God’s Empire

God’s Empire


475 Chapters Completed Status


[Name in advance, this is a systematic farming and hegemony essay, and it may be a bit of a myriad of worlds after a hundred chapters. 】

This is a vast and magical world, where magic and alchemy technology collide with brilliant sparks, and countless races have left behind a glorious history.

The invasion of the abyss ended this splendid era, and endless wars broke out. The gods fell, the blood donations of giant dragons spread all over the earth, the beautiful figures of elves were no longer alive, and human heroes died one after another… This is A dark age.

“This era will come to an end”

Wang Mou said.

We are destined to create the supreme kingdom of God above the sky

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Legion Cards: “The Knights of the Silver Hand”, “The Legion of Dawn”, “The Mythical Version of the Tang Dynasty Guards”, “The Legion of Glory”, “The Legion of the Silver Long Guards”, “The Royal Dragoon”, “Vast Sea Fleet”…

Building cards, weapon cards, general cards…

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ps: This is just the daily conquest of the infinite army.

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