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Chapter 621: This is simply a miracle in the history of biological evolution!

Chapter 621 This is simply a miracle in the history of biological evolution!

Under Lin En's invitation and the temptation to observe the biomodification technology, after a moment of hesitation, the manager Mooney led a group of Geometry people to stay, intending to learn the technology in private.

Lin En, who had other plans, naturally didn't care much. After learning about the planet's landscape, location and other information through the optical brain, he stopped delaying and reached a snow-capped mountain in one step.

This is the highest place on the entire planet, and it is also the place where the icy comet fell. It is shrouded in glaciers and snow. At first glance, it looks like a vast white dead place, but Lin En can sense that it is covered by glaciers and snow. vitality.

 In areas where the temperature is below minus 20 degrees, there are still tens of millions of creatures living in this area, forming a complete ecological cycle.

 It’s just that today is obviously going to change!

 Lin closed his eyes and began to sense the position of the Eternal Star.

Although the two sides are separated by a full seventy light-years distance, that is his divine domain, and the connection between the two is enough to transcend the barriers of time and space. Unless they step into the main world, no one in this galaxy can The existence of the Eternal Star can be clearly sensed everywhere.

In other words, there are two clear high-dimensional coordinates between himself and the divine realm, which can become the medium to open the door to time and space!

 This is one of the reasons why Linn needs to arrive here in person.

 About ten seconds later, Lin En opened his eyes, stretched out his hand and tapped it in the void.

Just like dropping a stone on the calm water, under the horizon of a higher dimension, the stable space-time curve begins to ripple, and with the input of energy, it becomes more and more intense, and finally distorts to form a space-time swirl…

In recent research, Linn has also clarified some characteristics of magic. For example, if it is not restricted, it will always spontaneously flow from places with high concentration to places with low concentration until a relative balance is reached.

So without even needing his active guidance, a huge amount of magic surged out from the inside and rushed to this brand new world, infecting everything around it from a microscopic level!

Whether it’s the white snow, the hard rock underneath, or the dust floating in the air, all matter is included…

It’s just that this speed is still too slow. It will take at least ten years to completely cover the entire planet if it continues to expand at this speed.

Lynn took another step, and with a flash of figure, he appeared in every corner of the planet, opening time and space gates to the Eternal Star at 21 fixed points such as the sea, plains, and jungles.

 The speed of the influx of magic power increased more than ten times in an instant!

But similarly, the magic concentration of the Eternal Star will continue to decrease. Fortunately, they captured the foreign land and plundered all the material and energy there. In addition, the death of a **** increased the magic concentration of the Eternal Star to An astonishing level. When divided, it should be able to complete the assimilation of the second planet!

A steady stream of magic power poured out from more than twenty space-time gates. Quietly, this star of life, which had only been in shape for more than ten years, underwent an unprecedented transformation.

In a hidden jungle, a fleeing dolphin beast was bitten on the neck by a ferocious predator. When it was about to die, it suddenly burst out with powerful force, broke free from the restraints, and used its long fangs to bite the back. The person was stabbed in the abdomen...

 A deer was grazing leisurely on the plains when suddenly a strong fire broke out around it.

Although magic has just entered this world, some exceptionally outstanding individuals who can adapt to magic have already begun to evolve, and the originally stable ecosystem was instantly broken...    Lynn saw everything that happened, and at the same time It also sensed the micro-detector of the geometric civilization. This instrument is very tiny, only about one millimeter long and wide. It is difficult to imagine how such a thing can complete various complex tasks.

 Fortunately, he will find out soon!

As Lin En's mind turned, hundreds of thousands of detectors covered in the magic field disintegrated in an instant and were reassembled and restored.

 The whole process only lasted about ten seconds, but the internal information was already under Lin En's control.

These detectors are built using some kind of quantum-level micro-carving technology. They look small in size, but they contain more than two trillion tiny circuits inside that are invisible even with ultra-high-power magnifying glasses. They can observe and detect by capturing specific electromagnetic wavelengths. Collect the surrounding scenes and convert them into corresponding images and project them on the light screen in the control room...

 “Is this the power of high-dimensional creatures?”

At the same time, in the main control room, seeing Lin En casually opening twenty-one wormholes on the planet, Manager Mooney and all the Geometry Stars were horrified, and they also noticed the drastic changes in some creatures. .

Is it a gas catalyst that can promote genetic modification?

Mooney subconsciously thought of this, because the geometric civilization had a similar technology, which released gas that stimulated growth, allowing the carbon-based life forms in it to evolve iteratively in the direction they expected in a short period of time.

However, Mooney soon discovered that this was by no means as simple as a gas catalyst, because some of the infected creatures showed abilities beyond logic, such as stepping on flames, having lightning appear all over their body, or being able to float briefly. And go…

The analysis of the optical brain also supports this point. The air is filled with an extremely special energy that is not recorded in the database.

"Quickly, let the detector get closer, and then put a batch of atomic-level biological modification machines into the bodies of these creatures, and find out as soon as possible what changes have occurred in various organs of their bodies, and how that special energy is To do this..." Mooney said with great excitement, this is simply a biological miracle!

The rest of the Geometry Stars immediately got busy, calling up the control light screen, and prepared to execute the order of Manager Mooney. However, after some operations, the detectors distributed throughout the planet did not move at all. The instructions they issued Has no effect.

After receiving the report, Mooney called up the permissions of the optical brain in disbelief, only to realize that these detectors had unknowingly been completely out of their control.

Muni suddenly remembered that just after Linn opened all the portals, the detector's light screen projection was suddenly interrupted for a while.

Muni didn’t pay too much attention to it at the time, and just thought it was interference from energy fluctuations that blocked the transmission of electromagnetic waves. Now it seems that it was at that time that the other party used some unknown method to seize control of the detector.

 (End of this chapter)

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