God’s Empire

Chapter 69: :Grandmaster! Star Apostle!

In Wang Lan's eyes, the dazzling starlight through the slowly closing clouds was reflected. For some reason, the incomparably vast Milky Way starry sky made some barriers in Wang Lan's heart begin to loosen.

This is the starry sky color far beyond the blue star period.

It's very grand, and it's a very shocking feeling.

The pure star power that had not yet dissipated seemed to be attracted, and it continued to penetrate into Wang Lan's body.

Wang Lan still stared blankly at the boundless sea of ​​stars in the sky. He didn't feel the power of the star vault and the spiritual power in his body penetrating through his body at all, and within ten meters of Wang Lan's body, a three-dimensional image like a compressed starry sky was constructed.

As if surrounded by stars.

Suddenly, Wang Lan only felt a crisp click in his mind, and then the surrounding magic was like a vortex, surging towards Wang Lan's body.

The sudden breakthrough made the surrounding powerhouses stunned, and then subconsciously left Wang Lan's surroundings, leaving enough space for Wang Lan's breakthrough.

More and more magic power poured into Wang Lan's body crazily, and hundreds of high-purity energy crystals also flew out of Wang Lan's space ring one after another, and surrounded Wang Lan, delivering massive amounts of pure energy to him.

Wang Lan, who had no feeling at all, entered a wonderful space with his consciousness at this time. It was full of bizarre rays of light and phantoms, and a familiar atmosphere brought Wang Lan back to his senses.

"This is the land of the apostles?"

The description of this place in the information given by the system sounded, and Wang Lan's eyes suddenly lit up.

Could it be that he has reached the master level?

Because of being separated from his own body, Wang Lan, who did not feel the change in the power of the star vault, did not feel that he had made any obvious breakthrough, and was a little confused for a while.

Only then did he react and walked towards the depths of the land of the apostles.

In fact, the Land of Apostles is not a place where you can directly obtain apostles, but a place of miracles where laws are embodied.

The so-called apostles are nothing more than the embodiment of the laws that they have comprehended or the attributes they are good at.

Wang Lan just walked forward silently.

One day...two days...

One year....

No one knows how long it took, Wang Lan walked through many laws that actively attracted him to the past, the law of the sword, and the magic laws of various departments, but Wang Lan could clearly feel that there was still something ahead. As if calling him.

At this time, outside the land of the apostles.

Wang Lan's body also underwent extremely exaggerated changes.

I don't know if Wang Lan's breakthrough was like this, or the pure star power in his body attracted the attention of all the stars in the sky.

The streams of the power of the stars visible to the naked eye were formed by changing and converging above the clouds, and finally liquefied directly. Then Wang Lan was wrapped under everyone's astonished expressions.

"Planar gift?"

There were also some unintelligible king-level men who wondered to themselves, how come he has never seen such a plane gift?

After wrapping Wang Lan's body, these incomparably pure star power liquids slowly integrated into Wang Lan's body, washing and evolving Wang Lan's body, bones and internal organs from the genetic level. It was gently crushed and reorganized by the power of the star vault.

Even the brain was reorganized. During this process, Wang Lan's vital signs did not have any effect.

Needless to say, this must be the handwriting of the system.

As the liquid of the power of the stars around Wang Lan was completely integrated into his body, Wang Lan's entire image also appeared in the eyes of everyone.

His short black hair is as deep as a starry sky. If you look closely, it seems that there are still a little bit of starlight flickering and disappearing. Under Bai Zhan's delicate skin with almost no pores, it seems like the Milky Way is flowing.

In the center of the half-opened black pupil, a faint galaxy color was reflected, as if Liandi was in the universe. The whole body has reached a perfect proportion like a masterpiece.

Just when everyone was about to see a scene they shouldn't be watching, the mithril armor that had been scattered before flew back automatically, wrapping Wang Lan's body again, causing some female master-level professionals to grin.

Although he was just entering the master level, the aura he exuded from his body made some four or five-star master-level professionals secretly startled.

"This... why haven't you got up yet?"

Seeing that Wang Lan's body was still standing still, a master ranger asked hesitantly.

The king-level man looked at it and said in amazement, "It seems that you are gathering the apostles?"

The words of the man made some one- or two-star master-level professionals around who did not have an apostle full of envy. Yes, an apostle does not only have to reach the master level. It depends on personal talent and law affinity. How bad, the lowest three-star master will have an apostle, although it may not be very strong.

At this time, Wang Lan fell into a sluggishness as he looked at the starry sea of ​​brilliance in front of him that seemed to be scaled down.

Looking around, as if afraid of the laws of this group of stars, Wang Lan calmed down and stretched out his finger...

Outside, Wang Lan's body suddenly erupted with extremely violent fluctuations of aura, and a group of extremely dazzling brilliance appeared out of thin air, and then suddenly merged with Wang Lan.

When the dazzling light gradually dissipated, Wang Lan appeared in everyone's eyes.

At this time, Wang Lan's figure in armor had disappeared and was replaced.

It is a two-meter-high hazy human figure. This human figure seems to be formed by the liquid of the starry sky. The liquid reflecting the starry sky and the Milky Way flows slowly on its body. A hazy halo is suspended in this abyss from large to small. ==Behind the figure~www.wuxiahere.com~ the first halo is extremely solid.

The human-shaped face seems to be flowing on top of the starry sky, exuding a deep and boundless breath, and there are countless colored energy threads on the top of the head, flying upwards.

"Sure enough, the apostle is the body, the body is the apostle, the most high-end apostle performance."

The king-level man sighed with envy.

The hazy human figure seemed to raise his head, the starry sky liquid like a streamer and the halo behind him slowly dissipated, revealing Wang Lan's body in full body armor.

After a pause, Wang Lan said, "Thank you for your protection."

"Haha, it's okay."

"With the talent of my brother, I will rely on it a lot in the future."

"We have another future powerhouse in the Illusory Continent, which is worth celebrating."


At this moment, the king-level man walked up to Wang Lan, looked up and down for a moment, and nodded in satisfaction.

Then he took out a blue-purple crystal bead the size of a fist.

"This is?"

Wang Lan looked at the man suspiciously.

"Your scroll exceeded expectations, and you directly killed that king-level skeleton. You deserve it."

Wang Lan hesitated.

"This is what you deserve, but those master-level abyss crystals of the abyss army, we need to supplement the loss."

Hearing this, Wang Lan was no longer a mother-in-law, and simply accepted it.

Watching the busy Miguang army scattered, Wang Lan clenched his fists.

"The journey that belongs to me will finally begin in earnest..."

In Wang Lan's view, the system interface at this time, with five big characters, is extremely shining.

System update in progress...

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