God’s Empire

Chapter 71: : The last heir to the royal family? Inland territory of the royal family?

Seeing the extremely excited light in Wang Lan's eyes, the person in charge twitched, and then sighed.

"Okay, then you can sign a contract."

After speaking, the person in charge took out a contract clause with very few words.

There is no need to pay taxes, no need to submit donations, and there are not too many restrictions. There are only five articles. The general meaning is as follows.

[Don't run away easily.

You must not betray the mainland.

Do not abandon the garrison area at will.

Cooperate with the Union army when necessary.

Be kind to the military.

A report on the situation of the stationed area is carried out once a year. 】

Seeing that it was extremely easy, and it could even be said that it was a condition of obligation and responsibility, Wang Lan signed it without saying a word.

The person in charge didn't even look at it, put away the contract, and took out a bracelet.

"This bracelet is your future lord bracelet, but the real lord bracelet is actually determined by a certain core in this bracelet.

If you think this bracelet is not very good, you can take out the core and insert it into other bracelets. Each bracelet has four core slots. "

Wang Lan nodded, took the bracelet, took out the core, and inserted it into his bracelet.

The person in charge continued: "The lord bracelet can open the lord network and the internal official website of the alliance, which is helpful for the development of the territory. Your authority in the network is determined by the level of your territory.

At the same time, this is also your only lord certificate. If you discard it, it will be very troublesome to renew it. We have already bound it to the lord core for you. "


Wang Lan looked at the bracelet and said lightly.

"Ah, yes, and your... family core..."

The person in charge took out a square alchemy item again and put it on the table in front of Wang Lan.

Wang Lan was stunned for a moment, and then realized that this was the inland territory that the system originally said.

But... the core of the family?

Can the system modify memory and influence the rules of the world out of thin air?

Wang Lan knew very well in his heart that although he had crossed over, he was dressed and his body was the same as that of the original Blue Star, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the Phantom Continent.

Seeing that the person in charge seemed to be afraid of something, he exited the room directly. Wang Lan picked up the alchemy item curiously. The moment Wang Lan picked it up, the item quickly lit up with rays of light, followed by the sound of mechanical operation. It came that the whole alchemy item was scattered into a pile of parts.

He picked up the family core created by this system, inserted it into the bracelet, and opened it.

A magic projection screen appeared in front of Wang Lan.

[Congratulations to the lord for reaching the conditions for opening the lord system

This family core is provided by the system

You will be the only survivor and heir of the ancient top family of the Zhongyan race

Acquired inland territory of Phantom Continent: 30 million square kilometers (population: 2 million citizens (system provided))

Obtaining the Secret Realm: temporarily unavailable

Obtain subordinate planes: temporarily closed

Note: The territory is too large, please seek truth from facts when developing the territory. ]

Seeing the light curtain slowly disappearing, Wang Lan's dull expression could not be hidden.

What the hell?

30 million square kilometers?

The size of one and a half continents of Blue Star, three times the size of the country you belong to?

Even for the Osti Empire, this is a medium-sized jurisdiction, yet you gave it to yourself so readily?

Wang Lan, who was puzzled, simply didn't think much about it. Since it was all given to himself, he didn't have to guess about it, just accept it safely.

Wang Lan, who was about to continue studying the core of the family, suddenly found that the core of the family had disappeared, and was stunned.

"Don't worry, the core of the family has been integrated with the lord interface of the system, please open the lord interface to check."

Wang Lan breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that something went wrong with the system.

Opening the system interface again, Wang Lan saw at a glance the upper right corner of the still dark map, and a conversion sign appeared.

With a slight movement of the mind, the pitch-black territory map suddenly disappeared, and a map called territory replaced the territory map.

This map is not like a territory map that has not yet been opened, but a bird's-eye view like a world map. After carefully studying the terrain and locations marked on this map, Wang Lan was surprised to find that although this huge territory is It is located in the corner of the Oss Empire, but the resources and terrain conditions are unexpectedly rich.

There are coastlines, mountains and rivers, snow-capped grasslands, basin forests, and rainforest swamps. There is no Gobi Desert, although there are not too many Gobi deserts in the entire Ossian Empire.

Looking at this vibrant scene from God's perspective, Wang Lan couldn't help being a little intoxicated.

Since I came to this world, I have only seen plants once, and this time I was a little intoxicated when I suddenly saw this scene from the map.

What's more, this is the natural scenery of the magical world, far exceeding the so-called scenic spots of Blue Star.


Suddenly, Wang Lan was on a large plain in the center of the map, near somewhere in the forest, and found a large city covering an area of ​​tens of square kilometers. A well-known human being with a happy and positive face was busy shuttling in it.

Alchemy cars come and go on the spacious avenue, surrounded by magical high-rise buildings of various colors full of simple and modern styles, and a large number of ancient green trees up to 100 meters high are randomly distributed all over the city and between the buildings.

A beautiful bird that has never been seen chatting among the plants on the buildings in the city, and even a white deer running around in some small forests in the city. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

No city walls, no gunpowder smoke.

Wang Lan was even on the outskirts of the city, and several magic trains 200 meters long and 10 meters wide came quickly from the distant horizon.

Not to mention those equally fast civilian magic airships.

After watching for a long time, Wang Lan closed the system interface with some reluctance, and sighed: "Strictly speaking, this is a magical future world."

At this time, the system that had not spoken for a long time appeared directly: "That is natural, a human who has developed for an unknown amount of time, even if he spends most of his time in war and research on magic, but Blue Star is still much stronger in hard technology. .

For example, the average age of humans here is three hundred years old. "

"Huh? You're still alive."

Suddenly hearing the system speak, Wang Lan, who hadn't heard the system chatter since the system was updated, felt very cordial.

"I just finished updating it. After you have established your territory, I will be your chief executive, and the system will become a dead thing without any intelligence."

Wang Lan laughed and said with anticipation: "Then I want to see. What does this guy who has been hating me look like."

"Prettier than you."

"Ha ha."

"Okay, after I initially stabilize the fortress, I must go back inland."

Wang Lan stood up and recalled the scene in the inland territory with some anticipation.


More than ten minutes later, Wang Lan, who was riding on the back of Yinyue again, stepped into the large space teleportation magic circle with the Dawn Knights, which were still two thousand Dawn Knights.

He is going to go to establish, he is the first territory in this world that belongs to him!

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