I’m Really a Villain

Vol 2 Chapter 2250: First arrived at Zhenwu Shengzong, the great migration journey

【I am really a villain】【】

Chapter 2250: First Arrival at Zhenwu Holy Sect, Great Migration

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You must know that although the nine domains are a whole, each domain is actually incompatible with each other.

When Xu Zimo first came to the Nine Realms, he almost lost half his life when he tried to cross the barrier between the two realms.

Even for a great emperor or even a powerful sage, it is very difficult to travel between two realms.

But Emperor Zhenwu just slashed with his sword.

Such an understatement of the sword opened all the passages between the nine realms.

There is no need to endure any more space turbulence.

At this moment, the nine realms are truly one and can flow completely unimpeded.

At this moment, not only the people from Yuanyang Continent, but also the natives of the Nine Regions began to travel to different regions.

After all, for many ordinary monks, it is very rare to have a chance to make a leap.

The entire Tianji Domain became lively almost at this moment.

Countless people began to pour into it.

Even the people in the Nine Regions were curious about the lively scene of Yuanyang Continent and this new world.

Some people even took the initiative to run into Yuanyang Continent.

Emperor Zhenwu didn't stop him either.

Anyway, in three days, Yuanyang Continent will be completely closed, and no matter which world you are from, you will have no chance to come out.

In Yuanyang Continent, the people of Zhenwu Shengzong did not hesitate at all. Under the leadership of their ancestor Liu Sanjian, they all left Yuanyang Continent.

First, it is mainly the relationship between Zhenwu Emperor and Zhenwu Shengzong.

Now that I have come to the Nine Realms World, I naturally want to take refuge with my ancestor.

Moreover, the development of the Zhenwu Holy Sect in the Nine Domains is also very good. It can be said that it is now the overlord of the Tianji Domain.

At that time, the Zhenwu Saint Sect of the two worlds will be merged together, which will be very meaningful for the Zhenwu Saint Sect of Yuanyang Continent.

Another point is that they yearn for the Nine Realms World.

Who wouldn't be happy in a world where only the Great Emperor could ascend in the past?

The Great Emperor is the absolute ceiling in Yuanyang Continent.

But as for the Nine Realms World, countless powerful people combine to form this colorful world.

The Brilliant Civilization is much broader than the Yuanyang Continent.

At this moment, at the gate of Yuanyang World, countless people are lining up to leave.

After seeing the arrival of Zhenwu Shengzong led by Liu Sanjian, many people took the initiative to give way.

Some even started a relationship.

"Senior Liu

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Chapter 2250: First Arrival at Zhenwu Holy Sect, Great Migration

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, please hurry up, maybe Zhenwu Patriarch is waiting for you in front. "

"Senior Liu, remember me. I helped the Zhenwu Saint Sect when they were in trouble before."

"Senior, can you take us to join the Zhenwu Holy Sect? We are not familiar with the outside world. If we encounter danger, please ask senior to help us."

Everyone was talking.

Everyone knows that the Zhenwu Holy Sect is about to rise completely.

After all, Emperor Zhenwu directly ruled the Yuanyang Continent and transformed himself into the Great Dao. All these behaviors showed the power of Emperor Zhenwu.

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【I am really a villain】【】

And their ancestors may have sunk somewhere.

Everyone is both curious and worried about the Nine Realms World.

After all, things in the future are always accompanied by too many things.

Zhenwu Shengzong is like the backbone of everyone.

Liu Sanjian hasn't been praised by so many people for a long time.

The Zhenwu Holy Sect was in decline before. After Xu Zimo went to Yuanyang Continent to help the Zhenwu Holy Sect, the situation of the Zhenwu Holy Sect improved.

However, due to the decline of the sect, the foundation is still too weak.

After Xu Zimo left, the Zhenwu Shengzong began to close its gates, regroup, and cultivate its moral character.

I want to accumulate strength and eventually fly to the sky.

Therefore, the Zhenwu Holy Sect during this period was extremely low-key.

But now with the birth of Emperor Zhenwu, the glory of the Holy Sect shines again.

Liu Sanjian was not polite to them either.

Because in the world of the strong, strength is eternal, and everything else is illusory.

Liu Sanjian walked in front, followed by the elders and disciples of the Zhenwu Holy Sect.

It can be said that everyone is in the limelight, and they are majestic and high-spirited.

Many people can't help but be envious.

Some people even feel that their ancestors are not living up to expectations.

After the people from Zhenwu Shengzong left first, others followed closely behind.

After crossing the space gate of Yuanyang Continent, my body experienced a whirlwind of space switching.

Everyone's figures appeared in the Nine Realms World.

As soon as they enter, many people can feel the strong sense of aura.

This is the difference between some large worlds and small worlds.

The richness and quality of spiritual energy in large worlds are not at the same level.

Although for the strong people after Daoguo, spiritual energy is no longer important to a large extent.

But for most common

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Chapter 2250: First Arrival at Zhenwu Holy Sect, Great Migration

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For monks, aura is the core of everything.

Many monks from Yuanyang Continent were initially relieved of the aura of the Nine Realms World.

This clear difference is immediately felt.

The shackles that had been stagnant for a long time in the body even began to loosen.

Several people broke through the realm on the spot and achieved breakthroughs.

"Is the Zhenwu Saint Sect ahead?"

A Taoist priest looked at the crowds of people and began to shout.

The man's voice was deafening, instantly suppressing the noisy crowd.

"What's the matter with fellow Taoist?" Liu Sanjian took the initiative to stand up and asked.

"I was arranged by the Zhenwu Patriarch to come here to pick you up, and the Zhenwu Saint Sect of the Nine Regions is right in front.

You all come with me," the Taoist said with a smile.

This Taoist's name is Jiu Mi Taoist, and he is the most powerful elder of this generation of Zhenwu Shengsong in the Nine Realms World.

He is also a candidate for the next sect. UU看书www.uuknshu.com

Emperor Zhenwu also had his own thoughts when he arranged for him.

Yuanyang Continent and Nine Realms World, the two sects merged with each other.

Then everyone's positions will also be adjusted.

The Zhenwu Saint Sect of Yuanyang Continent will definitely favor the Zhenwu Saint Sect of Nine Regions.

Then Jiu Mi Taoist must do a good job in ideological work along the way.

Although this is not a big deal, Emperor Zhenwu also considers everyone's emotions.

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【I am really a villain】【】

Zhenwu Shengzong was founded by him himself, and Emperor Zhenwu's feelings for him were special.

After all, Emperor Zhenwu had no parents, no wife and children. To him, the Zhenwu Holy Sect was like a child.

Seeing Liu Sanjian leading everyone away, the other natives of Yuanyang Continent also began to disperse.

They all gradually accepted to understand the world of Nine Realms.

Within the Zhenwu Saint Sect,

There are cranes roaring, unicorns competing, and dragons descending from the sky.

Monks are walking with swords, strong men are conquering mountains and rivers, and wind and clouds are gathering, mountains and seas are growing.

The clouds and mist are within reach, it's like a fairyland under your feet, and various treasures and spiritual fields can be seen everywhere.

Big trees look like towering trees, and rare spiritual beasts can be seen everywhere.

The disciples are thriving and the sect is flourishing.

Liu Sanjian and his many disciples were dazzled.

Compared with Yuanyang Continent, the Zhenwu Holy Sect here is as different as heaven and earth.

It's no exaggeration to say that.

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