I’m the Only One With a Different Genre

I’m the Only One With a Different Genre

나 혼자 장르가 다르다

51 Chapters Ongoing Status


In the world of comedy anime, I was living an ordinary life until I became possessed by a dark fantasy novel I was reading before falling asleep.

‘Hahaha! Don’t hold a grudge -..!’
‘Ugh, cough cough…seriously…my clothes are ruined.’

Though I was stabbed in the stomach, I calmly stood up and pulled out the spear. Originally, residents of the comedy world are a race that can be torn into 100 pieces and still come back to life the next day.

‘Stop it! Stop now! How long do you plan to sacrifice me?’
‘No…I mean..’
‘I’ve become strong to protect you…what have I become?’

Residents in the comedy world are just a race that vomits blood even if they stub their toe. I never made any sacrifices..but my delusion deepens and my obsession grows.

One day, while I was half-imprisoned and taking care of some pitiful kids…

‘Are you the boss?’
‘Excuse me?’

Before I knew it, I had become the behind-the-scenes boss of a huge underworld organization.

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