God’s Empire

Chapter 52: : Converge and expand the Knights!

Wang Lan quickly headed towards the theater fortress, just when Wang Lan was about to enter a mountain range and planned to take a shortcut to reach the theater fortress faster.

The bracelet given by the system on the wrist suddenly shook. After being linked with the Alliance Magic Network of the Illusory Continent, this bracelet can be said to have all the functions of the military bracelet issued by the alliance.

Of course, there is no problem with spending a little military power to transmit information, but in such a remote area, there is obviously no coverage of the magic network, so how can there be any noise?

Before waiting for Wang Lan to wonder, the system took the initiative to explain: "Although the lord system has not been activated, some functions of the lord system can still be used, such as the trial permission of the magic network exclusive to the lord system.

The magic network of the lord system can be connected to the alliance magic network, but the alliance magic network cannot freely access the magic network of the lord system.

Well, during the trial period, a thousand systems of military merit were delivered at a time. "

Without thinking about why a message transmission is of the same value as a seventh-level abyss creature, Wang Lan directly opened the lord bracelet.

A light curtain using projection magic appeared in front of Wang Lan (which can be understood as a holographic screen).

[Lord Lord, things have changed, please explain in detail after the meeting.

All the armies and mercenary units in the ninth theater, except those who must stay behind, must go to the coordinates below. 】

Turning off the magic screen, Wang Lan, although he was puzzled, changed his direction and ran quickly towards the location marked on the map.

Under Wang Lan's instruction, Yinyue's speed suddenly accelerated, turning into a silver phantom that traveled a thousand meters in an instant.

The dust raised from the back lingered for a long time.

At this time, where the army gathered, the walls were 10,000 meters long and nearly 100 meters high. The mixed city walls of earth and stone were staggered, and new city walls were constantly rising under the terrain changing magic cast by a large number of earth magicians.

Every time a magic circle is raised, magicians of various departments will pounce on it, and quickly depict a large and medium-sized magic circle, enchanting the ordinary earth and stone city wall to the point where it is impregnable.

A super-large temporary camp with dozens of meters high city walls stands in the middle of the foremost city wall and the rear city wall.

On the city wall, the four huge letters of 'guild alliance' made of magic power flashed brightly.

It has to be said that the style of the guild troops is often much more reckless than the regular army.

Because they don't need the overall command, they usually drill wherever the danger is.

At this time, there was a huge field belonging to the Knights Guild, and more than 1,800 powerful knights with shining shapes were riding on their horses, motionless.

Even the horses under the seat did not move beyond the blink of an eye.

The master-level cadres of the Knights Guild and the private knights frequently glanced at him.

Li Yi, who exudes an aura comparable to the ninth level peak, is also like a rock, motionless.

Standing at the forefront of the Knights of Dawn, waiting for Wang Lan's return.


The next second the bracelet rang, Li Yi opened the bracelet.

[How many knights are there in the knights? 】

【One thousand eight hundred and fifty-four. 】

Without hesitation, Li Yi sent the exact data to the past.

This made the leader of the Knights and the master-level cadres next to him even more shocked. The magic network private line? !

The background is really unusual.

Wang Lan was slightly taken aback. After he left, he only lost forty-six knights?

It seems that Wu Min is walking around behind him. What kind of information can make the mercenary team of tens of thousands of people walk around the abyss army?

The thought passed by in a flash, looking at the number one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, Wang Lan frowned slightly, thinking.

When Yinyue ran, although the speed was extremely fast, it was extremely stable and could not feel the slightest bump.

"Add the Knights of Dawn to 3,000!"

After a while, Wang Lan made up his mind.

[Deduct 22,920 crystal coins]

"Purchase high-purity energy crystals of eighty crystal coins."

Looking at the remaining amount of crystal coins, Wang Lan, who was a little obsessive-compulsive, felt a little uncomfortable and couldn't help adding.

After seeing that the remaining crystal coins were rounded up to 22,000, Wang Lan closed the system page in a happy mood.

After looking at the card with more than 1,000 knights of dawn in his hand, and looking at the road to the area where the army was assembled, he decisively used this card.

Looking at the more than 1,000 familiar figures behind him, although Wang Lan's face did not change, the smile in his eyes could not be concealed.

It's a pleasant feeling to be familiar with.


"It's incredible..."

After dozens of minutes, Wang Lan, who led more than a thousand knights of dawn, looked in amazement at the countless tall stone and dirt city walls and hundreds of huge warships in the sky all over the original plain.

After stepping into the first city wall, a large army formation with a size of one million appeared in front of Wang Lan. Millions of soldiers stood neatly in place, and the cold light reflected by the sharp blades in their hands almost illuminated this area. .

More than 100,000 griffin knights with a strength of level 6 and millions of flying beasts hovered in the sky, casting a huge shadow on the ground.

Looking at the more than 100,000 sixth-level griffin knights hovering in the sky, Wang Lan felt the pressure for the first time in the quality of the army in the Illusory Continent.

There is one thing to say, the knight of the dawn and the knight of the griffin are singled out, at most 55.

From this point of view, although this place is extremely remote, the army is not too weak.

After all, the average strength of the titled knights of the Os Empire is only two levels higher than here.

"That was the period when the battle with the abyss was just beginning~www.wuxiahere.com~ The titled knights who have been peaceful for thousands of years are not that strong.

The titled knights in the front line now, the lowest knight is ninth level, and the master level can only be a knight captain. "

The system's fluttering words instantly made Wang Lan choked, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he stopped uttering a sound.

Who can withstand this?

The lowest level is ninth level, I guess there are quite a few knights at the half-step master level, and I can't even beat the knight captain...

Fortunately, I didn't make a mess at the time, and I went to the front line confidently to do things. Otherwise, even if there was a system, I would have estimated that the grass on the grave was more than three meters tall.

Li Yi, who remained still for dozens of minutes, suddenly raised his head, his black pupils slightly enlarged, and he looked in the direction of the camp gate.

This move immediately attracted the attention of many people, who also looked towards the camp gate.

The fierce man who killed dozens of ninth-level abyss creatures in a few days is back?

Some knight commanders with level 9 strength couldn't help being shocked.

With the sound of neat horse hooves, more than a thousand dawn knights were the first to enter everyone's field of vision. Under the slightly astonished eyes of everyone, a phalanx of three thousand dawn knights instantly took shape.

There are more than 1,000 knights who are young and powerful, with ninth-level knight talent, which is shocking enough.

Even the cadre of the Knights Guild was a little stunned.

"This knight order has the qualifications for the selection of this star army!"


A long wolf howl full of holy breath directly broke the strange atmosphere.

Everyone's eyes suddenly turned to the direction from which the wolf howl came.

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