I, Infinite Superman, join the chat group

I, Infinite Superman, join the chat group


92 Chapters Ongoing Status


He traveled through time and became an infinite superman who could always bask in the sun and become stronger. He was invited to join a chat dress that connects all the worlds——

“Ding! Infinite Superman, join the chat skirt.”

Paimon: “Welcome newcomers!”

Zhang Sanfeng: “The newcomers can introduce themselves, or let the group leader help introduce them.”

Group leader Su Han: “Infinite Superman? Clark Kent? Or some Superman boss?”

Huang Rong, the protagonist of the banned book: “Boss Superman? Group leader, how strong is Boss Superman? Can he deal with the fish-man Aaron who has been banned by you?”

Infinite Superman: “…”


after a while.

All the skirt members: “He is actually an infinite superman who can become infinitely stronger by just basking in the sun!!!”


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