Ah Li realized something was wrong.

The storm had formed a large tornado, trapping her to death, and she didn’t need to come by herself, and the tornado wrapped her around her and spun quickly.

The more he reached the end, the more uncontrolled Ah Li’s body became.

Gradually, it was swept up by the tornado.

Fly towards the sky.


Amid Ari’s screams, Ryoma stopped the blessing of the Great Breakthrough and manipulated the wind to disperse the wind that formed the tornado.

Without the grip of the storm, Ah Li immediately fell from the sky.

Ryoma hurriedly rushed over.

Catch it in the position of a princess.

“Are you all right??” Ryoma smiled at Ari in his arms.

“How can it be okay, let me down!”

Ah Li glanced at Ryoma, and after he put it down, he knelt directly on the ground, gagging for a while.


“So dizzy!!”

Ryoma quickly squatted down to pat Ah Li on the back to make her feel better.

At this time, the teacher and the students on the playground woke up like a dream.

“Is what just happened true? It feels so dreamy! ”

“You saw it too?”

“Is it a tornado? I saw it too! ”

“So, everything we just saw is true.”

“Wow, this guy Ryoma is so outrageous, he even played with tornadoes.”

Izumi blinked his big beautiful eyes and looked at Ryoma, who was patting Ah Li on the back not far away, and was powerless.

“Is this your real strength?”

Originally, I thought that since I couldn’t meet the actual combat class, I would wait for school and then find Ryoma to compete.


As soon as Ryoma came up, a big one came directly.

It made her realize that her strength was far from Ryoma.

Going to his trouble now is undoubtedly self-inflicted.

“No, no, no, I admit that in ninjutsu, I am inferior to him, but I can also use illusion, chakra hypnosis, Narakumi no jutsu, all of which have already started.

Ryoma this guy may not be able to block it.

However, if you start steadily, you should practice for a while and challenge him again.

Hmph, Ryoma, today, let you go.

When this girl has practiced the illusion, I will find you to settle the account.

You kicked those three feet of this girl.

This girl will remember you for the rest of your life.

You wait for me. ”

“Four years without sound, a blockbuster, genius, Ryoma this kid is really a genius, it seems that it is necessary to report to the three generations of adults!” The middle-aged teacher, looking at Ryoma’s figure, was a little burning.

There was a genius in the class, he not only had face, but also salary bonuses.

“The eighteenth actual battle, Moonlight Dragon Horse wins!”

After the teacher announces the results.

He walked towards the two.

“Ah Li, are you all right?”

After all, just now Ah Li was blown so high by a tornado, and the teacher was afraid that she would be injured.

“I’m fine, thank you for your concern!” Ah Li shook his head.

At this time, although her face was still pale.

However, the breath has gradually calmed down.

The dizzy head also gradually became clearer.

“That’s good!” Fellow teachers put their hearts down.

“The class is over, in that case, let’s give you an early end of school!”

“Oh…” There was a cheer from the crowd.

Scrambling to run outside the school gates.

Izumi glanced at Ryoma and Ari, did not speak, did not stop much, and silently left with the public.

The teacher didn’t care about them, and turned his head to look at Ryoma: “Ryoma-kun, the teacher knows that you have a better relationship with Ah Li, plus, she was made like this by you, then it’s up to you to send her back, no problem!” ”

“Leave it to me, Teacher Tongren!”

Hear Ryoma’s answer.

Tongren nodded, and walked towards the Hokage office building with the materials in hand.

From time to time, only Ryoma and Ah Li were left in the playground of Noda.

“Is it better??” Ryoma asked.

Ah Li rolled his eyes, not wanting to deal with him.

“You look like this, wait a minute, can you still eat oden??” Ryoma said with some distress.

“Why can’t it!” When it comes to eating, Ah Li comes to the spirit.

“I’m like this now, and I should eat a little more, so that I have enough energy to recover!” Go, help me up, let’s go eat oden! ”



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