“The seal of opposites between the two sides!”

At this time, the teacher opened his mouth and announced.

Hinata and Inuzuka Hana both formed a seal of opposition at the same time!


With the teacher’s voice.

Inuzuka Hana, who was bent on winning back, took the lead in attacking Hinata.

“Secret Technique, Four Legs!”

Inuzuka Hana moved Chakra on her limbs, like a vicious dog hunting, towards Hinata.

“White eyes!” Hinata had fought with Inuzuka Hana, knowing Inuzuka Hana’s strength, and did not carelessly, and directly opened his eyes.

Catch Inuzuka Hana’s movements with a white eye, and then punch out with a smooth soft fist.

Melee combat.

The Hyuga clan’s soft boxing is among the best in the world.

As soon as the two clashed, Hinata defused Inuzuka Hana’s attack and quickly poked Inuzuka Hana at several acupuncture points.

Instantly made Inuzuka Hana lose her combat effectiveness.

“Abominable!” Inuzuka glared at Hinata unwillingly.

It’s a pity that Chakra was intercepted.

The movement became extremely difficult.

Even if you are unwilling, you can’t do anything.

“You lose!” Hinata said gently.

“Hmph! When I learn the secret art of the family, I will definitely win it back! “Inuzuka Hana can only obediently admit defeat after her mouth is hard.

“I’ll give you time to catch up until you’re completely convinced!” Hinata said domineering words in a gentle tone.

“The first battle, Hinata is away from winning! The seal of reconciliation between the two sides! At this time, the teacher announced the results.

“Is this the end of it?”

“Too fast”

“Hinata’s soft boxing is too stakes, and for students like us who don’t know ninjutsu yet, it’s simply incomprehensible!”

“If you know ninjutsu, you may not be able to beat Ah Li!”

“Ah Li is a genius herself, so her soft boxing method is stakes, and there is also a person from the Hyuga family in the next class, he can also use soft boxing methods, but he has been beaten miserably several times.”

“No. 3 Dumb VS Nobita Nobita No. 4!”

Ryoma didn’t know these two guys, most of them were dragon sets.

His gaze shifted to Hinata in the return queue.

“Ah Li, congratulations on winning the battle!” Ryoma Road.

“Thank you!” Hinata replied gently.

did not continue to show her domineering demeanor.

The two chatted idly without a word, and soon, the battle between Dun and Nobita was over.

This battle is much more exciting than ordinary kung fu martial arts movies, but from the perspective of ninja vision, in a word, mediocre, children fight.

However, judging by the shouts of these children in the playground, they enjoyed watching this battle.

“No. 5 Moonlight Ryoma VS No. 6 Uchiha Izumi!”

“It’s up to me, the opponent is her!!” Ryoma was slightly stunned.

“Ryoma-kun, come on!” Although Hinata didn’t think that Ryoma could beat Uchiha Izumi, she still cheered for him.

“Thank you!” Ryoma smiled lightly and walked towards the battlefield.

“You don’t need to compare this battle to know the result, just this guy Ryoma, how can it be Izumi’s opponent!”

“That’s it! Ryoma this guy probably can’t even beat me, let alone win the spring. ”

“If you want to blame, blame him for his bad luck and draw until the next sign!”

“I hope wait a minute, he won’t be beaten too badly!”

“Don’t worry, Izumi is very gentle, except for fighting Ari, I haven’t seen her hit anyone hard.”

“That’s not necessarily, recently, this guy Ryoma and Ah Li have been very close, maybe Izumi will be ruthless, after all, it’s a girl!” The heart is not big! ”

“yes, too!”

Izumi and Ah Li were jokingly called ‘Amazing Double Pride’ by the class.

Both are beautiful and gentle.

I can talk to everyone else in the class.

But it was just such a two-person person, but there was almost no contact.

Practical lessons have never been compromised.

In order to defeat each other, both sides did not hesitate to lay the most ruthless hands.

Ryoma and Ah Li are so good, in their opinion, they can’t get by with Izumi.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know that today’s Ryoma is not the Ryoma of a month ago.

Shibetsu was impressed on three days.


Ryoma and Izumi stand facing each other.

None spoke.

At this time, the teacher spoke: “The seal of opposition!” ”


At the moment when the teacher’s voice fell.

Izumi moved instantly.

It was like a rabbit flying towards Ryoma.

As soon as the jade legs were raised, they swept towards Ryoma’s waist.

“So fierce?”

Ryoma raised an eyebrow.

Quickly dodged to the side.

However, his speed was too slow compared to the jade legs swept by Quan.

The whole person was kicked by Izumi and flew several meters.


The students watched this scene and couldn’t help but coax.

“It’s so atrocious!”

However, at this moment, Ryoma, who flew out upside down, ‘banged’, burst into a cloud of white smoke, and finally turned into a piece of wood.

“Avatar??” Izumi was stunned.

“You do the first year of junior high school, I do fifteen, it’s very reasonable!”

At this time, a voice sounded behind Izumi.

Then kicked out.

Izumi was too close to Ryoma to react.

He was directly kicked by Ryoma for several meters.

After landing, I rolled twice on the ground, so as not to be embarrassed.

However, fortunately, Ryoma kicked Izumi’s ass, there is a lot of meat there, there is nothing important.

So, Izumi didn’t hurt either.


The students watching were booed again.

“I rub, this guy Ryoma, when did he become so strong!”

“Izumi was actually kicked away by him!”

“Ryoma, this kid is too cruel, anyway, Izumi is also a girl, and he actually kicked him directly!”

“This guy treats girls so rudely, he will definitely not find a girlfriend in the future!”

“Rude man, destined to beat a lifetime of bachelors!”

Ryoma turned a deaf ear to the voices that were attacking him, and looked at the teacher next to him: “Teacher, I won this battle!” ”

“Hmm…” The teacher looked at Izumi and was about to announce the results.


A voice called out to the teacher who was about to announce the results.

At this time, Uchiha Izumi stood up and glared at Ryoma with a condescending expression.

“I haven’t lost yet!”

“The game continues!” The teacher glanced at Izumi and then at Ryoma before making a decision.

After all, Ryoma’s kick just now only kicked Izumi’s ass, and if it was compared to a real battle, this kick could not make Izumi lose the ability to fight, so the teacher decided to let the game continue.

“In that case, let the horses come!” Ryoma has no problem with such an outcome.

Ryoma’s toughness is somewhat beyond Izumi’s expectations.

She was ready to go all out.

Quick imprint with both hands!

“Fire Escape Hao Fireball Technique!”

I saw a one-meter-sized fireball released by the spring and quickly flew towards Ryoma.

“Wow, use ninjutsu.”

“It seems that Izumi was really provoked by Ryoma!”

“Ryoma, this guy is going to be miserable!”

Those classmates couldn’t help but exclaim as they watched Izumi use Hao Fireball Ninjutsu.

Even the teacher next to him became nervous.

In ninjutsu duel, victory and defeat are only in an instant, and life and death are only in an instant.

If you are not careful, Ryoma may be buried in the fire at any time.

As a teacher, if there is an educational accident, he needs to bear some responsibility.

As a party, Ryoma did not panic at this time.

I saw that his two hands were sealed!

“Instantaneous Technique!”

When the Hao fireball flew in, it instantly disappeared in place.

The Hao fireball swept directly from the place where Ryoma had just stood, flew out of the battle circle, and disappeared completely more than ten meters away.


Ryoma also appeared behind Izumi using teleportation.

Kick it out again!


Under Ryoma’s hard kick, Izumi flew again.

When the spring hit the ground again, after rolling twice.

A figure quickly approached her and sat on top of her at the first time.

Place a finger against the throat of the spring.

“You lose!” Ryoma said with a faint smile.

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