I Deliver Food In a Lamborghini

I Deliver Food In a Lamborghini


306 Chapters Ongoing Status


(Playful, cute and naive young lady x gentle and abstinent financial giant)

Nan Ge has been wanting to replace his Lamborghini recently, but he is short of tens of thousands of yuan. Under her hard work, her brother found her a good job with a sense of mission—Galaxy Stomach Guard Team, referred to as food delivery.

On the first day of work, she was physically and mentally strong all the way, and delivered the takeaway to Shen Yanqing, a boss in the wealthy district.


Shen Yanqing, a myth in the business world of Huai City, is a low-key person. Those who have worked with him all say that he is a cold banished fairy with a gentle skin. He seems gentle and polite, but in fact he is very unfeeling.

Once by accident, Shen Yanqing met a little girl he liked very much. He thought it would be difficult to see each other again, until he ordered a takeaway on a snowy day, the door opened, and a familiar figure stood at the door:

“Mr. Shen, good evening, I am the takeaway staff of irelyn restaurant, I wish you a pleasant meal!”

Shen Yanqing thought that Nan Ge was a poor little work-study student, and since then, she has been taking care of her work. Until one day his car broke down and he had to go out temporarily——

Nan Ge heard that he was in a hurry: “I have a car!”

When Shen Yanqing was still hesitating how to reject her little electric donkey that was leaking from all directions, she turned around and saw her take out the car key and press it lightly.

Not far away, the lights of a Lamborghini worth three million flashed:

“Why are you standing there, get in the car!”


(Introduction in one sentence: I drove a Lamborghini to experience life, and I loved me so much after I was the master of self-raiding  ̄▽ ̄)


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