God’s Empire

Chapter 53: :What? Egg?

A strong wind blew head-on, accompanied by a silver shadow flashing out.

In a short period of time, Wang Lan, who was driving the silver moon, crossed the distance of 10,000 meters from the gate of the camp to the school grounds of the Knights Guild, and appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Whether it was Wang Lan's coercion that far surpassed ordinary ninth-level powerhouses, or Yinyue Shenjun's body and the aura of the abyss that quickly dissipated with Yinyue's appearance, the pupils of everyone present outside the Dawn Knights who went abroad shrank.

Half-step master!

Level 9 mount!

Or a high-blooded beast with special magic power!

A low-pitched exclamation sounded from the surrounding crowd.

Wang Lan took away the helmet of the mithril armor, and Mutsuko, who was as black as the deep space of the universe, swept across the Knights of Dawn and nodded with satisfaction.

In addition to the newly summoned Dawn Knights, the Dawn Knights now have six eighth-level knights and sixty seventh-level knights in addition to himself and Li Yi!

"It seems that by the time I left, many Dawn Knights had already reached the upgrade threshold."

Wang Lan muttered to herself with some pride, nodded to Li Yi who was looking over, and motioned for him and herself to come.

Not far away, the master-level officials of the Knights Guild flashed their eyes.

Special fighting spirit... Half-step master... under thirty...

Hmm... I have a bold idea!

Wang Lan, who did not know that he had become the most important part of someone's bold idea, dragged Li Yi into the exclusive grooming area of ​​the Knights of Dawn.

Then he asked directly: "Looking at the posture, the scale of the battle is at least ten times that of the first battle zone, right?

Why do you feel that half of Miguang Battle City's power is gathered in the ninth battle zone? "

Li Yi explained, "It's about an egg..."

"What? Egg?!"

Wang Lan was dumbfounded, why is he still involved with Dan?

Li Yi said seriously: "That's right, it's the egg of a prison flame dragon!"

"Prison flame dragon? How could an abyssal creature of this level appear here?"

This time, Wang Lan was really surprised. If there was a low-level lich army with a size of 10,000, it would be a little surprising.

Then there will be the egg of the prison flame giant dragon, which is a bit confusing and unbelievable.

Hellfire Giant Dragon!

That is the bloodline of the abyss nobles that are as famous as the Frost Dragon!

Once born, it is directly a king-level abyss creature, and it is still the kind that can press and beat ordinary king-level powerhouses.

Even on the front lines, it is not common to see the prison flame giant dragon. After all, even in the abyss, a prison flame giant dragon cub with such a terrifying talent will not be allowed to wave on the battlefield.


Wang Lan still asked in disbelief, this is like a group of kidnappers suddenly appeared in the house of a kidnapper, and the president of the United States suddenly appeared...

"Sure, Wu Min met him by accident, and recorded the image completely with a recording scroll."

Listening to Li Yi's affirmative answer, Wang Lan suddenly understood why Miguang's battlefield suddenly exploded.

Once the Prison Flame Dragon is successfully hatched, let alone Miguang War City, it is estimated that the surrounding War City will also be cool.

"No wonder."

Looking at the surrounding area where the army can't see the end, Wang Lan suddenly remembered something.

"So, the abyss facing Miguang War City also turned most of the troops in the rest of the war zone over?"

"Yes, the number cannot be estimated for the time being."

"How many troops did Miguang Battle City mobilize?"

Wang Lan asked curiously.

"The Miguang Battle City has mobilized 20 million troops, plus the elite reinforcements sent from the surrounding war zones, the number is estimated to be around 30 million."

"so much?"

"Actually, Miguang War City is a one-star war city, and there are several ordinary war cities under its command, but Miguang War City has closed all the territories of these war cities.

Otherwise, how could it be possible to support so many troops. "

Wang Lan nodded, the defensive territory of the one-star battle city plus a few ordinary battle cities is enough to be comparable to a quarter of the size of the original Blue Star's Sun Country, and an army of tens of millions is indeed normal.

The territory controlled by Miguang Battle City in the interior should also be very large, otherwise it would not be able to support the frontline troops.

As for the specific size, at least ten times the area of ​​the territory defended on the front line?

"Forget it, it's too far away. For a one-star war city that has entered the star-level, it is estimated that the city owner should be a mid-level king or above."

Wang Lan shook his head with emotion, half-step master level is still far from king level.

Sitting on the chair next to him, Li Yi took out the approximate battle plan of Miguang Battle City and discussed it with Wang Lan in detail.

"This time, Miguang Battle City has a very stable way of playing. First let the abyss take the initiative to attack, relying on a large number of fortifications and heavy firepower to kill a large number of ordinary military attacks in the abyss.

Then, he is actively attacking, not seeking much victory, the ultimate goal is just the egg of the prison flame dragon, which will be destroyed as soon as there is a chance! "

Li Yi probably had to talk about the battle plan of Miguang Battle City.

Wang Lan agreed: "This is indeed the most effective way to play, and direct attack probably won't be good.

If it's just defense, although there is no such thing as retreat in the abyss, the time is too long. Once the prison flame dragon hatches, it will be completely useless.

This basic tactic is undoubtedly the most suitable for the current situation. "

After roughly understanding the combat rhythm of Miguang Battle City, Wang Lan and the two did not do any analysis.

As long as you know the general intentions of Miguang Battle City~www.wuxiahere.com~ you can make some combat adjustments based on these intentions, and you don't need to analyze in detail.

After all, just by virtue of his current self, he is not qualified to participate in the decision-making of this level of animal warfare. The difference between the two is too great.

Wang Lan's mentality has been adjusted very well. When you are a trash fish, you must have the idea of ​​a trash fish. He doesn't have any weird protagonist idea of ​​'the core area of ​​the battlefield shines and gets attention'.

The abyss does not matter whether you are a traveler or not, it is estimated that there are many people who died in the hands of the abyss.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The huge roar sounded from far to near, Wang Lan and Li Yi, who felt the slight tremor of the earth, couldn't help but glance at each other and quickly rushed out of the room. A few flickers came to the top of the city wall closest to the abyss army.

His eyes narrowed slightly. On the abyss army's position that was originally shrouded in a black mist, the black mist seemed to be stirred by some air current and kept rolling.

As the huge roar became louder and louder, a huge sharp claw protruded out of the mist, and the black mist flowed towards both sides at a high speed.

More than a dozen terrifying creatures, hundreds of meters in length and hundreds of meters in height, emerged from them.

It seems that the huge body from ancient times walked out of the black fog step by step. Whether it is a towering stone pillar or a mountain bag, it is insignificant in front of these huge and terrifying beasts.

Shaped like a liger, he clearly told everyone that this was not an abyss creature specializing in defense.

The endless aura that is comparable to the master level surged out, and even slightly suppressed the fierce aura created by the Miguang Battle City army.

"Mountain Nightmare Beast!"

Looking at the city wall with a height of more than 100 meters under his feet, Wang Lan was a little speechless.

How to fight this?

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