How Hard is It To Raise a Bug?

How Hard is It To Raise a Bug?


144 Chapters Completed Status


Yu Mengruo transmigrated into a Zerg.
The good news is that he is a rare male with special privileges, and he also has the golden finger as standard for traversal.
The bad news is that the Zerg is a strong race, and the original owner just failed the promotion and was abandoned by the family. Within three days, within a very small range of options, he must choose a female partner with a worrying comprehensive score. The siege of marriage.
Yu Mengruo left his partner’s position to the desolate Bai Yueguang after a brief period of ignorance.
Bai Yueguang, who the original owner could not ask for, was a military female from humble background but self-improvement. Due to serious injuries that were difficult to cure, she could only be discharged from the army’s high position and became a defective product that was criticized by cold eyes.
When the once sharp sword was covered with dust, Yu Mengruo (thinking to himself) appeared as a radiant savior and stretched out his hand to the female worm in desperation.
Female worm: Is it to avenge my original rejection? 【Heart is like ashes.jpg】
Yu Mengruo: Nonsense, I am the reward for your hard work.
【Lightning Protection Guide】
Although the copywriting looks like a favorite, it’s just a wild cat master who has not been domesticated and decided to give the stupid shit shovel a chance to get close to his story. The author thinks that it is mutual favor and two-way healing, but maybe readers will think that it is favored? Anyway, it’s not attacking the favor, it’s not attacking the favor, it’s not attacking the favor, and the important things are said three times!

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Search keywords: Protagonist: Yu Mengruo ┃Supporting role: Sharka ┃Others: Zerg
Sentence introduction: Crossing the adult Zerg male.
Purpose: Dreams and hard work create success.

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