In the Age of Mythology, I Evolved Into a Stellar Behemoth

Chapter 384: Weapons with racial heritage, Zhenwu Tianwang (please vote for me)

Chapter 384 Weapons with racial heritage, Zhenwu Tianwang (please vote for me)

 At an independent seat on the side of the parliament, Li Daoyi came to the edge of a powerful young man and said with a smile: "Hello, brother, please meet me. My name is Li Daoyi."

The mighty young man paused for a moment, and then a smile appeared on his face: "Hello, brother Li, my name is Xia Zuo."

However, as soon as the two of them said hello, the entire conference room space shook slightly and became distorted.

On the circular throne in front of the conference room, five figures exuding the majesty of the king appeared, and everyone below suddenly looked solemn.

The King of God in ancient costume looked down and said in a gentle voice: "Everyone, please find a seat and sit down. The meeting is about to begin."

At this time, three more figures surrounded by laws appeared on the throne in front, followed by several more, and soon eleven kings had arrived.

The invisible aura of law emanating from the bodies of more than a dozen kings merged to form an invisible and heavy pressure over the conference room, and the space under the pressure was distorted.

 “So many kings!” Li Daoyi exclaimed.

The mighty young man sitting next to him also nodded with emotion: "Indeed, this is the first time I have seen so many kings appear."

Buzz! At this time, white light bloomed on the high throne, and then four figures appeared out of thin air. Suddenly, the pressure of the king and the king filled the air.

“You two sit over there.”

As Gabriel's voice fell, on the left side of the original twenty-five thrones, two stone thrones condensed with white divine light and ten meters high on the back wall emerged.

 “This…” Chen Chu hesitated.

The king of the sky in front smiled slightly: "Sit down, you are already qualified to sit on it."

  When King Shenxiao opened his mouth, the other kings who had already seen the list of important personnel in this war and knew the information about Chen Chu also nodded slightly to them.

Although the atmosphere within the Federation is harmonious and most of the king-level powerhouses do not have any arrogant attitude, it does not mean that their identities can be ignored.

 As a strong man who has stepped into the myth, he must be respected for his status.

This respect is not only a reflection of strength, but also their contributions to the human race over the years. The stronger a cultivator is in the Federation, the higher their status, and the heavier the responsibilities they shoulder.

 Including Chen Chu and Luo Fei.

 Luo Fei, who pilots Unit 1, is as powerful as a king. At the same time, the enemy she faces next will definitely be a demon king. If she is not careful, she will die.

Thinking of this, Chen Chu and Luo Fei nodded slightly without refusing. They came to sit on the throne at the back.

However, compared to other thrones with crown patterns engraved on the back walls, the back walls of these two thrones appear simpler.

But even this represents the different identities of Chen Chu and Luo Fei, so they attracted everyone's attention at once, and many powerful people below who did not know them showed curiosity and doubt in their eyes.

Li Daoyi stared in disbelief: "Damn it, Brother Chu, he is actually in Tianyuan Battle City, and he is even sitting on it."

Xia Zuo was a little curious: "Brother Li, do you know the person sitting above?"

“We know him, of course he does. His name is Chen Chu, and he is my good brother.” Li Daoyi’s eyes were complicated, and he was a little sad.

“I remember that a few months ago I fought side by side with him, and in our free time we discussed which beauty had bigger **** and which had longer legs. Unexpectedly, I turned around and he sat on the throne.”

 On the throne in front, the corners of Chen Chu's mouth twitched involuntarily. The ghost has discussed with you whether it is good for a beautiful woman to have long **** and thighs because you are obviously holding a cell phone all day long and looking at pornographic photos.

Chen Chu, Xia Zuo was slightly startled because he seemed to have heard of this name. His younger brother had a classmate also named Chen Chu. He heard that his talent was exaggerated.

 Could it be that…

 At this moment, another figure of the king appeared on the high platform in front.

 When a middle-aged man with a solemn expression appeared on the throne at the front, many people's faces suddenly showed excitement, and everyone below stood up.

 “I’ve seen the Zhenwu Throne.”

 The middle-aged man nodded slowly: "Everyone, please sit down, you're welcome."

 Zhenwu Tianwang.

Looking at the middle-aged man, Chen Chu also showed respect in his eyes. He did not expect to see this legendary figure today.

As a veteran Heavenly King-level expert, he not only has strong cultivation, but also has made outstanding contributions to the human race, such as pioneering the secret method of building foundations in advance.

The explosion of human cultivators in the past ten years is inseparable from this foundation-building secret method, so even Chen Chu can't help but respect it.

And at this time, there is a faint aura of rules flowing around this strong man, as if he is independent from another world, exuding indescribable pressure invisibly.

Like Cecidian’s mother, King Zhenwu is only one step away from becoming one of the strongest.

Furthermore, Chen Chu once read the introductory information about Zhenwu Tianwang, which said that this strong man holds the Zhenwu Divine Monument called the racial heritage in his hands, and his combat power is very terrifying.

Once he held the True Martial God Monument and fought head-on against a demon **** from the Purgatory Demon Tribe without losing. This is also the origin of his name.

With the arrival of King Zhenwu, the atmosphere in the conference hall suddenly became solemn.

At this moment, a golden Rubik's cube with a diameter of three meters slowly appeared on the main seat, and then an invisible wave swept across everyone and enveloped the entire conference room.

An old voice from the golden Rubik's Cube slowly sounded: "Everyone has arrived, let's get started. Shenxiao, you will be responsible for presiding over this combat meeting."

King Shenxiao nodded and said solemnly: "This time we have mobilized two main battles, three reserve legions and 200,000 logistics reinforcements to Tianyuan City."

“In addition to this, there is also a large amount of ammunition, as well as natural materials and earthly treasures to recover injuries and restore strength.”

“These supplies will arrive within the next three days, and by then all elite personnel will be equipped with sufficient healing and recovery resources.”

“At present, our main battle strength is 1.47 million, and each of the 18 legions will be stationed at 156 battle points.”

As King Shenxiao spoke, light appeared in the sky, forming a three-dimensional map a thousand meters long in front of everyone.

The huge map covers the territory controlled by the human race that is 10,000 kilometers deep outside the base and spans more than 20,000 kilometers left and right, marking various dangerous areas and dangerous restricted areas.

Many of the restricted areas in these territories were formed over the years by the battles between the second council leader, Tianji God King, and the third council leader, the original true king, and the Purgatory Demon God.

The residual power of rules permeates the interior, mixing space debris and void storms to form destruction zones. Ordinary kings will be in danger if they enter. Therefore, when long-range missiles are launched from behind the base, they need to avoid these restricted areas, otherwise they will be directly swallowed up and waste ammunition.

Moreover, the entire frontline battlefield is suffering from year-round wars, nuclear bombings, and the battle between kings and kings. The energy of the heaven and earth is violent, the radiation is severe, and the magnetic field is chaotic.

Hence, strong signal towers are needed to provide coverage. Once a war breaks out, six space-based warships will enter the battlefield as signal transfer stations.

 Under the arrangement of King Shenxiao, the huge frontline battlefield was divided into eighteen war zones.

These battle zones intersect with each other, front and back, ensuring enough firepower to cover the opposite Purgatory Demon Legion.

At the forefront are the Thor cannons that can bomb hundreds of kilometers away, and high-yield rocket launchers with a strike range of two thousand kilometers.

In addition, there are airports, ammunition supply points, and missile launch bases located one thousand kilometers, three thousand kilometers, five thousand kilometers to eight thousand kilometers away from the front line.

These military bases need to be guarded to avoid being sneaked in and destroyed by the elite teams of the Infernal Demon Clan.

After all, the depth of the battlefield is too great. If those high-level purgatory demons are good at hiding, even the King of Heaven cannot detect them when they are thousands of kilometers apart.

 Therefore, during a war, ordinary soldiers form positions to launch attacks, while high-level warriors, mainly those from the Nine Heavens, form elite teams to intersperse on the battlefield.

Part of these elite teams stayed in the center and rear, while others entered the enemy's position to cause damage and guide the large-scale destructive strikes of the crystal energy hydrogen bombs.

 After the tasks of all legions were assigned, King Shenxiao talked about the key points of this plan.

“In this war, the high-end and powerful players will restrain each other. The core is Unit 1 as the leader, Chen Chu as the dark one, and they will slowly break the balance with strange moves that point out the Arrancar.”

“But we received news earlier, and support was sent from the opposite side, including seventeen vassal race legions and five elite purgatory demon armies.”

“In addition, it is currently known that the opponent has two strong demon kings as reinforcements and one big demon king. In terms of overall combat strength, our two sides are once again equal.”

“But the Zhenwu Heavenly King holds a racial heritage weapon, and his combat power is comparable to the strongest level. Coupled with the return of the Heaven-Suppressing War King, he can defeat a big demon king when he is unsealed. I have the advantage in high-end combat power.”

“It’s a pity that Xuanwu and Jiuyou are not here. Otherwise, if most of the high-end combat power is gathered this time, we might be able to completely penetrate this demonic defense line.”

At this point, King Shenxiao looked at Chen Chu: "Before this war begins, Chen Chu, please do not show a fighting power comparable to that of a king, so as to avoid being sniped by the opponent's demon king-level powerhouse in advance."

"Your early mission is to travel to the front lines of the battlefield and kill the elite demons who enter our position, especially the real demon nobles with nine demon marks."

“Wait until the middle of the war, when the high-end combat capabilities of both sides are at a fever pitch, and Unit 1 is also involved, then you can use all your strength to overwhelm the opposing defense line.”

"At that time, the Second, Eleventh, and Nineteenth Legions, including five elite squads, will cooperate with you to launch a wave of strong attacks and completely tear apart the opponent's frontal defense line."

“I understand.” Chen Chuning nodded.

This kind of civilization-level war covers too wide an area, is too big, and the fighting time will last for a long time. It is not a place where individuals can be heroic.

The people who can attend this meeting at the same time are all commanders of various legions and general-level experts, so there is no need to worry about information about Chen Chu being leaked.

If these people had problems under the supervision of the most powerful person, the Federation would have collapsed long ago.

 The meeting continued to discuss details and assign clearer tasks to the commanders of each legion. At the same time, the war was scheduled for six days later, three days before dawn.

While Chen Chu was having a meeting honestly, an indifferent voice slowly sounded from behind the Purgatory Demon Clan's base tens of thousands of kilometers away.

 “Is this a human being?”

Wearing a dark golden battle armor, Alex stood three meters tall, with nine magic horns of different lengths on his head like a crown, and his face covered with dark red fine scales.

 It is holding an early stage cultivator of the Nine Heavens in its hands, grabbing his head and lifting him into the air.

At this time, the Nine Heavens cultivator's breath was weak, his armor was broken, half of his body was blown apart, he was seriously injured, and he almost only had one breath left.

On the shattered ground a few hundred meters away, three human corpses were lying.

This is an elite team that went deep into the rear of the Purgatory Demon Clan to perform a mission, but all of them were already dead at this time.

Jiang Zhe's breath was weak as his head was being grabbed, but his momentum was not diminished. His eyes were fixed on this terrifying purgatory demon and his voice was hoarse and weak.

“You trash monsters, if Uncle Jiang hadn’t had diarrhea today and was a little weak, you wouldn’t have been able to catch him.”

As he spoke, Jiang Zhe gasped and sneered: "Come on, give me a good time. Soon you **** will come down to accompany Mr. Jiang."

Jiang Zhe's tone made Alex frown slightly, turned his head slightly, looked at the kilometer-long dark beast behind him, and said in the words of the purgatory demon clan.

"What is he saying?"

The dark giant beast let out a cold and low roar: "Roar! I don't understand, but it should be a curse on you."

“How dare you insult the great True Demon Noble, you are seeking death.”

  Bang! As he spoke, Alex used a little force in his hands to crush Jiang Zhe's head and threw the human body away.

After casually killing Jiang Zhe, a strong human being, Alex was a little confused: "How can these humans be so weak and resist my true demon clan for so long?"

The dark beast, whose whole body was burning with flames and had nine dragon heads, resembled a Western dragon, slowly growled: "It's not that these humans are weak, it's that you are too strong, Alex."

"As you have the blood of the devil, these ordinary humans are not your opponent at all. Your target should be the top geniuses of the human race."

 “Humans also have geniuses?” Alex was a little surprised.

The dark behemoth nodded slowly: "Yes, the so-called innate awakeners of the human race, the descendants of the King of Heaven, and the geniuses who have cultivated to the nine demon marks within two hundred days of the sun, are all very powerful."

Alex raised his eyebrows: "Those human races with more than 200 sun discs can grow into nine magic marks?"

"Roar! Compared to the true demons of purgatory, although these humans are relatively weak at the same level, they grow very fast. Some of them are even as powerful as the true demon nobles."

 “Is that so?” Alex licked his lips, with a cruel smile on his ferocious face.

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