Chapter 419, Busy

  A Yao has a certain understanding of the dangers that Heng Yi will encounter when entering the mountain, but not much.

  He was lost for a while, and went to play with Shunzi again.

  Han Qiao was a little worried. Although Heng Yi was capable, after all, he was unfamiliar with the place and was alone, so he didn't even have anyone to take care of him.

   It's just that no matter how many thoughts you have in your mind, it's not a problem to be so idle.

   It's just that there is nothing to do at home.

   She has no intention of learning the soles of shoes from Grandma Gu.

  After much deliberation, Han Qiao decided to ask the villagers to buy a few roosters and peanuts, make some chili chicken sauce, and take it to the mountain for Heng Yi to dip in steamed buns.

  She is a person with strong mobility, carrying a basket and going to the village to ask from house to house.

   "I want peanuts..."

  The villagers grow peanuts, most of them are sold, and a few are kept as seeds, and some are left for frying during the New Year and festivals, and they are reluctant to eat them randomly.

   Not to mention chickens, even eggs are reluctant to eat.

  Han Qiao said she wanted to buy things in the morning, but she just stopped by. Now she wants to buy peanuts, beans, and corn.

   Obviously really want to buy.

  Thinking that there will be new food to eat, they pack it up and plan to sell it.

   There are also some people who are afraid of encountering natural disasters and are reluctant to sell.

   Just join in the fun and have fun.

  Han Qiao received ten catties of beans, ten catties of peanuts, and sesame seeds, and three roosters went home.

   It happened that someone slaughtered a pig and brought it to the village to sell it.

   "Sell pork, sell pork."

  She went to inquire about the price, and bought five catties of half-fat and half-lean pork, as well as two spare ribs, planning to make soup for A Yao to eat.

   Seeing that the pig intestines and belly were still there, she also bought them.

  The pork butcher was overjoyed, "Little lady, I will still kill pigs in five or six days. Do you still want the pigs in the water?"

   "I want it, you can deliver it when the time comes."

  Even if Heng Yi is good at hunting, it is impossible to kill a pig and feed it at home.

  If you don’t apply salt, it will be bad. If you apply salt all over, you will get a lot of salt.

  She bought these things for about a tael of silver, and it took a little effort to carry them.

  The village sister-in-law helped to send it back.

   On the way, I also inquired about the situation of Han Qiao's family.

  Han Qiao didn't hide what should be said, and didn't say a word that shouldn't be said.

   "Aqiao, you bought so many things, do you plan to eat like this?"

   "Make some tofu, stew pork ribs, marinate the intestines and pork belly, and make a side dish for the child's father. Pork, I plan to hold some steamed buns and eat them when they are steamed."

  Hearing what Han Qiao said, the sisters-in-law who followed all cried with envy.

  Which daughter-in-law would dare to do this.

   "The ancient grandma will eat with you?"

  Han Qiao nodded, "Yes, grandma and Shunzi will help me look after the children, otherwise I won't be able to let go to buy food and so on."


   I became more and more jealous.

  I knew it earlier, when they came to knock on the door, they left people behind.

   It's just a sip of tea and a room.

  Now it’s really cheap.

  The more I think about it, the more envious and jealous I become.

  Helping to bring the things back, Grandma Gu was stunned, and hurriedly helped to put the things in Han Qiao's house.

   "Just put it in the stove."

   Afraid of mice, Han Qiao thought about whether to raise a cat?

  Grandma Gu was stunned for a moment, then smiled and moved to the kitchen.

   Zeng Qin'er also quickly helped.

  Ayao and Shunzi are playing loach, and the big yellow dog is lying beside them.

  This dog has good eyesight, especially when Ayao threw some food to it once, and when it saw Ayao, it became intimate, and it was no longer aggressive.

  The sister-in-laws in the village saw that Han Qiao was going to get ready to work, and they were reluctant to leave.

  I feel embarrassed to stay.

  If you can say a few more words, you can get along with the relationship.

   If you really want to rely on Heng Yi to make money, they know that the pillow is very windy.

  Besides, it was broad daylight today, Heng Yi took Han Qiao home, and he turned his head to talk, but he clearly told everyone that he treated his wife well.

   "The sisters-in-law seem to be neat people, so I don't know if they can stay and help me with some work."

  When Han Qiao spoke, the sisters-in-law laughed.

   "Of course."

  (end of this chapter)

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