God’s Empire

Chapter 49: : Half-step master

Wang Lan only felt that from the blade, an indescribably huge force entered his body, and the surrounding smoke was instantly dispersed by a wave of air.


The body slid back a few meters, and the power of the running star soothed the somewhat numb arm, and his eyes instantly locked on the red skeleton who also stepped back a few steps.

The silhouettes of the red skeleton and Wang Lan disappeared at the same time, and the fierce counter-attack sounded extremely quickly. In a short period of time, Wang Lan and the red skeleton attacked each other no less than twenty times, and the shock wave generated by the collision quickly wiped out all the smoke and dust around them. Really scattered.

In the last confrontation, the two sides retreated at the same time, the white flame in the red skeleton's eyes jumped slightly, stretched out his hand out of thin air, and countless bones emerged from the ground and quickly gathered in the air.

Hundreds of thousands of various bones were continuously compressed until a white bone knife similar to the Tang knife in Wang Lan's hand was formed.

The color is like a metal, so Wang Lan does not have any underestimation because the material is ordinary bones.

Holding the two-meter long handle of the bone knife with both hands, the fire of the soul in the eyes of the red skeleton suddenly shook.

Visible to the naked eye, the aura of the abyss seemed to be attracted by something, surging towards the red skeleton.


The bone knife that had just been condensed was slightly shattered, and the next moment, a blade of dozens of meters formed, and the entire bone knife was completely shattered at this moment.

At this moment, Wang Lan's hair stood up all over his body, and an aura that made him feel hopeless locked him firmly, and it seemed that he could not escape.

"Star Dome Prismatic Array!"

Although it is not big, the power of the star vault is far more intense than the shield of the star vault that Wang Lan used in the past to appear quickly.

His pale face was full of fear because the power of the star vault in his body was drained.

Master class!

This is definitely an attack level that belongs to a master-level sacrificial strike!

Before Wang Lan's next thought had arisen, the black light covered all the space in front of Wang Lan.

The Vault of Star Shield that Wang Lan had condensed with all his strength seemed to have suffered a terrifying attack, and shook violently. A few seconds later, it was accompanied by a crackling sound that made Wang Lan feel a chill in his heart.

The shield of the Vault of Stars shattered, and then a tear-like pain spread throughout Wang Lan's body. The completely unsealed Mithril Armor had reached the initial level of platinum equipment, and it would not be a problem to block the low-level master's attack.

However, under this attack, there was a metallic twisting sound, and the master-level defensive magic circle quickly dimmed.

However, with the double protection of the Vault of Stars Shield and the Mithril Armor, Wang Lan did not suffer any other injuries except for several broken bones and severe injuries to the inner account.

Blood mixed with visceral fragments seeped out from the mithril helmet with one or two cracks. Resisting the pain of his body breaking down, Wang Lan shook his hands and took out a master-level healing scroll. force to move it.

A hazy huge white illusory wing appeared, covering Wang Lan's increasingly weakened body.

The endless white and pure life energy was transformed into physical light spots, which merged into Wang Lan's body one after another. With each light spot integrated, Wang Lan's skin would light up for a moment.

The wounds on the body began to recover at a speed visible to the naked eye, and even the bones that shattered into pieces were melted and reorganized by this energy.

After more than ten seconds, Wang Lan seemed to have nothing to do with it. One stood up, glanced at the cracks in the mithril armor that was also slowly recovering, and moved his lower tibia indifferently.

Although the effect of the master-level high-quality healing scroll is very powerful, after all, it only completely heals the injury, and the magic power in the body will not be restored together.

The powerful characteristics of the power of the star vault were manifested at this time. The pores all over the body were madly absorbing the nearby magic power and even some less pure abyss, and quickly converted it into the power of the star vault and stored it into Wang Lan's body.

The red skeleton whose whole body was shattered because the skills he used exceeded the load his body could bear, and the fire in his eyes was extremely dim. Seeing Wang Lan after such a huge attack, he stood up as if nothing had happened, and couldn't help but be stunned for a moment.

Why is it alright?

With the gap between the ninth level and the master level, no matter how talented it is, it is impossible to resist it.

The sight of the red skeleton suddenly focused on Wang Lan's armor, feeling the faint fluctuation of the master-level magic circle above, and he was suddenly speechless.

Although I can't guess how many major division-level defensive magic circles there are on the armor, it can resist the attack just now, at least two!

Its powerful king projection was actually defeated by money...

Although the energy in the body has only recovered by 10%, but he felt that the red skeleton was not as good as the state of the eighth-level corpse demon at this time, and he was immediately happy.

If you play steadily, maybe you will get into a lot of trouble.

But who would have known that this King Projection was so efficient that he would kill himself even if the skeleton it possessed was broken.

Strictly speaking, as long as he doesn't die instantly, the healing scroll he carries can save him.

As for systemic therapy?

The one-month refresh time has not yet passed, but because of his promotion, the treatment fee has increased a lot each time.

This time, he actually charged 9,000 crystal coins, how could he give it so much.

The red skeleton in front of him did not panic at all, but silently stared at Wang Lan for a while, then fell apart on his own.

After the red skeleton shelf fell to the ground, it turned black, and then turned into dust.

"Yi, next time, you won't have such good luck."

A murmured evil voice entered Wang Lan's ears.

Wang Lan curled his lips in disdain. He admitted that Abyss is not like the villain in the novels he read before, who only sends people a little bit stronger than the protagonist to give experience every time.

Instead, he sent a character that was much stronger than his own performance, but the problem was that he not only had money, but he was also a loser!

As for strength, Wang Lan is never proud of his own strength.

Because he knows that his biggest reliance is the system!

He is lazy to believe systematic conspiracy theories and the like, which is as ridiculous as a trillionaire using conspiracy to plan a millionaire's property.

Why don't you believe that you are the illegitimate child of a trillionaire...

Keke~www.wuxiahere.com~ is far away.

Looking at the system page where the task was being settled, Wang Lan silently burned the body of the shadow horse not far away to ashes, took out a glass bottle and put it into his space ring.

Then, he silently waited for the task settlement of the system.

[Mission: Projection of the King

Requirements: Omit

Completion: Completed.


1: Make up the crystal coins to 50,000

2: Dawn Sword and Shield Soldier Card Fragment (1/2)

Three: Master-level perception in two seconds

Rewards are being distributed...]

"Lord, for some reasons, I will use master-level perception directly on the lord, please prepare."

Wang Lan was slightly taken aback by the system's words, then nodded, closed his eyes, removed distracting thoughts, and began to feel empty inside.

He couldn't believe that for two seconds, something could travel more than ten kilometers to attack him.

Wang Lan felt that the whole space was spinning, and then countless pictures of beautiful starry sky flashed through his mind. Unlike blue stars, these starry sky were extremely dazzling, and a feeling of vastness filled Wang Lan's heart.

Mysterious, infinite, majestic, dreamy.

When Wang Lan woke up, he felt the energy that could be contained in his body, at least five times higher!

Mental strength is also more active and strong, especially physical fitness, both reaction power and physical function have risen by a large margin.

In general.

Now Wang Lan feels that he can only beat the previous three himself!

no doubt.

Now Wang Lan has reached the realm of a half-step master!

It's only one step away from being a master.

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