God’s Empire

Chapter 62: : heavily surrounded (top)

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Li Yi rode the warhorse under the puzzled eyes of the crowd, rushing towards the dome, which was guarded and protected by the species. The speed was neither fast nor slow, and it seemed that there was no sign of strength gathering.

The leading half-step master knights looked at each other suspiciously, and then looked at Li Yi with some interest.

Since Wang Lan asked his subordinate to take over, it means that he has a subordinate who is confident that he can solve this matter.

After all, at a time like this, who would be in the mood to joke?


How can this ninth-level knight be defeated by the group guardian that can block the full blow of ordinary master-level professionals?

Not only was Li Yi not slow, but when he was approaching the distance of hundreds of meters for the guard of the species, his speed suddenly increased.

In the blink of an eye, he approached the layer of black and red runes, just when everyone except Wang Lan thought they would return without success.

Li Yi and the warhorse under him disappeared instantly, and when they reappeared, they actually came to the rear of the protective barrier of the species, less than ten meters away from the egg of the giant dragon in prison flames!

A gleam of light flashed in his eyes, and the knight spear in his hand stabbed at the dome simply and roughly, the first time the spear tip touched the huge surface.

The red and black lava patterns on the entire dome quickly dimmed, and the light inside the dome as if beating a heart was instantly extinguished, and the surrounding temperature also dropped rapidly.

The faces of everyone who only reacted at this time were full of shock. What did they see just now?

Space combat skills!

What are you kidding?

If you think about it with your knees, you can think of how rare combat skills are related to space, and the success rate of cultivation is extremely low. Even in those middle and high-level battle cities, there may not be any space skills.

Especially the space combat skills that use Dou Qi, it is more than ten times the rarity of space magic!

Today, they actually saw this rare combat skill in a one-star war city like Miguang War City?

And it can also be used by knights.

"Okay, your Excellency is really amazing..."

The leading half-step master shook his head with a wry smile, cupping his hands in admiration.

I originally thought that I would still be fighting for battle damage with a half-step master knight to forcibly break through this protective barrier.

With the disappearance of the dome, the protection of the outermost population gradually dissipated. Looking at Li Yi with complicated eyes, some knight leaders who thought their knights were well treated couldn't help but feel overwhelmed.

As for space combat skills, they don't have the slightest idea. At their level, they all know what the talent requirements for cultivating a space combat skill are.

If they had this talent, would they still be here?

Might as well see if we can dig Li Yi over, even if he is strong in the future and goes to a more frontline place, he can still take care of himself occasionally, right?

If Wang Lan knew what these people were thinking, he would probably laugh.

To dig Li Yi?

It's better to go home to wash and sleep, to have a daydream.

Suppressing the thoughts in their hearts, everyone quickly came to the dome, which had become a little gray, and a half-step master knight curiously touched the seemingly extremely hard eggshell.

In an instant, the entire dome turned into ashes and gradually drifted away. Inside, a corpse that was extremely dry and could not see its original appearance fell heavily to the ground and shattered.

The knight was stunned for a moment, looked at the people around him in confusion, and then turned his gaze to Li Yi.

Li Yi shrugged, and there was a hint of helplessness on his face, and said, "When I just touched the Dao Prison Flame Giant Dragon Egg, I felt the egg's vitality and an extremely pure and dark abyss air instantly dissipate.

It is estimated that it is an insurance to prevent future generations from falling into the hands of the enemy. "

Li Yi's calm voice and innocent expression on his face made everyone who only knew little information about the Prison Flame Dragon take it for granted.

After all, this kind of measure is also used by humans on some important equipment.

Looking at Li Yi's calm nonsense, if it wasn't for the prompt from the system's previous mission, he probably would have believed it.

The world owes you a Best Actor Award...

Looking at the hundreds of thousands of knights gathered around again, Wang Lan frowned.

It seems that this knight army rushed over and lost only 20,000 to 30,000 cavalry, and more than 300,000.

But Wang Lan knew that it was done when the abyss army was entangled in the frontal battlefield, and there were not many advanced abyss creatures on the flanks.

And now...

Wang Lan calmly looked at the hillside where she was just now, and there were more than 2,000 abyss creatures of all kinds surrounding her at some point in time.

Without exception, they are all nine-level abyss creatures!

The aura coercion emanating from the ninth-level abyss creatures that have reached a thousand-level scale is already comparable to the aura of a high-level master-level abyss creature!

They just looked at Wang Lan and the others so quietly, an indescribable sense of terrifying oppression covered the knight army.

Rao is also a little worried at this time because of Wang Lan's mental quality.

Next to him, the half-step master knight named Kate looked even more ugly.

"Why so many? Calling out so many level 9 abyss creatures, are you planning to give up on the frontal battle?"

Listening to Kate's words, Wang Lan silently got on the war horse and said calmly, "Our knights have more than three hundred ninth-level knights and half-step master knights, enough to lead the knights out!"

After a brief period of solemnity, Kate also nodded. Although the abyss army besieged them with a total of 2,000 abyssal creatures of the ninth level, there were only more than forty masters at the half-step master level!

If you give it a try, it is still possible to go out, although the other half-step masters can only deal with two or three ninth-level abyss creatures at most, but this does not include him.

Kate and the hundreds of half-step master knights around her gathered again~www.wuxiahere.com~ The whole body was enveloped by the surging fighting spirit.

The eighth-level mount partner under his seat was also fearless and roared at the group of abyss creatures that did not make any movement in the distance.

The armored knight and the mammoth cavalry silently raised their weapons again, because everyone present knew it.

Behind the more than 2,000 abyssal creatures of the ninth level, there is definitely a massive abyss army!

Kate took up her weapon and exchanged glances with a half-step master-level orc knight next to her, and then her whole body became stronger.

Just when Kate was about to lead the charge, an aura that was infinitely close to the master level instantly descended.

Kate stopped the command she almost gave, and looked at Wang Lan, who was shrouded in a layer of starry sky with a grudge like a burning flame.

Even Wang Lan's eyes at this time gradually turned into the color of the stars, and each strand of hair was rushed upwards by energy fluctuations.

He held a long Mithril knife in one hand, surrounded by countless rune streams in the other.

Under the seat, Yinyue, the magic power of silver all over her body surged wildly.

Up to now, Wang Lan has to do everything he can, and even he himself cannot guarantee whether he will be able to go out without damage!

Kate, who came back to her senses, still looked at Wang Lan with a change in her eyes, with a sense of respect.

In this era, it is the kind of extremely pure, strength is king!

"Are you here to command?"

Kate asked subconsciously.

Wang Lan's lips did not move, and the voice accurately entered Kate's ears.

"No, continue your command, I'll go first."

The lingering sound did not dissipate, and the earth where Wang Lan was just split apart with a loud noise, and his figure disappeared instantly from the place!

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