I Became The Childhood Friend of the Obsessive Second Male Lead

I Became The Childhood Friend of the Obsessive Second Male Lead

집착 서브 남주의 소꿉친구가 되었습니다

314 Chapters Ongoing Status


The ducal house to which the second male lead belonged to was a military family.

She thought she should repay them for giving her free food and a place to sleep.

She told the second male lead about this and that. All so that he could win the heart of the female lead later.

At this rate, he would become a good man and win her love in the future. (Proud)


“And most importantly.”

Rieta looked around and whispered in Noel’s ear.

“Only be polite and friendly to your most special person.”

Only tell her that she is pretty and that you love her.

Rieta thought he must have understood, right? When she asked, Noel grinned with confidence.

Oh, I’ve taught you everything.

From the age of nine until now before the coming-of-age ceremony…It was very hard to teach her childhood friend who had a terrible bad temper.

But now, Noel wouldn’t be called the unlucky second lead anymore. Maybe he would really push the male lead away and take the female lead to his side.

Rieta grinned as she thought of a different future from the original.

Then Noel swept up her hair down and said,

“You’re pretty, Rieta Liz.”
“…You asked me to say you were pretty right?”

She, when did she?! You’re not supposed to say that to your friend!


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