God’s Empire

Chapter 51: : The army gathers

After getting rid of two ninth-level abominations, Wang Lan quickly escaped the siege of the ordinary abyss army, came to a bare mountain range, and found a stone to sit down at random.

Wang Lan, whose face was pale, panted slightly, his face full of regret.

"If I knew earlier, I wouldn't mess around. If I have nothing to do, I'll run around by myself."

In order to know his limit speed and endurance, Wang Lan actually used the power of the stars to run and run.

After bursting out at the same speed as the shadow horse, it continued to run for hundreds of kilometers.

As a result, after 10% of the power of the star vault was left, when he was about to find a place to recover for safety, he was surrounded and attacked by the abyss troops who had been crawling underground for an unknown amount of time, and there were two ninth-level abominations!

After abolishing the power of nine bulls and two tigers, and killing two ninth-level haters, Wang Lan felt that his whole body was not right. It was probably like an ordinary person's feeling of carrying a load of ten kilometers off-road...

"To be honest, these abyss creatures are all gophers. They dig into the ground when they have nothing to do all day long. It's not good to be open and honest."

"Zerg characteristics..."


Hearing that the system suddenly appeared and said four words that he didn't understand very well, Wang Lan looked puzzled.

The system said calmly: "I said they are the same as bugs."

"It's just a bunch of orphan bugs!"

Wang Lan, who had been ambushed, was furious at this time, stood up cursing, and took out the Silver Moon Wolf King's summoning card.

The light flickered slightly, and the card in his hand shattered.

A huge light group appeared out of thin air, and as the light group gathered, an extremely handsome silver wolf appeared in front of Wang Lan.

The scolding voice stopped abruptly, and Wang Lan's eyes seemed to start to light up, and he kept looking at the giant wolf.

The body proportion is slender without losing a sense of strength, and there is no variegation in the soft and flowing hair of bright silver all over the body.

Looking closely, the complex and beautiful pale golden patterns are faintly visible under his hair, mysterious and beautiful.

Threads of magic power surround the Silver Moon Wolf King, calling him incomparably beautiful.

The pale golden pattern similar to α on the forehead constantly exudes a soft magic, like moonlight.

Then, under Wang Lan's astonished gaze, a layer of simple, wrapped armor made of unknown material appeared on the Silver Moon Wolf King.

In an instant, the soft temperament dissipated, and an incomparably strong killing aura spread to the surroundings.

"As a gift from the system, peak gold equipment, you're welcome."

"Why is it not so good to me..."

Wang Lan murmured suddenly, but walked towards the Silver Moon Wolf King unhurriedly at his feet. It was not until he walked into Wang Lan that he realized the huge size of the Silver Moon Wolf King. The shoulder height has reached a height of two meters!

Not counting the tail, the body length is more than five meters!

Yinyue looked at Wang Lan, her pale golden vertical pupils flashed a hint of softness, she bent down and let Wang Lan come up.

"Can you understand me?"

Staring at Yinyue's eyes with rich emotions, Wang Lan asked subconsciously.

Seeing Yinyue's anthropomorphic little wolf head, Wang Lan didn't know why she was happy.

"Finally someone, no, there is a wolf who can chat with me. Li Yi is a boring gourd, and the system often pretends to be dead..."


Yinyue ran quickly, basically every time she took a leap, it was a distance of more than ten meters.

After a few seconds, Yinyue's speed remained at the same speed as Shadow Horse's full speed, and even slightly faster.

Wang Lan was not surprised. If there is no such speed, Wang Lan would have to doubt the authenticity of the strength of the Silver Moon Wolf King.

Along the way, Wang Lan never met a ninth-level abyss creature again, but met more powerhouses on the side of the Holy Alliance.

Nodding to the ninth-level leader of an elf archer troop, Yinyue, who was seated under her seat, did not hesitate to leave the very handsome elf troop behind in the blink of an eye.

The pointed ears of the beautiful female elf trembled slightly, and there was a hint of curiosity in her eyes.

"The current situation is indeed chaotic.

Judging from this momentum, he should be a master at the half-step master level, right? The mount is also a ninth-level monster that doesn't look weak, and powerhouses that I've never heard of have begun to appear. "

After that, the elf girl shook her head, not thinking about it, and said to the elven archers wearing light armor behind her, "Speed ​​up! Try to get to the fortress in the war zone within two days!"

Tens of thousands of elf archers quickly switched from jogging to running. From time to time, the elf's legs bent and moved forward in a jumping manner.

The entire elf team suddenly accelerated their count.


Wang Lan, who just ran out not too far, nodded to the commander of the 100,000-scale human army in confusion, and then left him behind again.

"Why do the armies you meet along the way gather in the direction of the theater fortress?"

"Could it be that it was caused by the information sent by Wu Min?

What kind of information is it? "

After thinking about it carefully, Wang Lan suddenly understood, but he was even more puzzled.

How bad is the situation to make the ninth theater react like this? Even in the first war zone, only about one-fifth of the army was mobilized.

Looking at the posture now, I feel that there are more than half of the troops in this theater, and there are supporting troops in the theater next door...

Looking at the words on the tenth war zone on the armor of the 100,000 troops that had turned into a small dot on the back, Wang Lan didn't know why, but he was actually a little excited.

This kind of posture, saying that there is no major war, Wang Lan will never believe what he says.

And this battle, there is no need to do some eye-catching things. After all, according to the current growth rate of reputation value, it is estimated that it will not be long before reaching the standard.



Hundreds of four-to-five-hundred-meter magic warships slowly emerged from the 'cloud' composed of magic power and abyss, and slowly descended.

Hundreds of thousands of griffin knights riding on the lion head and flying monsters also quickly broke through the clouds, and fell to the ground.

The tens of thousands of knight corps quickly gathered from all directions.

A large number of neat and huge phalanxes of swords and shields and archers moved forward quickly and steadily, and the sound of neat and uniform footsteps gave those who heard it an incomparably grand heart shock.

Berserkers, rangers, priests and other troops also appeared on a large scale.

The troop of huge orcs stomped on the ground and trembled slightly, and the flying beasts hovered in the air, making extremely loud chirping.

Along with bursts of white light, the magician troops were teleported here, and a large number of figures in magician robes began to be active in this area.

For a time, all kinds of orcs, elves, and humans were densely distributed on this land.

Several thousand-meter-long magic airships landed, unloading the magic crystal cannons, magic energy cannons, and even glare, and transported them to various places in this area.

Some huge parts were also taken out by people, and through a series of complex operations, they were installed into tower-like creations.

Accompanied by the buzzing sounds and the sound of mechanical operation coming from the interior of more than a dozen towers, a protective shield that enveloped the entire army gathering place rose.

"The army is about to be assembled, ready to let the magician build the fortress."

An unhurried voice came from the cabin of a magic warship.


A master-level magician standing at the door bent down and then stepped back.

"One hundred masters, three half-step kings, plus me... Hehe, I haven't experienced a war of this level for a long time."

After the master magician withdrew, a chuckle suddenly echoed in the surrounding corridors.

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