Hollywood What If Chapter 86

Sony-Columbia. One of the big six in Hollywood. However, despite being one of the most prominent companies in the industry, this particular film company was known to be the weakest of the big six. 

The result of this year's box office list showed the reason. Within the top 10, Sony-Columbia earned only one spot, which was the lowest. Jerry Maguire earned $273.55 million. The movie came in tenth. 

'Out of respect, the company sent me an invitation. Now that my project is starting, I need a company to distribute my movies. Sony-Columbia could be the best option.'

Sony-Columbia was doing a safe business these days. Instead of fully investing in a film, the company focused on distribution. Jerry Maguire was the best example of this. The production company that made that movie was TriStar Pictures. 

Sony-Columbia didn't put their money where their mouth is. Instead, they would make a profit by distributing the movies instead. The company didn't have good judgment in choosing movies. They have only one interesting movie in the next three decades. It was none other than Spider-Man. Well, this movie was a huge success, so Sony was still raking in money from this comic book character. 

'If Sony really acquired the movie rights to Spider-Man... I might have to sign a trilogy deal with them.'

It may sound childish, but Kazir longed to make a superhero trilogy. 

His first choice was the Dark Knight trilogy. Unfortunately, he knew he didn't have the talent of Christopher Nolan's filmography. 

So his second choice was the "lighthearted theme" of Spider-Man. He was pretty confident about that.

'Some people have said that Spider-Man 3 is a box office flop, but I disagree. 895 million dollars is not a box office flop.'

The trilogy was a huge success. Sam Raimi did not disappoint Spider-Man. Sony-Columbia didn't dissapointed the fans. Especially when the three Spider-men met in No Way Home. That was the pinnacle of fiction. 

'Despite my age, I was still hyped for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Seeing the three Spider-Men took me back to my younger years.'

Marvel/Sony-Columbia really outdid themselves back then. 

"Director Grey."

"Mr. Price."

After the resignation of two heads (Peter Guber and Jon Peters) of Sony-Columbia a few years ago, Frank Price became chairman of the company. 

Kazir Grey and Frank Price shook hands. Unfortunately, this was not the place to talk serious business. Still, their meeting was peaceful and relatively good. Both sides knew each other's intentions. 

After talking with Kazir for a few minutes, Frank Price left to greet the other guests. This was a formal party and the best way to make connections with prominent people. 

'In fact, I see Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts. Even Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise are here.'

"Director Grey."

"Good evening, Miss Roberts."

"Director Grey."

"Good evening, Mr. Carrey."

"Director Grey."




He received greetings from many people. He also received so many business cards. This was the effect of being a successful director, actors and actresses would approach you first. Even superstars like Julia Roberts and Jim Carrey greeted him with good intentions. 

After all, there was nothing wrong with a conversation between a director and an actor. They were all in the same business. 

"Hm, those girls are flirting with you."

"Who? Julia Roberts? She's too famous and I don't like the way she looks."

Kazir shook his head. 

"Of course not. I'm talking about other actresses. You got a lot of business cards from them, they even wrote a few words just for you. I saw some of them write their hotel room numbers."

"Is that so? I didn't see that."

"I know. You are too weird."

Reese Witherspoon giggled. The party got her attention, too. She got some invitations to audition for roles. 

"Thanks for helping me." 

She said and kissed him on the cheek, right in the middle of the party. She didn't care about the looks of the other women. She liked it. 

Scream was released in theaters on December 20, 1996. The movie was distributed by Miramax and it had a good reception for a horror movie. Perhaps the first thing that attracted people to the movie was Drew Barrymore's cameo. No one expected that she would die very early in the movie. Everyone thought she was the protagonist of the movie. 

In the first seven days of Scream, it grossed $21 million. It may seem small, but the production cost of Scream was only $15 million. It was less than the average budget of $30 million. Still, the first week was a positive response. 

Since Reese Witherspoon was part of the movie, she slowly gained fame. She began to have loyal fans all over the world. She got her break in Napoleon Dynamite, then The Hangover, and now Scream. 

Her three movies have all been good. 

'I'm actually thinking about starting Legally Blonde, but I can't. I have a lot of things to do.'

It might be true that he wanted to help Reese with her career. Maybe he was being selfish. 

'Not now. Reese needs more experience. I just need to guide her first. I heard she's been invited to join the cast of My Best Friend's Wedding and There's Something About Mary. These two are good movies.'

"Tch, Kazir, I think someone will never stop trying to talk to you. That woman is here again."

Reese Witherspoon whispered. She didn't like this particular woman, maybe because the woman was terrifyingly beautiful. 

"Kazir, we meet again."


Naomi Watts smiled and shook Kazir's hand. She giggled and came closer. 

"I heard you're making an action movie. Why didn't you invite me?"

"Tch, bitch." Reese whispered. 

The two women stared at each other. But their smiles never faded. They were actresses and knew how to control their emotions.

As for Kazir, he just shrugged. He was no fool and he knew what Naomi Watts was up to. 

'To be honest, I have a certain role for her, but it's not the right time yet.'

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