Honghuang: Rebirth of Lingzhu, I am the leader of the West

Honghuang: Rebirth of Lingzhu, I am the leader of the West


210 Chapters Ongoing Status


By chance, Mo Yan traveled to the ancient times and became a low-grade Western bamboo with innate spiritual roots. He established himself in the ancient times. His mentality was stable and his mind was clear, and he felt that the West was not without its merits.

The broken earth veins are all merit.

Lack of innate spiritual treasures, this is a test of the art of refining weapons.

The place is barren, indicating that it is not affected by the calamity.

There are few living creatures, which is the improvement of the magical power of creation.

Creation is scarcity, which is a test of the means of making money.

Zhunti doesn't want to be shy, this is because he has great love in his heart.


In the ancient times, the strong preyed on the weak, and there were many calamities, and people were concerned about their innate spiritual roots. In order to survive and maintain the road, Mo Yan first repaired the earth's veins, accumulated merits, and obtained amulets; then he became a disciple of Zhunti, entered the Western Sect, and became the first disciple.

In the following years, in his free time, he sat quietly in the mountains, cultivating spiritual roots, sipping tea and enlightening, and watching the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court. In the spiritual world, the Wanbao Dharma Domain was established, and while transforming the West, it also continued to become stronger...


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