Same time.

Same location.

The same characters.

Xi Yan also opened with the same remarks: “Let’s start, let me see your performance!” ”

“Shadow Doppelgänger Art!”

Ryoma has no nonsense, his hands are sealed.


A shadow doppelganger who looked exactly like Ryoma appeared beside him.

“Say hello to my sister!” Ryoma Honzun said.

“Hello sister!” The shadow avatar raised his hand to Xi Yan.

Xi Yan looked at this scene, her eyes couldn’t help but widen, and her expression was full of incredulity!

“Ryoma, how did you do it? In just one night, that dough-like shadow avatar turned out to be like this? It’s incredible! ”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel like I can practice in my dreams.

Last night, I seemed to have been practicing in my dream for almost a month, and I finally succeeded in cultivating the shadow doppelganger. Ryoma scratched his head and said with a snort.

“Dream cultivation?” The corner of Xi Yan’s mouth twitched.

You are a member of the Moonlight family, and the blood is penetrating, not sleeping.

Can you find a reasonable excuse?

Forget it, you don’t want to say it, and I don’t want to force you.


Xi Yan then said: “Forget it, no matter how you successfully cultivate, bet you win, in that case, sister, I will teach you another ninjutsu!” ”

“Thank you sister!” Seeing Xiyan so tolerant, Ryoma was relieved in his heart, but also a little moved.

A woman who knows you have a problem, but still chooses to tolerate you, is not easy to find.

“I choose the Instantaneous Technique!”


Then, a new round of teaching and learning begins!

Time flows like water, half a month has passed.

In the course of this half month.

Ryoma learned the Instantaneous Technique, Thunder Discharge and Basic Sword Art from Xiyan!

As for illusion, although Yuyan can, he is not very good at it and cannot teach Ryoma better.

Although the Moonlight clan also possessed several illusion scrolls, he had not been able to learn them under the condition of being taught, and it was even more impossible to learn illusion cultivation by relying on scrolls to learn by himself.

Konoha School!

Grade 4A class!

At this time, there was a commotion in the classroom.

Boys play with boys, girls chat with girls.

Ryoma lay on the table and slept soundly.

It’s like going back to a past life, falling asleep in class after an all-night night.

At this time, a middle-aged teacher walked into the classroom.

The young girl quickly jumped back to her place.

Sit quietly.

For a while, the needle drop in the entire classroom could be heard.

The middle-aged teacher glanced at the classmates and said with a faint smile: “The afternoon is a practical class, and all the students go to the playground!” ”

“Practical lessons?”

“Great, I like the practical class the most!”

“Wait a minute, let you see my stakes!”

“The east wind blows, the drums of war beat, who in this world is afraid of whom!”

“Alas, good manners, how come I have a real combat class again, I don’t want to fight!”

“It’s over, I’m afraid no one can beat me with my strength!”

“I hope to be assigned to a relatively weak opponent, otherwise I will be beaten again!”

Practical lessons, it can be said that some people are happy and some people are worried.

Cheers and lamentations mingle.

“Ryoma wake up, it’s time for a practical combat class!!” A white-eyed girl shook Ryoma.

Ryoma quickly sobered up under the swaying of the white-eyed girl.

“What’s the situation?? Is school out? ”

Watching one classmate after another walk out the door, Ryoma muttered to himself in a daze.

“What after school? It’s a practical lesson. The white-eyed girl said.

“It turned out to be a practical class, I thought it was after school!!” Ryoma gradually sobered up, stood up and stretched.

“Thank you for waking me up, Ah Li!”

Travel into this world.

He has seen many characters in the original work, Yuzuki Yuyan, Moonlight Blast, Sunset Red, Mitarai Red Bean, Hand Hit Uncle, Naruto, Uchiha Izumi and so on.

However, to say that it is familiar, in addition to Yueyue Xiyan and Moonlight Wind, only this white-eyed girl in front of him, Hinata, the daughter of the second elder of the Hyuga Sect, left.

Hinata is his table mate and has a personality that is neither lively nor introverted.

He is a gentle and quiet person.

“No thanks! Let’s go, or you’ll be late! Hinata smiled softly and left first.

“Combat lessons? I hope the opponent is not too collapsed! Ryoma was a little expectant, but not particularly expectant, and walked towards the outside of the classroom.


All the students in Grade 4A stood in three rows of twelve people each.

The teacher stood in front of him and said: “Today’s actual combat class is still the old rule, draw lots to determine the opponent, starting from left to right!” ”

This is not the first practical class, and all students are very familiar with the process.

After the middle-aged teacher finished speaking, the first girl on the left of the first row stepped forward first and took out a number ball from a box next to the teacher.

Then, one after the other.

Soon everyone got their own number ball.

After the students got the number ball, they started talking about who their opponents were.

“Ah Li, what number are you?” Ari was standing next to Ryoma, and he felt that his relationship with Ari was not bad, so he asked.

“Number one!” Ah Li always said so gently.

“Number one! Nice number, it’s a pity that the opponent is not me, do you know who your opponent is? Is there confidence? Ryoma said.

“It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, the final winner must be me!” Ah Li said the most domineering words in the most gentle tone.

When Ryoma heard Ah Li’s words, he couldn’t help but look at her more.

“Look away!”

“What do you mean??” Ari glanced at Ryoma curiously.

“Before this, I always thought that you were the kind of girl who was gentle and quiet, and did not fight, but as a result, you are the kind of girl who is gentle on the outside and domineering on the inside!”

“Don’t fight? It’s not good in a big family! Ah Li blinked!

“Too!” Ryoma nodded! I very much agree with Ah Li’s words.

“Ryoma-kun, what number are you?” Ah Li asked.

“Number five!” Ryoma Road!


At this time, the teacher had already completed the registration, glanced at the registration form and said: “No. 1 Hinata away VS No. 2 Inuzuka Hana!” ”

“Ah Li, come on!”

“Little flower, dry daddy!”

For a while, the voice of cheering for the two was endless.

Two on the field!

“I didn’t expect that my opponent this time would be you, Hinata, this time I must defeat you!” Inuzuka Hana looked at Hinata on the opposite side, and the fighting spirit suddenly surged up.

It wasn’t her first time fighting Hinata, she had fought Hinata more than five times in the past four years.

Unfortunately, in the end, she lost at the hands of Hinata.

This time, in her opinion, it was a battle for revenge.

“So my opponent is you, little flower! Don’t put too much fantasy, you are not my opponent! Hinata didn’t change her mood in a wave, and still said so gently.

“Abominable!!” Inujia Hana gritted her teeth.

“The seal of opposites between the two sides!”

“The battle begins!”

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